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Enter to win by leaving a comment about why you love Miranda Kerr and Snooki.

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To mark the launch of Celebuzz's Hollywood Power Index, we're giving away products from Victoria's Secret'sand Nicole "Snooki" Pollizi's lines of fragrances, fashion and jewelry. Take a gander out some of the fab prizes in the gallery above.

All we need you to do is leave a comment expressing what you like about Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr or reality TV star Snooki. Or leave two comments, one for Miranda and one for Snooki. The choice is yours!

See a complete list of prizes after the jump.

Two Runners-Up will receive:

  • "Snooki Couture" perfume by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
  • Nail products by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
  • A bracelet from Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's jewelry line
  • Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Temptation fragrance
  • Victoria's Secret Makeup Nail Collection
In addition to everything listed above, the First Prize winner will also receive:
  • 1 pair of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi-designed headphones (not even available to the public yet!)
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses (Snerdz and Rock Candy) from Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's sunglasses line
  • 1 signed copy of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's latest book, Gorilla Beach
We will announce the winners of the giveaway next Weds., February 13.

Please read the complete contest rules here.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave a comment or two explaining why you love these celebs, and you could be a winner by this time next week!

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  • Alice Wang
    Alice Wang

    Good !

  • LiL Boom Boom
    LiL Boom Boom

    I love snooki because shes real, and shes not afraid to speak her mind about ANYTHING. Shes also really outgoing and just a really great mom and person. Shes very nice to anyone no matter who you are, your family to her.

  • Kristina Wilson
    Kristina Wilson

    Miranda - she is goegeous

  • Lala Aprilla
    Lala Aprilla

    who was the winner?

  • Brook Swaggerty
    Brook Swaggerty

    i know right,

  • apswag13

    are they ever going to announce the winners or was this just a fluke?

  • kootiepatootie


  • Brook Swaggerty
    Brook Swaggerty

    who won?

  • Lexy

    What a fun giveaway! I <3 both Miranda & Snooki! I like that they both seem very genuine and honest. :)

  • mommyofbrayden

    I adored Snooki from the very first episode of Jersey shore. She seemed so fun, out-going and just an all around great person to be around. Seeing her transform season to season into a beautiful sucessful woman is amazing and such an inspiration. Especially now seeing her show with Jwoww and her giving birth to her beautiful son, I also have a son, he was born aug 28th. Most amazing day of my life! I would be honored to be picked to win any of these prizes as I am a fan of everything she does. Either way just wanted to give a shout out to Snooki and let her know she is doing an amazing job at everything she does and that she is a true inspiration to myself along with so many others <3 xo wish you all the best in everything you face in life.

  • monicahelset

    Snooki: What I love about Snooki is that she is real. She doesn't mind that the whole world see her do imbarrassing or funny things,or if she makes a fool out of her self. She just laughs it off and moves on. I've been watching Jersey Shore from the start and I have to say that my favourite person in the house is Snooki. She is so funny,caring and interesting :-) And now after little baby Lorenzo was born, I like her even more. She has shown a new side of her self. She is such a good rolemodel :-)

  • Naima

    I love Snooki because she don't mind the opinions of others and that's good. He is very determined and knows what he wants! I love this :) simply <3

  • kaia

    snooki is just the best. when i have had the shittiest day, i watch an episode or two of jersey shore or snookwoww and my day is made!

  • Joey

    I love Miranda kerr's dimples and simple, yet classy style. She's so beautiful!

  • Dawn Smithkey
    Dawn Smithkey

    I would love to hang with snookie.We would have a blast .

  • Michelle Bryant
    Michelle Bryant

    I love snooki because she is and has always been real. She never fakes being some1 or something she isn't. She is freespirit and doesn't give s damn what any1 thinks. She is a fashionista and a very determined woman. She knows how to have fun and when to be serious. I could never wait for the next jersey shore & now it's the same way with the spin off.

  • Dawn Smithkey
    Dawn Smithkey

    I would love to hang with snookie.We would have a blast.

  • Dawn Pesino
    Dawn Pesino

    I would love to hang with snookie.We would have a blast.

  • Angela Rose
    Angela Rose

    Snooki is my idol. She is small, beautiful, tough, successful and everything a woman should be. Since her out of control days on the Jersey Shore she has turned into a respectable mother who, despite what anyone says, stays true to herself. I love following her on Twitter and Instagram because I feel her social media sites provide a more accurate portrayal of who Snooki really is. I recently purchased Snooki's snerdz glasses and I was Snooki for Halloween. She is my inspiration. I hope to someday be as tough and successful as her. [img][/img]

  • fashioncrazy97

    I absolutely love Snooki! Shes never afraid to be herself, and she stands for what she believes in. She is my role model in life, she is so fun loving and has such a huge heart. No matter what all the haters say, she just blows it off like its nothing and i admire her for that! She always stays connected with her fans and lets us know whats going on and shares her life with us and its absolutely awesome:) people judge her, because they think they know her but they dont, and the real her is pretty awesome. She always has a positive attitude towards life and brightens up our days(: I don't care what anyone thinks, I'm proud to call Snooki my role model, she is the person i look up to and always will. Her fashion to me stands for who she is and it resembles her in her products. They are pretty awesome, all of her products are unique and i love them all! She is my fashion idol! I love when she gives us her fashion advice and opinions, and i cant wait to see what she has in store for us next! Everything so far has just been amazing.

  • Lillian Taylor
    Lillian Taylor

    I love Miranda because she represents for Victoria Secret showing sexiness and being independent I love Snooki because shes young wild and free and is not scared to be herself .

  • Sarah-Alyson Perreault
    Sarah-Alyson Perreault

    I love Snooki because she's always just so true to herself! She is real and so funny :)

  • Tracy

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way and Miranda and Snooki certainly rock their way's! xxx Secrets worth worh pairing! Go Miranda & Snooki <3

  • Kimberly Morrison
    Kimberly Morrison

    I love snookie because she is such a great mother! she completely changed her life when she found out she was preggers so that she could be the best mom she could be she is such a role model you can tell she only wants the best for her son and I love that.

  • christina

    both snooki & miranda are beautiful and i would LOVE to look & smell just as nice as them by winning! :) PLEASE pick me! i have never won ANYTHING & snooki is my idol because she stays true to herself & miranda is confident & down to earth!

  • Juliann

    i <33333333 snooki! her products her awesome attitude towards life is awesome she never lets anyone bring her down! Shes an awesome mom and an awesome role model! all of her products are so cute and her styles so unique! shes the one who got me hooked on animal print! im trying to collect all her products and if i win this it will help me out alot! love her & hope to meet her one day!

  • Juliann

    i loooooooooove snooki! i look at her as a role model! . i love all of her products because her sense of style is so original and how shes into animal print .. shes the one who got me hooked on it! she doesn't care what people think and always acts like herself no matter what! shes awesome! id die if i won her autographed products! its my goal to own every single product she comes out with! and winning this would bring my collect up alot!

  • Danielle

    I love Snooki because she doesnt let anything bring her down, her confidence has made me want to be more unique and not care if im diffrent from everyone or evena little crazy. Snooki always talks about being bullied in school for weight problems, i cant totally relate since i was about 7 years old i have been teased and bullied for being over weight and much like snooki she and i brushed it off and let our beauty come out. i love snooki because shes not only gorgeous and fabulous but she lives and breathes confidenceand thats so inspiring for young girls. Not to mention i LOVE her clothes i am super obsessed with animal print. i think nicoles an awsome mom and the most fabulosu boss lady hahaha♥

  • Claudia Lopez
    Claudia Lopez

    I Love Snooki because she's an amazing person, what I also like about her is her sense of fashion is verry different from everyone else and the most important is because she's beautyfull <3

  • talmvn

    You got to love the meatball. she has a beautiful fam. I love all Victoria secret's products are wonderful and so is Miranda kerr

  • jewleryjunki

    love mirranda, love everything about snooki,her style and her jwelery line could go on and on.she is just great---i own some of her jewlery tnank you for letting me comment.

  • jewleryjunki

    love mirranda, love everything about snooki,her style and her jwelery line could go on and on.she is just great---i own some of her jewlery tnank you for letting me comment.

  • jewleryjunki

    love mirranda, love everything about snooki,her style and her jwelery line could go on and on.she is just great---i own some of her jewlery tnank you for letting me comment.

  • Andria C
    Andria C

    I love Snooki because she always says it how it is. She doesn't leave you wondering what she was thinking, she is upfront and real. I think more people need to be like that in this world. Keep doing what you are doing Snooki <3

  • Fatima Ingolfinsen
    Fatima Ingolfinsen

    I just love all about Snooki.. I loved her in Jersey Shore and in Snooki & JWoow. I love to read her tweets and see her Instagram pictures :D I love her personality and she is kinda my rolemodel ! I would loove to meet her, but i don't think, she is comming to Denmark in in the future :) I don't know much about Miranda Kerr, but she has a beautiful body and a cute baby :D Lots of love from Denmark :D

  • Alessia Bobbato
    Alessia Bobbato

    I dont' wanna start my comments saying "oooh I love Snooki, I do not missed any Jersey Shore episode, I wanna win cuz i'm super fan of JS"... I admire her as a little, bright, smart, glamorous, indipendent, sincere, sensible & boss lady. She's only 26 and she have a little cute guido to grow up and a lovely fiancè perfect for her, so how strong is she? I would like to win her products cause in Italy I do not find her stuff and i totally love her sense of style. I am an animal print lover too and i can see in myself a little magic Snooki powder!!

  • Ashleigh Kardos
    Ashleigh Kardos

    I love snooki's meatball ways. So cute and hilarious to watch.

  • Debbie Guinta
    Debbie Guinta

    Do really read your post? I really need someone to talk to Im a 50 year old Ex Jersey Girl . But I always clam Jersey sill my home, Im a Divorced Mom that got stock out here in WV raising a beautiful daughter .after my divorce if that wasn't bad enough I lost both my parents 3 months apart . then 3 months later my only friend and boyfriend were killed in a car accident . So now I am raising her beautiful daughter Life is really tough with 2 teen girls and I had a nervous brake down . and on Christmas morning I shattered my leg and now I have a hard time walking I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and 3 operations and 9 months in a wheel chair I able to walk again but with a limp. ive got 16 screw 2 rods a plate and a pin and bone matter in my leg . I walk walk with a limp and my kids make fun of me and say i walk like I walk with a stick up my ass.....LOL I have the worst luck, but if I won this it would be truly amazing.I pray I hear back from you

  • kootiepatootie

    I love Snooki because she is so goofy such a ditsy fun girl just like me and Miranda is such a beautiful girl who is so good at what she does you two girls are on your way to the top and cant nobody stop you

  • Dawn

    I love Miranda Kerr because she is she is beautiful and has been a motivated hard worker most of her life. It takes a special person to last in the industry as long as she has.and she always seems to endorse the best products that I can use and relate to.

  • Karmen Santiago Muñoz
    Karmen Santiago Muñoz

    me encanta snooki porque es super original simpaticaa,la verdad me alucinaria conocerlaa porque soy su fans number one los modelos que saca y siempore esta feliz digan lo que le digan la verdad es una chiica sorprendente.ESPERANDO al capitulo de hoy porque no se sabe que cosa esperar pero todo lo qe dice o hace es fascinantee baila fenomenal bueno tener algo firmado por ella no me lo creeria la verdad bueno un beso a todas esas personas que han comentado,porsupuesto para snooki y celebuzz gracias a todos

  • kvarn

    i absolutely love Snooki! Ever since she stepped foot into the Shore House at Jersey Shore, she's been my absolute favorite! She's an incredible person! Everything from her style to her webcam updates to her fans! :) I find it absolutely wonderful that she takes time out of her busy days to update her fans on everything going on! You can tell she truely cares for her fans, which makes her such a wonderful person! <3 AND look at her beautiful family!!! How could you not LOVE them?! :) Love You Nicole! Keep up the awesome work and keep those beautiful products coming!!

  • Karmen Santiago Muñoz
    Karmen Santiago Muñoz

    me encanta snooki porque es super original simpaticaa,la verdad me alucinaria conocerlaa porque soy su fans number one los modelos que saca y siempore esta feliz digan lo que le digan la verdad es una chiica sorprendente.ESPERANDO al capitulo de hoy porque no se sabe que cosa esperar pero todo lo qe dice o hace es fascinantee baila fenomenal bueno tener algo firmado por ella no me lo creeria la verdad bueno un beso a todas esas personas que han comentado,porsupuesto para snooki y celebuzz gracias a todoss

  • Alyssa

    I love Snooki because she is a truly beautiful person who is strong and can do it all she is a wonderful mother. I love that no matter what people say about her she brushes it off which shows how she is a bigger person she is amazing at everything she does and deserves her success. I will also say she has great fashion sense and is super adorable I look up to her because of all these things and hope to be like her one day with an amazing family a good mother (when i have kids) and to get a job I love doing. xoxo Love you Snooki.

  • Sarah

    I like both of this two woman because they representes the women sexy, proud and sure of theirselves. Snooki and Miranda know how be more beautiful. Snooki is a glamourous women so like Miranda. They representes fashion and beauty and people can refer to their fashion style. If I Win these different products, I will be very happy because I come from France and it's not easy to buy thiers products. Xoxo Sarah

  • catwoman :*
    catwoman :*

    Omg, I love Snooki so much, that I can`t describe. She is so beautiful and pretty. Her hair is so lovely, that I would most like to dye my hair red even ( but I`m only 13 jears old). I find her way of simply adorable and I wish I was like them. Every week I look forward to Friday & Sunday, the only two days when Snooki & Jwoww comes ( I don`t have MTV). Snookis Stil is so cool. I have often tried, to buy products of her ( Snooki Couture, Nails, Sunglasses, Shoes,..), but in Germany there are not. My greatest wish is to meet Snooki someday. But I would be very happy with the product of their. I love Snooki 4ever, because she is her. Snooki 4ever

  • Meredith

    I love Nicole Pollizi! She has the cutest style of clothes that she wears. I love her hair, if I could afford those extensions I would get them quicker than you can say guidette! I love that she is not afraid to express herself and does what she wants. Her line has the cutest and best items I've been meaning to get some of her tanning lotion to see how it works but I did however manage to get her leopard blanket which is really soft and comfy! Nicole is amazing all around!

  • Jemma Parsons
    Jemma Parsons

    I love miranda kerr because she truly is one of our generations classic beauties! She emulates a healthy body image which is so important for all women today to aspire to. She is also a bit of a bomb shell and makes me proud to show off my curves. Miranda rocks being a mummy, a wife and a model and always looks beautiful because of her beautiful smile and THOSE DIMPLES!

  • Sarah Rudge
    Sarah Rudge

    I love Snooki beacause she's authentic. She says what she thinks.

  • nesu

    Since starting Snooki Jersey Shore because I love shows as it is. Being herself no matter what you think of it. I would like to be like her. Kisses. Keep it Snooki're the best. With love from Spain

  • Brook Swaggerty
    Brook Swaggerty

    When Jersey Shore aired, everyone started to call me Snooki! I have long black hair,dark features, 5 feet tall, and i love animal print. The crazy part is months after becoming pregnant , Snooki did too! My daughter, Sophia, will be 8 months old on the 15th! When I watch Snooki & JWoww, even our pregnancy's were similar. My boyfriend always says, "That was you!" when we watch it together! We could be sisters in another life. I love Snooki because we are so much alike! She is an inspiration for me especially since i am a young mom. She shows that you can start off knowing nothing about newborns and still be a kick ass mom!

  • Bree H.
    Bree H.

    Snooki is a strong women who takes shit from no one! She really is an amazing person to watch because she says what is on her mind and she has a good time. I love the way she dresses, when she walks into a room (even though she is very short) everyone sees her! I wish I could be more confident like her! Love you Snooki, can't wait to see where life takes you and your amazing family!

  • justice hamilton
    justice hamilton

    i LOVE snooki. she's confident, hilarious and short like me :)

  • kelli gatewood
    kelli gatewood

    i love snookie cuz she just tells it how it is and is funny and a great mom and also so smart a good friend i would love to have a friend like snookie in my town we could have alot of fun keep rockin it girl

  • kelli gatewood
    kelli gatewood

    i love snookie cuz she just tells it how it is and is funny and a great mom and also so smart a good friend i would love to have a friend like snookie in my town we could hve alot of fun keep rockin it girl

  • Lesley

    I love snooks because she is orginial and sings to the beat of her own song. Very inspirational for all people to just be who they want to be regardless of what society says. Also because she is super motivating on getting my a** into shape! She looks fabulous and gives me motivation on getting there one day. I also love her becuase of her fashion style, very cute! Miranda Kerr is very pretty and of course rocking body from being a VS model :)

  • Amanda Whitaker
    Amanda Whitaker

    Where do I start with Snooki?! First of all I have been watching Jersey Shore since season one EVERY Jersday! I am also Italian!! I wish it Jersey Shore was still on but understand everyone is going their separate paths in life. I hate how people diss Snooki for the way she acted on the show. Everytime I would read an article about her on Yahoo I would always defend her when I saw rude comments that were uncalled for! I think Snooki is a great person with a one of a kind personality! I knew that she would be a great mom as well! So many comments from idiots saying she was going to be a terrible mom. Well screw them! Judge mental ass holes! I am also quite jealous of yours and Jionni's relationship! You guys are two peas in a pod and I wish I had someone like that. You are very lucky! Lorenzo is probably one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! He is nice and tan with such a cute smile! I have a 5 year old son so I understand how in love you are with your him! I wish I could hangout with you and Jenni once because I think we would get along well! Anyway, hope you read this and know that I have your back and hope snooki and Jwoww stays on MTV for a while!

  • Angela

    Why do I love Snooki, well when she first started the jersey shore she was a wild and crazy fun loving person and she was always unpredictable. Now she is a mom and a wonderful one at that she shares everything with us and it makes me who also is a mom realize that just cause she has fame makes her no different then me and she has never tried to portray that. I think she is a great person and would love to not only win this but I am hoping that one day i will get to meet her and we could exchange mommy stories :) Shout out to all the rest of us Central New York Peoples!!!!

  • Anne-Mette S.
    Anne-Mette S.

    What I love about Miranda is her super positive outlook on life and in generel and Snooki is and has the most cute, fun and energetic personality. I love you guys!

  • Miss Maitane
    Miss Maitane

    I love Snooki !! I am from Spain so maybe my english is not very good.I love Snooki because her personality is brilliant, she does what she wants and she doesn´t care what people think about her and this is one of the things that I LOVE. I feel that Nicole is a really proud mommy,girlfriend and friend because she lived for her family and friends. She also talks and does things for us,her followers and I am thankful for this. She love animal print such as me, I looooove leopard and zebra print above all.I think we have a little likeness. I have been looking for Snooki's products on Internet to buy but I couldn't find any page who sends products to Spain. If I win something of Nicole I will be the happiest girl in the word :D I am Snooki's follower since the first episode of Jersey Shore. I watched the episodes even when they weren't translated to spanish to watch what Nicole does because I knew that I would have fun. I hope Snooki will read this comment. Nicole you are brilliant and you love your fans. I am very grateful for be a faithful follower of Snooki. Thanks.

  • Michelle Buley Slegona
    Michelle Buley Slegona

    I love snooki! I admire her so much , She has grown in such in a way that has made her our favorite party girl from the the jersey shore to most loving and wonderful mom . I see in every snooki and j-woww how much she loves and admires her little guy LORENZO~ I hope i win something that would make my day ! Love ya snooki!

  • Shay

    i <3 Snookie because she is so down to earth and fresh, I can relate to her experiences and I get really angry when people senselessly talk crap about her, and even angrier when they speak on baby Lorenzo negatively.

  • Kirsten Leigh Slater
    Kirsten Leigh Slater

    I love Snooki because she makes me laugh and is a really inspiring girl, she is a really good mother, her baby is so cute and I love watching Jersey Shore. Miranda Kerr is a very pretty girl and I would love to be like her one day :). I hope i win the competition, I am grateful for everything I get

  • nieveluvsnooki

    i love snooki, ever since jersey shore aired in 2009 i have been a massive fan of hers. There is nobody in the world who is a bigger fan then myself i have even been able to change my parents into a huge fan as all i talk about is snooki, i love how last year she had a beautiful baby boy & matured instantly. I Love how she can have such a great time with her friends and family and then when she needs to she can be very grown up, She has the best personality and is just a down to earth person. I have been following her on all her sites since day 1 and i will continue loving her till i die haha im not crazy just simply inspired by how much this lady has grown within the years she has been on our telly i hope to continue seeing her blossom more as a person for years to come and not to mention her sense of stye is crazy awesome if i could i would buy all of her products but sadly where i live they do not sell them. You are my idol, role model and inspiration you have come so far & i admire it, Nieve xo

  • minna

    i love snooki so muuch and her attitude to life is so brilliant, trying to learn "life without shame" too <3

  • Autumn Stormm
    Autumn Stormm

    And To be honest I dont care about winning I just wanted to let you girls know how amazing you are sorry left that out. Xoxo autumn storm♥

  • Cheney

    hi, im from Holland Amsterdam, i know how maranda is but i dont follow her on fb etc. i know that she is a beautifull confiden strong woman , and snooki: i leard from her that no metter what, you always have to be yourself and don't let anyting change that!, speak what ever you think and don't be affraid of it, i'm a mother to i'm 22 years old, and i always wanne be so powerful and confident about myself, and it starts to come, and snooki you are really my role model, so thank you for helping me make myself a better and approved person. and sorry if some words are wrong xx

  • Autumn Stormm
    Autumn Stormm

    Okay for starts I love Miranda Kerr because she is an amazing person and she is super beautiful. She is able to show the world how beautiful she is by modeling for VS. Not a lot of women have that type of confidences. You need to feel good about your self to be able to model in bra and underwear as well as swimsuits and don't forget about lingerie. Miranda is also a great inspiration to girls who think they may be ugly and who think they cant be a model. I know a lot of people look up to her. She may not know that but I hope she does now.♥ For Snooki she is an amazing and strong person I have loved her from the start of jersey shore. When she walked in the house saying "party is here" I was like wow she is so full of energy. Not a lot of people like her at first because of how she acted but everyone has their flaws. Snooki is also a really strong person because she doesn't let anyone push her around or talk crap about her. She most definitely doesn't take crap from people. Mike can tell you that one. Not only is she a strong person but she is very inspiring. Snooki has came a long way from who she used used to be and who she is now. She is most definitely a great mother and a great fiance. She has grown up so much :) It does make me sad when people say bad things about her because of what she "USED" to do. But that is okay because she is even more famous with all those people talking crap about her. Those people obviously care about her or they wouldn't have her name in her mouth :) I love you snooki your an amazing person and I just wanted to let you know that people do love you and care for you a lot♥

  • Lexy Miller
    Lexy Miller

    I love Snookie because she is a little fire ball. She says what she thinks and she has fun. She is the sweetest person looking out for people even if it may backfire. Even then she still has their back. You have a lot of heart Snookie. I have so much love and respect for you. You are my idol.

  • Leslie Dobson
    Leslie Dobson

    Love Snooki becasue she is everything I want to be as a woman. Shes fun, funny, a great mom, she speaks her mind and doesn't hold back. She loves leopard print, as do I. And shes a meatball!

  • Nikki Terray
    Nikki Terray

    I loved Snookie's attitude from day one! she doesn't give a dam about wat anyone thinks or says about her. She holds a very high confidence in herself which made me feel inspired a lot by her. I also respect her decisions as a mom to put her child first and his well being unlike some mom's. She is an all round funny person,seems very laid back and is absolutely beautiful in every way, shape or form. i hope she continues on the path of success with her products and keeping the confidence she has that inspired me so much to love myself for who i am and not give a dam wat anyone truly thinks or say

  • Katie Maria
    Katie Maria

    She used to be a cheer leader and thats one thing we have in common. I was never on my high school team but I took lessons and stuff outside of school. I also love how I can relate to her because shes close to my age. Shes at the most a few years older than me and I do not believe that she and the rest of the jersey shore gang are fake. She is legit real. Shes said it herself. I wish jersey wouldnt of ended I will miss that one but hey I still got her and jwowws show!! Nichole I wish you the best of luck on everything you do and you should never change for anyone!!! Lovee yoouu!! :)

  • jooonsku

    I love snooki!! <3 Shes so small, cute, stylish and ofc awesome!

  • Rainnie Hunter
    Rainnie Hunter

    I love Snooki because she is herself. She enjoys life and doesn't let anything or anyone change who she is or bring her down. Despite what many people may think, Snooki is a good role model to young women. She knows how to have fun and is a ball of energy, that and she is pretty hilarious.

  • Katie Maria
    Katie Maria

    Oh and ive watched snooki from day one when she became famous. I have always been a big fan of her crazy party side because this girl knows how to have fun. I watched one of her how to videos I forget where but she was teacjing some blonde lady how to pouf her hair and it wouldbt work bc her hair was too soft and thin...and thats how I learned to do it.. I wish I had loads of beautiful locks of hair like nichole so I could do a huge pouf lile hers. I also love the fact that in high school

  • Katie Maria
    Katie Maria

    So I hope that one miss snooki sees it and two its not too late to enter. I love snooki so much because she has a gorgeous style shes a wonderful mom has a hadsome man and I love love love all her products. But unfortunately living pay check to pay check I cant afford to purchase anything. And between both ladies I know who snooki is I have never heard of the miranda girl. If it weren't for snooki I wouldn't love animal prints as well! !! I thought Id just try it out and wondered if this free stuff thing actually works. I don't have anything to lose. Lets hope it does wotk though because once I found out snooki jad her own line of products I fell in love with it all and wanted to purchase items!!!

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez

    well hello to start saying is that i love both of these girls, they are very beautiful and very smart and also very successful for what they do, SnookI- i love what she does and what she comes up with im also a a big fan of cheetah print and zebra print and i also have a cheetah tattoo i love how she expresses everything and shes very opened minded about gay people which "I LOVE HER FOR THAT" i can honestly say that shes a good role model and also a good mother...xoxo Miranda Kerr- WOW! after having a baby you look fab!!! i love how you work the runway. You are what they called "bombshell" i love you because you have a good attitude and i love your eyes and your adorable smile i hope everything is going well for you!! keep it up at looking fab at what you doo!!! XOXO!! :Alex Sanchez!!

  • emmib

    There's something about Snooki that makes me always want to be on her side and respect her. She has amazing style when it comes to fashion, awesome products for sale, cute pictures on twitter and instagram, an enjoyable blog and most importantly doesn't let the haters get to her. When I first heard she was pregnant I was very happy for her and I kept fighting the haters that were saying very nasty things about her. I believe she is a good mom and Lorenzo is so pretty darn effin precious. I know even if I don't win I will keep following her on sites like instagram, twitter and her blog and also buy her products. Good luck to everyone that's entering. :D

  • Amber lynn
    Amber lynn

    Snookie is one of my biggest fans she knows how to get a little crazy like me an have a good time but when it's time to buckle down and be mommy she does an amazing job props to u snook I love u and wish super badly to meet u possibly even kick it with u

  • heather c
    heather c

    I love that Miranda can balance it all!

  • heather c
    heather c

    I love that Snooki loves her baby so much!

  • Christy

    I love snooki cause she an awesome mom she is beautiful funny and I love her style... I love her attitude and her ride she really pimped it out!!! I love animal print which snooks got me addicted to lol I love snooks show sad jersey shore ended but I love the snooks and Jwoww!!!! I really want to win snookis line and I love vs my fave!!!

  • Brittany Hartley
    Brittany Hartley

    Miranda Kerr well she is really attractive and love her dimples, her eyes just scream beauty and she knows how to compose her self as a lady... She is one who any one can have as a role model because I would use her as one.

  • Brittany Hartley
    Brittany Hartley

    Well I not only like Snookie I love her.... because I see the woman she is now after she has had her baby, she use to be out of control and now it is like she is a new person after having her son, she can have fun still but she makes sure she has plenty of time for her baby.... All mothers should take that in to thought Snookie love you girl keep up the good work!!!!

  • victoria1998

    I love Snooki because she's unique in her own way. She doesn't care what people think about her and she's different. I love her sense of fashion and I share her craziness of animal print! She's doing what she wants and that's someone I look up to, she's a real role model. Oh and I can't forget she's a hot mumma with a good looking fiancé. I absolutely adore Miranda Kerr, she's gorgeous inside and out and has a shining personality. I love her dimples because I see the beauty of her smile stinging so bright 'like a diamond'. She is absolutely perfect! Miranda is a role model to all women because she inspires young women to follow their dreams because nothing is impossible! She encouraged me to feel beautiful in my own skin and she says that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Note: This would mean the absolute world to win because both Snooki and Miranda are both so different yet so similar to my personal qualities. They are my role models and winning these products would be an absolute dream! Thankyou for giving me the opportunity Celebuzz.

  • Sarah Davis
    Sarah Davis

    Snooki is hilarious! I watched every season of Jersey shore and I mean all the episodes! She was my fav. at the beginning and I rooted for her every time she decided to brawl! ;) I still enjoy watching her and Jwoww's show! :) Miranda has that classic beauty and she is plain ol' gorgeous! I love Snooks and Victoria Secret! What an awesome give away! Extremely generous! :)))

  • Danielle Marie Jouki
    Danielle Marie Jouki

    i love you snooki soooo much!!!! i wish i could meet you i was born in new york and raised there and i used to go on the board walk all the time! i really wish i would win!! your son is sooo cute! #loveyousnooki

  • Kelly Christine
    Kelly Christine

    snooki- I love snooki's personality she is very fun and outgoing. She is also a beautiful individual and she should never let anybody bring her down due to her height or weight. There is always someone trying to bring you down even if you are perfect. I can relate to snooki since i was made fun of from elementary school to college because i am skinny. I know she will be a great mother to her son. Watching her show I can see she will do anything for him. I wish her all the success in the world. I really love to meet her and missed out on the opportunity due to school. Miranda Kerr- She is beautiful and she seems like shes a down to earth individual. She looks young and i wouldn't of figured she was in the upper twenty's. I also have the young appearance about myself. I look 16 or 18 when i am 24 years old. She looks as if she is drinking from the fountain of youth. Stay fabulous!

  • Suzy

    The reason i am a Snooki fan is because i have watched her on Jersey Shore mature and grow wise. She is an incredible friend, mother and of course an intelligent entrepreneur. Although people say she was wild and crazy on the show I admired her because she was just living and enjoying being young before getting married and having children. Although Snooki is criticized by the media she is the one with the last laugh since she has a successful line of products, great friends and family and a loyal fiance and a healthy baby boy.

  • Melissa Gomez
    Melissa Gomez

    Why I love Snooki... She is a party! Love her ability to take any situation, and find the comedy in it. She has matured tremendously, but still managed to maintain her unique personallity.

  • brianne18

    Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is one of the most inspirational people that I have ever seen. She is a woman who is NOT just known as a meatball that parties on the boardwalk of Seaside, New Jersey. Nicole is a mother to an adorable baby boy, soon to be wife and Mizz Boss Lady she is also my biggest role model. Now I don’t know if I have a chance at this contest or if anyone will read this but this is probably the closes to talking to Nicole (if she reads this). I am Nicole’s biggest fan and I know many people say that because well, she’s amazing. I love Nicole because she is a perfect example of how to be confident about yourself and to not let anyone bring you down. I feel like Nicole has made an impact on my life because I feel like she made me understand to not be afraid to be yourself. I have always hoped to meet Nicole in person but sadly that will probably never happen. I have been to the Shore house and the firehouse in Jersey City that is seen on Snooki and Jwwow which was, from the words of Nicole “A life-changing experience”. I feel like Nicole is a part of my family (in a non creepy stalker way, that’s not cute) because my whole family knows a lot about her because of me (again, in a non creepy way). I have also been told many times that I look like Nicole from complete strangers, which is awesome to me. Nicole is a woman that will forever be in history, possibly history books? Lol I love Nicole she reminds me a lot of myself from her laugh which is a lot like mine to her amazing fashion sense. I must say that my life is also devoted to animal print. Nicole is someone that I think many girls should look up to because many girls look up to the same cookie cutter fake stars, but Nicole doesn’t hide who she is and isn't afraid of what others think, she is real! She is someone that I will always look up to because at my age right now, I can always look back at this moment and remember that she is the one who made me change from a shy girl to a confident girl. I don’t want to make this comment a college essay so, Nicole is an amazing role model to many of her fans including me and I would absolutely love to win this contest to get my hands on that signed copy of Gorilla Beach and her headphones that I have been waiting to be released, it would be a dream come true. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi I LOVE YOU! You’re Biggest Fan, BRI xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • kellyx26

    Snooki is my inspiration! Not only did she prove a lot of people wrong by being an amazing mother to Lorenzo but she is a full time working mother! She's constantly working and going to press conferences, or hosting NYE!! She's so busy with work and promoting her lines and Snooki&JWOW but she still makes all the time in the world to be with her son and fiance! And that is truly amazing!!! I absolutely love Snooki, since day one on Jersey Shore "Parties heeeeere!!!!!!!!" i just knew she was going to make a statement and be remembered!!! I love what she does with her fashion and how she takes the time to ask us fans what we like or think like when she asked what color nail polish we liked! It's just nice that she includes us in the "making" process, which personally makes me even more excited to purchase the item(s)!! She is also not afraid to stick up for herself and i love that! I really hope Snooki pursues her dreams of hosting a TV Show, day or night i would watch it!!!! I just love hearing what she has to say and her opinions on whats happening in today's world! I admire and look up to Snooki, she's pretty damn smart and gives a lot of great advise!!! She has an amazing outlook on life! And i love her carefree attitude!!! Snooki I hope and pray you pick me that would make me the happiest person in the universe!!! i wish one day we can meet and our sons can play together!!! I have a 19 month old son, his name is Silas!!! Him and Enzo would have so much fun together!!!!!!!!!! You truly are my idol!! <3 love your biggest fan!! Kelly M, MA

  • Serena Rodriguez
    Serena Rodriguez

    I love Nicole (A.K.A. Snooki) because she's funny. She's got a great sense of style and a nice personality. Plus she's not afraid to be herself. Snooki doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. She's gunna do what she wants to do and forget everyone else. That's why I love her.

  • lissa18xox

    Theres so much that I love about Snooki! I both love the old party Snooki and the now mommy Snooki! She values her friendships and family. She has come so far from the Jersey Shore and its such an honour to be able to be a part of her life from watching the shows shes been a part of! She's a very upfront person and always says how it is. She's the perfect example rolemodel for not caring what people think of her. But if you bash her friends/family thats when she will get at you! She also has an amazing unique sense of style. She's also such a funny person. So much she has said has instantly cheered me up on tv and shes the only reason I even got twitter. Now that shes a mom and engaged, shows that youre life can turn out how you want it to be. She always wanted a kid and now she got a beautiful baby Lorenzo. She's obviously a great mother and Lorenzo is a very lucky baby and will live a great life! Love you Snooki!!!!! xxxx

  • mommygarcia14

    I love Snooki because she is very ambitious, intellegent, she loves animals, she is an amazing mother to baby Lorenzo and she'll make an amazing wife to Jionni. She isn't afraid to be herself, she stands up for herself. She has an amazing, unique sence of style, she is very fun and outgoing. She loves pickles as much as I love them! She is a great friend, she seems very down to earth, sweet and honest. And she also has a wild side but there is nothing wrong with having fun! Snooki you look fabulous after having baby Lorenzo, you're a MILF! I LOVE YOU SNOOKI! <3

  • Natalya Molina
    Natalya Molina

    Because she show every one to be them selves and don't worry about what others think and has became a wonderful mother despite what people have said..she is a inspiration to everyone.

  • Becca Phillips
    Becca Phillips

    Miranda Kerr is such a beauty to look at, she is someone that would be great to talk to teens about inner beauty and self confidence. Nicole- she is someone you can be around and she can make your day better, she has such high energy and love that surrounds everyone that is around her.

  • Heather

    Why do I love Nicole Polizzi and Miranda Kerr? The fact that they represent REAL women. All females, but especially teenagers tend to struggle with insecurity issues concerning their body, especially weight issues. Nicole has admitted herself to having an eating disorder in her younger days. Both of these ladies look fabolous, especially after just having babies! They show dream bodies are achievable with hard work at the gym even after just giving birth to a baby! You dont need to starve yourself to obtain a killer body.

  • briteatsbrains

    Oh and I got pink leopard snooki slippers for Christmas and they're my favorite slippers ever!

  • briteatsbrains

    I love Snooki! She does and says what she wants and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. She always stands by her friends, and she's just turned into such an awesome role model.I watched all of the Jersey shores, an Snooki and Jwoww and I just love her! She reminds me of me, and she seems like she would be a great friend! She is quirky, funny as hell, and seems like total blast to be around. I am a Jersey girl and when i watch the show, i like all the roomies but I feel I can really relate to her. She is an amazing mother and she has the cutest baby!! She has completely changed from when the first Jersey shore episode aired and turned into a fierce, respectable woman! But she's still the same in a way which is good, because she's always been my favorite ! Her style is awesome, the crosses, bows, skulls, leopard and studs, I seriously find myself buying leopard print things every time I go shopping, obsessed!!!lol. And lastly, she really shows that she is a real person and loves her fans and is the queen meatball! She is my role model, and I'm not just saying that for a contest!

  • filiusluciferi

    Snooki is my ultimate idol and I have loved her ever since her first line in Jersey shore: "The party is here!" I wish that one day I can live up to the example she has set for my entire generation, that you must live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. I read her last book the day it came out and it would be a dream of mine to own a signed copy of her new one! Keep livin' it up Snooki!

  • Jessie

    i LOOOVE snooki! i think that she is such an awesome person. she is so funny, she is beautiful, in all the sizes she has been, and she is an amazing mother. despite what people and the media say about her, i think she is doing such a good job. i already own her first fragrance, and its to die for!! yummmm. i love how open of a person she is! Shes not afraid to be herself and thats why one of the many reasons i love her! snooki is also wild and fierce. she is definetly insperational. she has((ahhhhmazinnggg)) style! i love her realtionship with her parents, its so amazing to watch how she is with them. she is an amazing friend, and is always there for her friends. i also love her relationship with jionni. its AHHHDORABLLLLEE! ahhhhh i just cant say enough good things about her.oh em gee, she is hilarious, every time i see her on tv, i die laughing. thats one of the best qualities a person can have!!!! and most importantly, i love how she is all about her son. its so touching to see, just truly beautiful. keep up the good work snooks.

  • danielle

    Miranda and Snooki are famous for different reasons but both are enormous inspirations to me. They are amazing mothers and still make time for their fans and their career. I love watching Snooki on TV and seeing Miranda involved with Victoria's Secret, it's incredible. Keep it up girls! I know there is a slim chance of winning, but it's still feels good to take some time out of my day to appreciate some incredible role models.

  • Marie Brown
    Marie Brown

    i absolutely love snooki!! i can relate to her! shes a great mom! i love all of her products and i would love to win her headphones before they come out! i hope i win so i can support her even more! <3 #snookirocks



  • hyphymanatee

    I think Miranda is beautiful! Like a modern day Marilyn Monroe :) I Snooki is one of my icons! I love her to death! <3 I'd be so happy to win this, it would make my life <3 I love you Snooki!!! :)

  • lvelaz86

    Well Snooki is the most crazy outgoing person, pretty young lady. She has her own fashion she has her own style. She doesn't care what people think about her. She brushes them off her shoulder. She's a great mother to that little baby of hers. Everytime she posts up pictures of him I just want to bite those chubby cheeks of him. Snooki has her own peronality and that's what I love about her. xoxo Her baby is sooo darn cute!

  • Lisa Germany
    Lisa Germany

    I like Snooki, because me and her are fellow Sagittarius' and I understand half the shit she says. When Jersey Shore was on, I never watched it. I seen one episode and it was the one where she was punched by that guy. I started watching the show, because I felt bad for her, and I wanted to see how she reacted. Found out, she reacted exactly as I would have. She is down to earth, funny, and worries about herself. She cares for her friends, but not when they don't want it. I believe she is honestly an inspiration to me; she gave me the courage to love myself the way I am, and for that I want to thank her.

  • Brianna

    I love snooki because she is just an avg. girl making it big. She is always just herself if more women were like her we won't have so many fake people in the world. Also, she was adopted like my little brother who I adore. Shes unique and a wonderful mom:) girl your pretty and I look up too you on your weight loss. I wish I had your deadication. Make sure you treasure every moment with Lorenzo he will grow up at rapid speeds. p.s. Lorenzo is completely adaorable<3

  • Jasmine Carson
    Jasmine Carson

    I like snooki because shes short like me, and funny. she has that personality like she doesn't care what anybody thinks. she makes animal print come back in style . i love her gorilla beach book and the other one she wrote:)Miranda is a pretty supermodel

  • anna10b

    Why I love Snooki: I love Nicole because she is unique and extreeemely beautiful. I love her style, how bullies and assholes don't phase her, she's funny, everything about her. <3 She is a strong, fierce person. Nicole, you are just plain amazing. I think that she has a beautiful family. :) I hope you see this, Nicole!!!! Loveee yew!!!

  • mommygarcia14

    I love Snooki beacuase she is a very ambitious person, she is an amazing mommy and a wonderful soon to be wife. She is very unique and stylish, she is very fun and outgoing and isn't afraid to to herself. She looks amazing after having her baby Lorenzo. She is very smart and beautiful. Her and Jionni make a great couple and are wonderful parents. I LOVE YOU SNOOKI! <3I

  • Raven Guillen
    Raven Guillen

    Snooki-what i love about you is ur so funny since you started you have great style and swag your now an amazing mother i always think wow me and nicole experienced motherhood at about the same time my twin daughters hayleigh and hannah were born aug 27 as lorenzo was born aug 26 your an amazing mom and you totally already bounced back cant wait for snooki and jwoww =]

  • Kimberly


  • Courtney Reid
    Courtney Reid

    I love snookie. I think she's a funny and a beautiful person. We both have things in common: We both are short but fun and loving people and are parents. but I'm sure most other people probably too also. Snookie has a great taste in style and I mean who doesn't love her. Why wouldn't you.

  • Melissa Mulvey
    Melissa Mulvey

    I love Snooki because she is out there and does her own thing. She has grown so much from Jersey Shore to her own personal life becoming a mother. Good for her.

  • apswag13

    I love Snooki for so many reasons. I have watched Jersey Shore from day one and Snooki and Jwoww as well. Snooki is so wonderful and one of my role models. She is gorgeous and has amazing fashion sense. She is not afraid to speak her mind and makes a fashion statement everywhere she goes, I love that. She is also a fantastic mother, she cares so much about baby Lorenzo and always puts him first. She is a great role model to women and mothers everywhere. She is so amazing. Miranda is also a great role model as well she is not only gorgeous but a great role model to girls who want to become a model. She is bold and a great woman as well. Both of these ladies are absolutey fantastic :)

  • Heather

    I absolutely love Snooki! She's not afraid to be herself, she's real. Snooki is not only a girl on the Jersey Shore, she has made a name for herself. She is a business woman, and beautiful mother. I envy her. I hope to one day share the same happiness. Snooki is a role model and I admire her.

  • Kendra

    i love snooki because of her personality, shes funny, pretty. i love her sense of style and how she doesnt care what other people thing and she just does her own thing. Also would love to hang out with her for a day i love miranda kerr because she is gorgeous

  • Goldie Ann Henry
    Goldie Ann Henry

    ii [[lOVE]] *SnOOki* or as I liiKE 2 call her ((NiCOlE)) because she's simply amahhzing! She's so entertaining, and she's one celeb that keeps it real! No matter how famous she has become she keeps a level head && keeps her feet on the ground! She's soo down 2 earth I find it incredible considering all the fame she's encountered. Regardless of what the haters think I think she's beautiful, and a wonderful mom! She's so cute! I love the things that come out of her mouth, when watching her she keeps me laughing! I think her fashion sense is extraordinary ii lOVE all of her Animal print! I'm SO happy that she's finally found a guy that truly loves && respects her. I'm so glad she's found her place in this world as a great mom, and loving wifey :)) I can't wait to see her prosper more and more!!! She's awesome ii lOVE hER!!!!(>‿◠)✌ PS && the fact she's responded 2 me via facebook on her REAl facebook page,, makes me fond of her EVEN MORE. Smooch's lovaah :))

  • Gabrielle Stadnick
    Gabrielle Stadnick

    I love Snooki because she has overcome so much in her life. She overcame an eating disorder, which is so hard to do! After becoming well known on Jersey Shore she didn't just leave the scene and go on with her life. She made herself known! She is not only a TV personality, she is a business woman, and most importantly a mother! She took advantage of her opportunities and put herself into the beauty industry. She is someone who inspires me to do better for myself. And no matter how famous she does get, she always knows where she comes from and knows that her son comes first! She makes such a good mom!

  • karen7786

    Snooki ! I know I am older than most of your fans, but I have watched you grow up and mature over the years. No one can judge you as a party girl, as Im sure we all had our fun at one time or another. Your humor and toughess and soft side is what draws your fans to you. As you became a mother, you have proved to the fans that you are so much more than a party girl, yet you can still have fun, but in a more responsible way ! Kudos to all your accomplishments ! I like Snooki because she is herself and does not allow negativity get her down !!

  • Miranda Hopwood
    Miranda Hopwood

    I love Miranda Kerr because she seems so confident in who she is, and her happiness shines right out of her. Confidence is beauty, and thats something that ive always wanted. Miranda and Snooki both have this amazing confidence that every girl should have.

  • Miranda Hopwood
    Miranda Hopwood

    I love Nicole Polizzie (Snooki) because she has that self confidence that i wish i had. She is comfortable with who she is, and it shows. She doesnt care what other people think, and i think i envy that most about her because i care too much of what people think. I dont have the greatest self esteem and the confidence she has is something i want. She is all about her family and friends and thats what life is all about :)

  • Charchar308

    I have been a fan of Snooki's since the 1st time she walked into the shore house. The party definitely started once she arrived. Watching her grow into a gorgeous new mommy with a beautiful son as been an amazing journey. She is an inspiration for positive attitudes and a wonderful career woman with the whole world watching for her next move. I absolutely love her and wish all the blessings she and her beautiful family deserve.

  • Melissa

    I enjoyed watching Snooki grow up threw the seasons of "Jeresy Shore". You noticed how much more she grew as a person within the years. Her ups, down , and low lows. Its pretty amazing how someone normal like me can become famous, and yet not let fame change one thing about her. It was pretty brave to go on the show and be herself without being anxious or fearful to be who she was. I don`t feel like I can say the same about other celebrities. As funny it is to sounds , I feel like I know her as a person. I can relate to her in many ways. Its great to see what she accomplished , and all her business successes. Speaking of success Miranda Kerr`s sucess began at age 13, She entered and won the 1997 annual Dolly Magazine/Impulse Model Competition. Atfer that her career hit big. Along with being a Victoria's Secret Model from being with Maybelline to being on a Project Runway episode. Not to mention how beautiful she is. Both these lady`s have done things , women from all around the world wish to once succeed in. Just goes to show that dreams really can come true.

  • Maddy Fortier
    Maddy Fortier

    I have so much respect for Snooki! She is an amazing and powerful woman! I really beleive that now that she has had her beautiful son, Lorenzo, that she has changed so much. Because I will never forget when she annouced that she was pregnant, everyone was laughing and joking about what a terrible mother she would be. And in my heart, I knew that that was not true. I knew that she would be the best mother possible for her child. I look up to and admire Nicole so much. And I would also like to add that she is honestly a great rolemodel for girls, women and youngwomen everywhere. Because I know that she has taught to be yourself, love yourself, and to be BOLD. And I know that there are so many other great things about her because the list goes on and on. And I am honestly not just saying all this because of the contest. I am saying this stuff because I really truly do admire her for being the beautiful, talented, funny, proud, confident Snooki. And she has inspired me and many others to be just like her.

  • Haley Wiese
    Haley Wiese

    I think I should win because Snooki is my idol. I love the way she handles people and situations shes in. I have been trying to get up the courage to contact her or try to get to a signing. Whenever I see people put her down, I feel just terrible because she is an amazing woman. If it is in person I say that if you have seen her show and how good she is with her child, you would be impressed. No one cares for her child like she does and she truly does show it. I know that no one could accomplish the same things that she has such as a clothing and jewelry line, handbag line, etc...I would have such an honor to even be noticed by her, so thank you for even taking your time to read it. Thank you :) xoxo

  • Desiree

    I think miranda kerr is absolutely stunning and have been a big fan of hers for years, as a dolly magazine reader years ago voting for her when she won the dolly/ impulse covergirl competition in australia for dolly magazine. she is a timeless beauty! Snooki haha well the show i use to only watch it for her I love the chick yeah she did some pretty out there things that I myself wouldn't, but she could probably do anything and id still think she was adorable. Shes a good laugh and is so beautiful I love her and her cute bows and her crazy love for animal print. I even call one of my best mates snooki shes a lil filipino meat ball we both love u and ur cuteness!

  • Caitlyn Lord Yasika
    Caitlyn Lord Yasika

    I love Snooki. She is a strong woman and an amazing mother. She is just herself and teaches women that they can be just who they are and become successful.

  • cassandruhhg2423

    "I love snooki because she was wild and crazy and not afraid to be her own person regardless of what anyone though, and now shes transitioned into a beautiful mother who is still not afraid to be who she is. She is true to herself and has grown every step of the way not letting fame change her. She is an inspirational woman and wonderful mother.

  • krissi2810

    I love miranda kerr she is just so stunning and she seems to be a great mom just like snooki. I love snooki because her style sense is spunky but it is also cute and fun all at the same

  • baileynicole27

    I like Nicole "Snooki" because shes like a fun girl who speaks her mind, has fun, and is the kind of girl you just want to be best friends with. shes such a cutie and shes also gorgeous! I just want to party with her! <3 And miranda is a beautiful person. she's so gorgeous and has amazing eyes!(: Both are great!(:

  • Karissa Van Baulen
    Karissa Van Baulen

    I adore Snooki because she isn't fake and knows what she wants in life. She never holds back who she is even if people tend to call her names or make fun of her. I have total respect for that.

  • shelby shaffer
    shelby shaffer

    a love make nd eveyting else so very much and i would like it f you send me all them things to me ok thanks for letting me leave a commet love shelby shaffer

  • jase

    I love snooki I like how shes unique and her style is great shes one of a kind I love to watch snooki & jwow also jersey shore....I love how shes herself and doesn't have to fake around people and that she doesn't care what people think she also has a beautiful smile and a good humor..... MIRANDA KERR: she's beautiful great personality great body she is what every girls dreams off been a VS model and she's the best :-)

  • Cynthia Lee
    Cynthia Lee

    being petite and an alcoholic and quirky as fried pickles, i relate to her. in the i don't know her besides on t.v. type of way though. seeing someone with confidence that could typically be ashamed of the way they have been portayed or portray themselves but made a change..and wants to keep doing that. that's me , that's snooki. free stuff is the second best thing to something.i just can't thnk exactly what at the moment

  • LEXI

    Snooki seems like such a sweet girl! I love watching her shows on MTV... she has the greatest personality. Even though she is a celebrity she carries herself in a very down to earth manner. p.s. Jionni and Lorenzo are gorg!

  • Karissa Van Baulen
    Karissa Van Baulen

    Miranda is a beautiful intelligent woman who inspires all of us to see that looks are not everything.

  • Michelle Silvestri
    Michelle Silvestri

    I love Snooki because she's such an inspiration. Clearly she had not the best reputation, but she stuck through the hate and is now continuing her life as a wonderful, loving mother. She shows young woman that you can really change yourself for the better. She's a great role model. They're both such beautiful inspirations.



  • Samantha Marie
    Samantha Marie

    Why do I love Miranda Kerr? For one she's stuning but everyon knows that, but her fashion style? Love it! An ed I know that I wishi could rock clothes like she does, am I right ladies?

  • yvonne

    snooki is jus soo care free yet soooo in love w/ her family / shes in love w/ herself n i think thats very important plus her fabulous style that i absolutly love ' as for miranda i really dnt follow her as much as snooki bt i do admire the fact that she has such a great body after her son n can still kill it as a VS model ' n evn tho we've seen her almost naked in those really cute bras n pantys she looks really fabulous its still a mystery

  • Nicole Renelick
    Nicole Renelick

    I am a meatball myself so I love Snooki's style. I also Love Miranda's style as well

  • Angel Behrens
    Angel Behrens

    i love snookii on jersey shore shes so pretty and a good rolemodel miranda kerr is really pretty

  • Tabitha Martorano
    Tabitha Martorano

    I love Snooki because she loves to party and have a good time and does what she want when she wants. I can tell she can dance the night away in those night clubs.

  • Samantha Marie
    Samantha Marie

    I love Snooki. We could be meetballs together! I love Snooki cause i can relate to her. We both like to party, hot guys, fahion, and hanging with our girls! Heck Snooki and I were both pregnant with baby boys at the same time! My friends even agree that i'm like a sightly taller, younger Snooki, lol.

  • Sami Mae Love
    Sami Mae Love

    Well for one, Who can’t love a short lady? Lol I love snooki for one because she has a unique sense of style that she proudly wears and pulls together everything very well. Two she loves animals and so do I ! Three, I see how harsh people are to her over the internet and on her twitter and how cruel people are even to her child who is completely innocent and she shows how strong of a person she really is because she brushes it all off of her shoulders like she should because none of them people really know her so their oppinion doesn’t matter. I am a fan because of these reasons. She’s a great person and she turned her whole life around once she became a mother and she is a celebrity so she is always on the spotlight and being put down because she makes mistakes like every human being and it takes A LOT for someone to not let it get to them. <3

  • Kristin Lee Orndoff
    Kristin Lee Orndoff

    i love snooki she is my idle i love to tan so i can get as dark aas her and i put my hair up in a snooki bumpi really wanna win

  • joyisgreat

    i love snooki because she stands up for herself i'm 18 now and before turning 18 i was getting bullied in school by members of the marching band at school I saw my first jersey shore episode and the first thing that i saw was Snooki defending herself needing no ones help no matter if she's petite short etc.and i think she's the prettiest celebrity out there today I kept watching her after that on jersey shore and because she could defend herself even when she was surrounded she kept herself up high and inspired me to defend myself against the band members her no bs attitude helped me become the strong girl i am now I LOVE YOU SNOOKI <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Miranda Kerr is absolutely gorgeous i love her stance her poses even though i've barely just discovered her I like how sophisticated, classy, and unreal she looks with every photo she takes and VS showed great taste when they chose Miranda Kerr to be one of their models THANKS TO CELEBUZZ FOR DOING THIS YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I adore Snooki because she's a little ball of fire and not afraid to show people who she really is!! She's truely an inspiration for people to be themselves! She is a great mother and impossible not to like her x-rated humor, but never fails to make me laugh!!!!! I wish her and her new family nothing but happiness! Thank you for the chance Celebuzz!

  • Jessica Verducci
    Jessica Verducci


  • Brittany M. Haase
    Brittany M. Haase

    Lets see, I follow/like Snooki because she reminds me of a place that I will forever call 'home.' She reminds me of some of my best friends that I unfortunately don't get to see as often due to living (what feels like a million) miles away. By watching her and J-Woww on TV it - even if for just an hour; I realize how precious my relationship with my "Northern Girls" are; they are my MEATBALLS & will forever make up the awesome woman I have become <3

  • craniallili89

    The one and only person i pick that i love is snooki.i loved her since i saw her on jersey shore. loved her craziness and her attitude. But as people made jokes about her, comments or just anything negative she was still on top of her game. I remember when she came to chicago for her tanning products. I was sick at the time, i currently was using my oxygen at the time. And when i saw her up and close omg i felt amazing. i felt like she really was the most powering and great person. I just felt like she was happy her fans were their to see her and well i felt amazed that she didn't judge me because i had oxygen on. She treated me like everyone else. And the best part was that i tweeted her after that event and she remembered me. She thanked me for waiting and thanks to her one of my missions was complete. I didnt care that i was sick with my oxygen but i waited for my girl snooki. I just love her how she thanks her fans everyday.. And thanks to her am able to express my fashion style, dont care what people think or people say about me.. If snooki can do it so can i.. So their is no reason to hate on her. I also love how she turned herself around and she is a powerful and incredible mommy to Lorenzo.. That shows how much of a great woman she is. And still having time for her fans. whats more to love.. And now that i have had my double lung transplant thanks to her i kept my head up while sick and still keeping my head up. I dont care what people think, they might think i am making this up. But snooki kept me going with her tweets, for noticing me and one day remember me..

  • mielly

    i love my girl snooki the most !!of any body i love her true self its just like me the fun crazy stuff she does and don't care u see's it and knows it so long as she's happy she is just so true and so real i love that about her just like me !!!she is like having a best friend which in my heart and mind she is !!plus she gave me a shout out on facebook and call me her number one fan she is the best !!!! my gilr snooki !NOBODY BETTER MESS WITH HER I GOT HER BACK !

  • Rusmery

    In life, we grow up looking up to others, and most importantly, we learn to embrace others. Snooki is one of those individual that I look up to. As a young woman, I find it hard to find role models in this society. Snooki is someone that I look up to and love her drive in life. Through her life being broadcasted on TV, I was able to see the "real" Snooki. She's a business woman, a wonderful mother, an awesome best friend, and most importantly, she's a person that dedicates her life to becoming a better person and woman. She inspires me to always make a difficult situation into a good experience. From her energetic personality, to the love she has for her fans, Snooki is a woman that I will always look up to, and is my role model. She's just that awesome!

  • Jenny

    I love Snooki because she is a barrow of fun. She is awlays up for a good night and has the smarts to back it up as well. She is a professional business women with wonderful fashion sense, gotta love the animal print!

  • Bella Willoughby
    Bella Willoughby

    Nicole is absolutely crazy but in a good way! She definitely know's how to have a good time, and spread laughter to everyone around her. Though Nicole loves to party, she can be a true adult. Now that Nicole is mom, I believe she knows right between wrong. Nicole is absolutely gorgeous, and I look up to her as a role model. She lives her life to the fullest, but can man up as adult when needed. To be honest, I've never paid attention to Miranda. Though, she is beautiful.

  • Jacinta Back
    Jacinta Back

    I absolutely adore Miranda Kerr because she is an absolute natural beauty like a goddess, the fact that she never looks bad in the press which is very rare now a days. And i absolutely love Snooki Because she is her own person and thats all that matters, when you look at her in the 1st series of Jersey Shore and now she's happily engaged and has a beautiful baby boy. You can see that she's done a whole heap of growing up and reflecting on herself, but she still stays true to who she is which is a warm fun loving person with alot to give. xoxo

  • Jessica

    Snooki is the cutest most fashionable diva out there! I love every little thing about her but the most amazing feature is her personality. She has so much love to give and she doesn't hold any of it back. She knows how to have a good time!!! She has matured so much over these few years and she has become an amazing woman and mother to her beautiful son Lorenzo! Miranda Kerr is a gorgeous bombshell! She has everything going for her and is one of my favorite Victoria Secret angels. love you both. xoxo <3

  • Emily Navarrete
    Emily Navarrete

    I love Miranda Kerr because shes beautiful and she seems very down to earth. I love Snooki because she is such a good time. She also doesnt care about what others think of her and does as she pleases. She does what makes her and her loved ones happy. Her slippers are my favorite!

  • Jennifer Westervelt
    Jennifer Westervelt

    i just love snooki y sn does too and sh pretty and funny and a good mom nd sees to be a good friend and it really is not a party if snooki is not there love u snooks

  • Evelyn Jacinto
    Evelyn Jacinto

    I like them both because they're different types of beautiful! Miranda has that elegant beauty she exudes humble confidence that every woman wants yet cant hate her for it. Snooki is fun, entertaining, loving, and relaetable. Her confidence is shown through the way she lives her life free. They're both beautiful and confident. Something i can admire

  • snookoholic

    Snooki is my inspiration. She is my favourite Jersey Shore cast member (along with JWOWW of course). I have to say though, JWOWW & Snooki (TV series) is more enjoyable. (My mom is going to order me the 1st season for my birthday. I'm super excited!) Watching her go through the pregnancy and giving birth to Lorenzo was absolutely beautiful. I was almost in tears with her during that episode. I respect Snooki so much for giving up smoking and drinking during the pregnancy. She was such a party girl and to quit everything the way she did was truly amazing. It really shows what is important to her, and that's Lorenzo and Jionni. I love Snooki's sense of style. I'm a huge Zebra fan and to relate so much to her style is pretty cool. Animal print is sexy!! My boyfriend actually ordered me a heart ring from Snooki's Valentine's Day Collection (Pave Heart Ring). I can't wait for it to arrive! I could go on all day about how much I love Snooki. She is super funny, beautiful and is a reality queen! I hope to win because I'm such a huge fan.. but if not I really hope she gets a chance to read this. That would be amazing. xo

  • amber1882

    love love love snookie!! you have done really well for yourself and your family is too effin cuuute! never tried your products so if i win i will promise you that i will buy them forever!! as for victoria a plus size girl and that stuff doesnt exactly fit..and what would fit like yogas for instance are like 50 helllllo thats insane..ive gotten a bra and undies there and the stuff money wise wasnt cheap but after a month maybe it turns to crap...give people more for their dollar cuz i will never spend 50 bucks for yogas! LOVE YOU SNOOKS!!

  • emalee

    Snooki is fabulous. When Jersey Shore first aired I saw a crazy, young and wild Snooki, but over the years I've seen you transform yourself into a very responsible adult and great mom, Lorenzo is one lucky baby, with wonderful parents. You're so beautiful, and I love the way you look! You're so inspiring to young people like me, you dress so outgoing yet super stylish! Thank you for always being who you are! Hope life is going great for you, and I'm glad to see how successful you have become! You're gorgeous, and I will always be a fan, never ever change! <3

  • noemi

    well they are beautiful and i love them so much and not just because they famaous i say it it because if u look at them they are pretty love u guys

  • Cassie Williams
    Cassie Williams

    I adore and admire Snooki because she isn't afraid to be who she wants to be. She's more comfortable in her skin than most people and she doesn't let the little things get her down. She has amazing fashion sense and is probably a great mother. Plus Snooki's cute as hell lol.

  • carly maree
    carly maree

    I love snooki because she says what she thinks and doesn't care! , she's fun but most importantly she's a meatball! . she has made me one day want to live in the jersey shore house, work at the tshirt shop and party hard at karma!! ✌

  • Shayla

    Snooki is an inspiration and true Cinderella story, she came on the scene a wild child made famous by her crazy antics on Jersey Shore and despite all the flack from the nobodies, who apparently felt their two cents mattered, she rose above it all and not only created a beautiful family but a solid foundation for a prosperous future!! Just goes to show haters really are motivators, well keep hating wannabees Snooki's here to stay and My hat goes off to her!! ;D <333

  • Collins Rubonsky
    Collins Rubonsky

    I like snookie because i think she is a strong person as a woman.. she is so shorty but incredible big in heart, she is so funny so real.. i really apreciated her because is a cutie.. she wears so pretty and fshion... is just an example for me.. and i really want one of this stuff it is so important to me have one this ithems from my new fav designer.. please choose me snokie.. and sorry im from mexico i would like to write more about the super mommy but i can i dont english a lot.. just a little bit but i learn it in jersey shore... partys here bitcheeeees:) <3

  • Jordyn Heis
    Jordyn Heis

    Snooki is not afraid to be herself. Although some people feel that she isn't matured, she really is. The jersey shore has taught her SO much responsibility. Not only with having Lorenzo, but by working at the shore store, being with her friends, taking on the responsibilities and guidelines of ring pregnant, and making hard decisions, for example moving out of the shore store. Not only has the shows that she is on brought us all entertainment, but it has really showed how tey all have grown since the first season. Be fierce and stay strong against all the put downs. Love, your cheetah buddy:)

  • Beth Rutledge
    Beth Rutledge

    I Love <3 Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi bc she is true and has nothing to hide. She is who she is and you either like her or not.. Most people are worried about what people think of them.. So ROCK ON SNOOKI !!

  • Whitney Thomas
    Whitney Thomas

    I love Snooki because she tells it like it is and has inspired me to be more out-going. The world needs more people who are like her and dont sugar coat things. I have watched her as shes matured and am unbelievably proud of the mom she's become. I love her style and the fact that she works hard to become an entrepreneur and expand into new fields such as nail polish and tanning lotions making normal products with too much class into something classy yet fashionable (a little more animal print and bling is the key!). I am excited to see what the future brings for Snooki and her new little family and will always stand up and support her no matter what.

  • Lori Kriska
    Lori Kriska

    I love Snooki!! She seems like she has not let her fame change her. I love all her new lines that are coming out! I can't wait for my next visit to Victoria's Secret. And Miranda is beautiful <3

  • Tiffany Bess
    Tiffany Bess

    I love Snooki for more reasons than I can count. Mainly because she has a really positive, and upbeat attitude. I also love Snooki's fashion, I mean animal print is one of my addictions. I love how silly she is, and how she likes to have a good time. I also like how she isn't afraid to be herself, and on the show she didn't let anyone change her. That takes a strong and confident person to remain themselves through all of that! That is why I <3 Snooki!

  • Tonya miller
    Tonya miller

    We sit here and watch these actress on tv and follow them on facebook; twitter and other news to see how there life is exciting or different from us. I personally like to watch snooki. As from the partying to watching her grow up and be a respectable loving mother it warms my heart seeing the moments that she has gone threw. she has grown up alot since jeresy shore and I got to be there while she has shown the world her loving personality. I'm glad to be a fan of hers. She's one of kind. I think alot of woman out there look up to her , she has awesome style and a big great heart that she lets us in on by letting us watch in and thats really cool of her to share her life with us. thanks snooki for being so awesome and being you glad to be a fan. take care Tonya

  • Rebekah Harrison
    Rebekah Harrison

    I love snooki because she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her and is true to herself! She is such a positive role model with being a mom, a positive celebrity, and an entrepreneur. I admire her for still developing and promoting her clothing, jewelry and accessory lines while still raising that cute little boy!

  • Rachel Paige
    Rachel Paige

    Snooki is one of the realest people out there, her personality shows she doesn't take anything from anyone and she always looks good no matter the time of day. This fashion line of hers shows she's got great style

  • Isa :)
    Isa :)

    I LOVE SNOOKI BECAUSEEEE!! SHE`S ORIGINAL, SHE DOESN`T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY! SE OVIOUSLY KNOW HER PERSONALITY AND HERE IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC WE LOOOOOOVE THAT KIND OF PEOPLE, HUMBLE AND SEXY, AND FUNNY AND PEOPLE WHO KNOWS THAT LIFE IS SHORT AND WE HAVE TO HAAAAAVE FUUUUUN!! OH.. and miranda kerr.. she`s super HOTTT .. I don´t really speak english well, but google translate helped me hahah :D I will be so happy if I win this!!! becaouse here en DR I dont have the OPORTUNITY TO BUY THEM.... haha it sounds so miserable... but anywaysss PLEEEEEASE CELEBUZZ MAKE MY VALENTINES DAY A HAPPY DAY!

  • colinemolliex

    - I love so much snooki because I love her animal & party side & she is really beautiful even after she had a child. - I also love Miranda Kerr because she looks stunning! when I see you two, i'm like : It's time for me to stash away my awkward photos because you're both gorgeous and good mothers.

  • Rebecca Dawson
    Rebecca Dawson

    what i love most about snooki is the fact that she is always her self. She doesnt let other people influence her. I want to be able to be as comfortable being myself as snooki is! Plus she is going places with her life and accomplishing goals and i am currently doing the same!

  • Kristin

    I LOVE NICOLE!!! because shes spunky, pretty, stylish, and use to party hard like me, and now shes a beautiful maturing mother as I have turned out to be....Please PICK ME I WOULD BE VERY EXITED

  • Corinne

    Because they are both real women and care so much about there fans and no matter what I'm doing or how busy I am I will stop what I'm doing when it comes to watching them on TV.They inspire me and always lifts my spirits

  • Priscilla Torres
    Priscilla Torres

    well, i love Miranda couse she is really a role model and is beutiful, all her clothe and lingery line is really pretty and even tho she so famous and beutiful she is not a BITCH like other famous people. I will love to know her. Snokki ; she is so perfect i would give everything too meet her and talk to her. Even tho she's famous shes reallly cool couse she always look out for her rally BFF and she is really realistic if you dont like she just dont care, i love her style and her sense of humor.And all her coutureline. Her lipstick and su8nglasses. she is really a role model couse she never give up on anything and i like her attitude. She care's about her fans. I love her show and i love her becouse even tho she's famous and all that's stuuf she's always with her Family and cares about her child and husband. Jionni is lucky to have a woman like her in his life. She is so fun to watch i just wish i was like her and dont care abot what people say's about me. I'm from Purto Rico. LA ISLA DEL ENCANTO. <3 i would love that Snokki came her so she can see that she has a lot of fans her too. Love you snooki and Miranda. i hope i WIN. couse i love all you're stuff and you would hopnor me with those Gift's. :D

  • Lizzy Jackson
    Lizzy Jackson

    Snooki is stunning and take everything as it comes! She is a good mum and to be wife what more do I need to say. LOVE YOU SNOOK

  • brandi ruble
    brandi ruble

    I believe Miranda, is gorgeous and is a fantastic model. It must be seriously stressful to be a model. Yet she still seems to keep her cool. Which is an amazing quality to have. And snooki is an incredibly tough cookie. She has handled so much negative feed back from people but she doesn't let it touch her. She seems to be doing wayy better than anyone expected, when it comes to being a mommy. :) these ladies are fierce!

  • Sarah Arena
    Sarah Arena

    I really love Snooki because of how loyal and protective she is over her family and friends. She literally will do anything and everything she can to protect the ones she loves, no matter the cost to her and that proves how big her heart is. She's grown up as any average young adult does, she's made mistakes but everyday is working towards being the best mom and fiance she can be. In addition to that, she's turned her name into a successful brand and can support her family because of it all! How many reality stars turn themselves into successful business women? Exactly. Of course she's a blast and knows how to have a great time but what I admire most is her loyalty and love for her family and friends. :)

  • grisellp13

    I love snooki because her style is AMAZING! it's so creative and fun! She also seems like a fun person to be around and she is also gorgeous! I like how she does her own thing and doesn't care wht other people think. She was also my favorite in Jersey Shore! :) I don't know a lot about Miranda Kerr, but she looks flawless ! I'm jealous! I wish I was like her being a VS model and all. It seems like a lot of fun. I've seen other other VS models but they don't stand out as much as Miranda Kerr. :)

  • Mist

    Well for one im short and part Italian! And I have dark hair and always wore the pouf without a bumpit. I always looked snooki shes a good time!!!!! I love snooki to death! I love how shes really matured since shes became pregnant and had her son! She works really hard to support her family!!!

  • Jazmin Arias
    Jazmin Arias

    Snooki is incredible, I've loved her since Jersey Shore. She's always been my favorite. She's hilarious and absolutely adorable. My best friend always says that I'm the snooki to her jwoww haha that may sound a little weird but our friendship is as strong as theirs. My best friend is my life just like Jenni is Snooki's life. I have so much respect for snooki she gets a lot of crap but she doesn't let that bring her down. She's a boss, and she doesn't care about the haters. I don't understand why people hate on her, I've seen every single episode of Jersey Shore and every single episode of Snooki & Jwoww I've seen how much she's changed. She's a wonderful mommy now. I look at her on the show and I almost cry because Lorenzo is a spoiled little prince. His parents are so good both Jionni and Snooki are nice parents. Some people don't have that, but he does. And he's the luckiest little boy. I wish I knew snooki she seems like she would be a wonderful friend. She can really party, but she can really commit to things. That's one of the things I like about her. My best friend didn't like her at first, she didn't have a reason to. She watched Jersey Shore with me for the first time and LAUGHED at all the crazy things they did. Especially deena and nicole. She still acted like she didn't like snooki but I knew she was starting to because she kept asking me when Jersey Shore was gonna start, and we'd watch it together. Then snooki & jwoww started again, and she has watched every single episode with me, she even called snooki "so cute" i was fangirling haha. I love snooki so so much, and now my best friend does too. She even follows her on twitter. She comes every single tuesday and we watch snooki and jwoww together :) I haven't been able to buy any snooki merchandise because I just can't afford it. I can't afford anything. I've learned to live with that though. I've never won anything, and I really want to win this. It'd make me the happiest person in the entire world. I look up to snooki because she doesn't care what people say about her, and thats something that I can't do. She's my spirit animal. & I'm IN LOVE with Lorenzo haha. He's such a cutie pie. <3 Well, that's it. I hope I win this. :) Thanks for reading. My twitter is @twolostsoulsx - Jazmin <3

  • Ashley Finocchiaro
    Ashley Finocchiaro

    I absolutely love snooki! not only do I love all her products, but as tv personality! I have never missed a jersey shore episode! even my kids love her!! I enjoyed watching her grow from a party going person to a mature mother! ( I really did cry when she gave birth on snooki & jwow ) lol I love how she can show that young moms can have be successful, be there for their children, and also have fun!! Miranda Kerr is soo beautiful ! again another successful mommy! :) I love the fact that she embraces her beauty and works hard for what she has! powerful women? Uh YES! But on a Snooki note (he he) I would absolutely die! to have anything from or by her!! lol I just recently died my hair red! which snooki actually gave me the courage to do being that I never died my hair before and I had dark brown hair like hers and wasn't sure what it would like! Please pick me! and make my year! with being a single mother I really don't have extra money to splurge on myself!

  • Katie Maita
    Katie Maita

    OMG! im such a snooki fan!...i really admire her because she was able to evolve from being a part animal to a great mother. i think she is a great mother to baby Lorenzo and he is lucky of having a mother like her. i also have never missed a snooki and jwow episode or jersey shore episode and i simply love her sense of fashion. Even when snooki was pregnant with baby Lorenzo, she always looked fabulous!!... im excited for this and thanks for the opportunity to qin something likes.... p.s. im not a very lucky person...but its worth trying.. :)

  • Malika

    I love Snooki so much. She's my role because she doesn't care what people think about and she's so carefree. Snooki shows the way she cares about Jionni, and Lorenzo; you can just tell she loves them so much,in a way Snooki and I are like because we love have fun and be carefree, but when comes to caring about family or friends, we show it in a good way. I also love Snooki's sense of style, it's out there and different and it makes her look fierce.

  • Jacquie

    I love Snooki cuz she is so out there and you never know what shes going to do next, shes really pretty and love her on Jersey Shore and Snooki and JWoww Show.

  • Luz Vazquez
    Luz Vazquez

    I love Snooki because she is her own person. Also she gorgeous and i love love love her style. She also expresses who she is. It show that she works hard in what she does and loves what she does. shes a great mother and it showed on her episode how much love she had for Lorenzo when he was being born. I admire her and it would be a great blessing if i was chosen to win products from her. Thank You :)

  • Maria Arroyo
    Maria Arroyo

    I love Miranda she is g=beautiful and a really talented women. I also LOVE snooki she is one of my favorite celebrities out! She is amazing and a wonderful business women. To win her stuff i would be so happy, i am a huge fan from Alaska!! I own almost all her stuff so these items above would be so amazing! LOVE YOU SNOOKS xoxo

  • tegan warzybuk
    tegan warzybuk

    hi i'm tegan and I love snooki because of how mature shes gottin and I love how u are a good mother to your child im so happy for u guys and I love how u stopped partying and became a mature adult I love both snookis party snooki and mature snooki nd also I wanna thank u for showing me I shouldn't drink or get drunk and all that in the future cause im 13 right now lol but yeah thank u for showing me:):):):):) I hope I win:):):):):) lolol

  • Nicole

    These woman empower me to treat myself better.

  • Melissa

    I love these two beautiful girls because absolutely nothing can ever get them down. They never let Anything get in there way of what they want. They are both strong beautiful women and are both great role models... Miranda's beauty shines threw her work and personality. Nicole has come so far and even though I don't actually know her personally..I am very proud of the person she has become.

  • Sabron King
    Sabron King

    Miranda Kerr, you are absolutely beautiful. But i see you as soo much more then that, the commitment it took to get to where you are and to come back just as strong or stronger only six months after having a child is amazing. I envy you for all aspects of who you are and what you have accomplished. & Snooki, i LOVE you! Love you shows, products and your sense of fashion is to die for. Your incredible open imagination is just .. wow. Your definetly an idol of mine and Lorenzo is adorable. Thanks for reading my comment girls. xoxo

  • Jackie

    I love Snooki! because she is a strong independent woman. Even though people criticize her for everything she does, I admire her because she doesn't let any of that get in the way of her happiness. I love her style and everything about her, I'm PROUD of her for everything she has accomplished and I want to say Lorezo is a handsome baby boy.

  • Alessandra Beason
    Alessandra Beason

    I love Snooki because she works her curves and isn't afraid to express who she is. Myself being a mother and a jersey girl, she's shown you can do it all and follow your dreams.

  • Joe Vargas
    Joe Vargas

    I love snooki she's a real reson she's a great mother she's an icon I love her my sister love Miranda Kerr my sister like shopping at victoria's secrets

  • Heather

    I absolutely love Snooki. No matter how much ridicule she goes through, she stays herself. I think that under all her antics, she is a smart, responsible who just loves having a great time (let's be honest, who doesn't love getting wild?) She's a cute young mom that loves nothing more than her little family and her friends. She has come a very long way since we first met her!! Miranda is absolutely gorgeous and is very accomplished and has done so much at a young age. Very successful!

  • jennieshaw

    I love Miranda Kerr and Snooki for so many reasons. I love Miranda because she is so positive, funny, a great mother and wife, and she seems to be a very strong and dedicated person. I love Snooki because she is confident, strong, funny, a great mother and is amazing at making people feel good about themselves just the way they are!

  • ascholes

    I absolutely love Snooki's new hair color!

  • Karen

    So many people put on this fake front around others to make themselves look better, but Snooki represents the "real" in all of us that all too many women are afraid to show. I love her for her Jersey "meatball" ways!!!

  • Maddy A
    Maddy A

    I think people give Nicole a lot of crap for the way she lives her life and its unfair. Do they really KNOW her. no I think she's awesome and really changed a lot over the time we have all come to know her. People need to judge her less and worry about themselves she happy! Love you Snooks!

  • Jordan Blakeley
    Jordan Blakeley

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Snooki!! She is my favorite out of everyone in the Jersey house!!! Why?? Because the very 1st season they all picked on Snooki and didn't like her at first and she was just being herself as most of us do when were young. She never backed down and she made best friends with Jenni who I love!! Also she was the life of the party. Lets just say you would not be bored going out with her! She is a blast to party with and even be around! She is SOO hilarious and she is the only one in the house that normal girls can relate too because she is herself and doesn't care shes on NATIONAL tv! She is very beautiful and so tiny! I love her smile she just is the cutest hottest thing that has hit Hollywood and she loves being famous! It hasn't changed who she really is but she has grown up for the better because of her babyboy! But she has stayed the same person since season 1. AND She is the FIRST one in the house to have a baby!! I thought she would be the last one to have a baby I thought Jenni would be pregnant first. Haha! But I love Snooki/ I love her smile, her style, how tiny she is with big boobies!! haha, and also her personality! Please let me be the winner I know everything about Snooki! :) <3

  • John House
    John House

    One word ''Snooki''.

  • Malia Yahm Graves
    Malia Yahm Graves

    I freakin' love Snooki because she is always herself and always glamourous!!!

  • Veronica Hutchinson
    Veronica Hutchinson

    Who doesnt love these 2! First Miranda is a beautiful model and Snooki is my idol! She went from a party girl to now a wonderful mom which I can identify my self with!

  • Cassy

    Miranda Kerr is my favorite model and I look up to both Snooki and Miranda for style and love, love, love everything they wear. I have a pair of furry Snooki boots and wear them all the time!

  • DDDpiston1

    Miranda Kerr and Snookie both have something in common: adorable baby boys! Flynn & Lorenzo are precious!

  • Emma

    i love both women for there impecable sense of style! they have there own unique style that fits both of their personalitys.

  • Brianne Corona
    Brianne Corona

    I Love Snooki because she never lets her haters bring her down and she shows us (her fans) know how much she loves us everyday! I also believe she's very successful because she works hard for what she wants :)

  • Potatoes O'Brien
    Potatoes O'Brien

    I have never missed a Jersey Shore episode or a Snooki & Jwoww episode. She has matured so much since she has had her baby Lorenzo and he is cutest baby everrr. She is so pretty, has lovely hair, very lively, has amazing dress sense and i love all of her clothes and shoes. I would love to win and I always send her fanmail. I could literally write a book on this girl. She is also an amazing mom and her and Jionni are so cute together. Please choose me. I would literally start crying. She is my idol. She has achieved so much and has an amazing fan base, who are always going to be there for her, no matter what happens. All of her products are so nice. She is also always nice to her fans and shows us that she appreciates our support. I love you so much Nicole and never let your haters bring you down! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ xo Also, she i such an inspiring, role model and inspires a lot of people, including me. ❤ Miranda Kerr: Wow she is Beyond Amazing not only is she an Extremely Gorgeous model but she is an Awesome human being! Miranda Kerr is a role model to all women of all ages because she inspires young women to follow their dreams because nothing is impossible. She encouraged me to feel beautiful in my own skin and she says that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Miranda has worked extremely hard to get were she is now because of her dedication and talent. She was the first Australian super model and she is a Victoria Secret Angel. This woman is one of my biggest role models because of her confidence, intelligence, and Beauty she has helped me shape the person that i am today. I Love you Miranda Kerr <3

  • Maddy Fortier
    Maddy Fortier

    I love Snooki! I honestly do. She is so great and I love how she takes the hate towards her. She's so strong. Many people judge her and don't like her. But she is who she is and she doesn't care what people think of her. She's proud to be herself and I admire that because few people are actually like that. She's a true rolemodel of mine. I think that she is is such a kind, generous, outgoing person. And she's a great mom! SHE'S ONE OF MY ABSOULUTE FAVORITE CELEBRITIES! <3

  • Sara :)
    Sara :)

    Snooki never changed who she was no matter how much the world around her changed. She has always stayed true to herself and never cared what other people think. It is truly inspiring to see celebrities that can be themselves no matter what, even when it seems like half the world hates you. She has learned from her past and has grown to be a strong woman, and an incredible mother. I've followed her journey through all the seasons of Jersey Shore and continued to watch Snooki and JWOWW. She has turned from a reality TV star into a successful business woman and mother. She is definitely someone I look up to and appreciate. Because even when people try to bring her down, she rises above it.

  • debra roysden
    debra roysden

    yes i would to try your stuff i like to try it i watch your show all the time but i really mist jersyshore and all of youns and it really made me sad whin sandy destroy all of it the home of jersyshore i cry it was and still sad thank you.

  • Sandahl benson
    Sandahl benson

    Snooki! You have been a huge fan of mine since i first watched Jerseyshore when 11. I am now almost 14 and i still love her. Snooki has been someone who i have looked up to in my teen years. When i look at her i like to imagine my self. When I was 11 I went through a major body change and Snooki helped me accept who i was and i learned to love my body. Every Thursday i would fight with my brother just to let me watch Jersey shore and Snooki & Jwoww. I am a very picky person when it comes to how i dress and Snooki i gotta say anything you wear looks amazing on you and you are the reason i actually have a sense of fashion. You are my idol Nicole and honestly everything on my christmas list was your products sadly my parents are not very good on the internet and couldnt figure it out. Anyways thankyou for doing what you do to help so many people with your great advice and say Hi to Jionni and Your beautiful precious baby boy Lorenzo (; Love you Nicole <3

  • Raeleen Colt
    Raeleen Colt

    I like Snooki because she has a very unique personality, and is a lil fiesty meatball (LOL). She also makes me laugh when she would ac silly on Jersey Shore

  • Elijah Hunter
    Elijah Hunter

    I love Snooki because she is the best freaking ,meatball ever and she likes pickles as muck as I do! Miranda is a beautiful model who does not love her. Snooki also has the cutest little Lorenzo ever! Even though I am a dude I love her hot as man Jionni!! Boo ya!

  • ciearra black
    ciearra black

    I love Snooki She's great. She is amazing person. I would love to meet her! Lorenzo, her baby is a beautiful baby boy.

  • Stephanie Perez
    Stephanie Perez

    The reason i love snooki so much and what i like about her go hand in hand. Snooki is a person i look up to. She short like me and we have the same dog. She's my fashion icon and i believe were long lost sisters. Her animal print clothing inspires me so much and i know she is a great role model. cheetah print, leopard print zebra print, cross and studs are my favourite things just like her. Her outgoing personality inspires me not to be shy and also the fact she doesn't care about her haters is also very inspiring to me. Her positive attitude to life is also one of the amazing things why i love Snooki. Snooki is the reason why i am more confident in myself and the reason i have such a great style <3. love ya babe :) !

  • brandifrenette

    I love Snooki because shes the type of girl that speaks her mind, she does care about what other people say about her. I like her because she's very outgoing and honest. She's the type of person you want to hang out with. And ever since she had Lorenzo she has changed A LOT. She cares about him so much and would do anything for him! She even stopped her partying in order to become a good mother. I love Miranda :) I may not know much about her but she’s friggin pretty & I really love her style! From the runway to her casual looks everything looks awesome on her!

  • sheilacole23

    i love snookie because she seems like a lot of fun, good sens of humor, fashion, she seems real. also, she's a new mom like me, & i feel like a lot of people can relate to her. & because she's super cute!!!

  • Tessa Taurere
    Tessa Taurere

    I love Snooki because she always ALWAYS tells it like it is!! No beating about the bush, she is who she is and she owns it. Now that shes a mama I think she is even more beautiful and Jionni can be very proud of his baby mama. They are a beautiful and real little family and I love watching them all the way from little ol' New Zealand xo

  • Vangelica

    Me encanta Snooki porque es una chica a la que no le importa el que dirán, demuestra que hay que ser feliz con uno mismo sin preocuparse por otras cosas, vivir la vida pasarlo bien en pocas palabras disfrutar del momento, lo que más me gusta de ella es su carácter divertido, cariñoso y ese lado que tiene de niña... en definitiva es una gran persona y se merece todo el éxito que ha conseguido por sí misma. Miranda Kerr es una chica preciosa, pero sé muy poco de ella, por lo que he visto hace que todos los conjuntos le queden perfectos, cosa bastante complicada de conseguir, su cara inspira frescura lo cual es muy positivo ya que se dedica a la moda.

  • Amanda Mock
    Amanda Mock

    Miranda Kerr is gorgeous and has an amazing body! She lives the life that most young girls want to live! She does a great job of being a Victoria Secret's model! I like Snooki because she is so cute, has a good sense of style and makes me laugh! I love watching her on Snooki and Jwoww!! I have to watch it every week or I'm not satisfied. Snooki's baby, Lorenzo, is the cutest baby ever and Jionni is such a good/nice Dad! Thank you for your time and consideration! Xoxo

  • Stephanie Long
    Stephanie Long

    I love Snooki for never being scared to be herself! She isnt bothered by what people say about her, she keeps having fun and doesn't apologize for it! *** I dont care, I love it!!***

  • Amanda

    I love Snooki because she's true to who she is and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. Not only does she know how to have fun but she's a great mom and a great role model. She's unique and beautiful and an amazing success story!

  • Shelbey Osborne
    Shelbey Osborne

    I love Snooki because she is entirely herself! I am constantly laughing no matter what I watch her on she is hilarious. Not to mention she is completely stunning. She is such a strong women, watching her give birth was such an amazing touching moment. She is an amazing women. <3 <3 <3

  • ascholes

    I love Snooki's new hair color!

  • Chloe Jane
    Chloe Jane

    I loveeee Snooki because she is such an awesome tiny ball of excitment. She is always doing something random, fun and adventurous. I love that she has a baby (that looks so much like her) and she is still living and loving life! Snooki YOU DA BOMB! Peace out WOO

  • mssituation143

    What can I say about Snookie!!! WOW! She is absolutely amazing. She is a smart, gorgeous, super tan, fashionable, adorable, a fantastic mother, and an all around fantastic person. Snookie is simply unique and have a whole outlook on life that no one understands. I loved watching her on Jersey Shore and seeing her grow up and become a whole new person. She may be a party animal but she loves Lorenzo and is a very good mother to him. She always stuck by her friends especially JWOW! I love how she just lights up a room when she walks in or even a club. Miranda- She is just simply beautiful and amazing.

  • Serina Break Hearts Knoblauch
    Serina Break Hearts Knoblauch

    I love snooki because..she is the most beautiful girl ever! she is such an insperation to me and she is so sweet and really cares about her family..i love her products and her fashion style.. i try to dress just like her because she is so pretty.. winning products by snooki would be just such a life changer.. i would also give some of the things to my meatball sammy. love u snooki u are amazing <3

  • Lala

    Ever since Jersey Shore, Snooki has been my role model. Every teases her for he dumbest things, but in my eyes shes a gorgeous women, withan enourmous heart. I've always loved her style and the confident way she carried herself. She' beautiful and knows it, I wish I could be more like that. Snooki, you're an increadible women and mother. Thank you for guiding my life. <3

  • Lauren

    I love Snooki because she's not afraid to be herself. She's also changed her life by adapting motherhood rather than going out partying. Her personality lightens up the day, and her style is fabulous. After watching her journey throughout reality tv, I've noticed how much she's grown up. Whenever I'm upset I know I can always watch Snooki & Jwoww. I'm so proud of Snooki becoming a mother, and growing older as a person. You're my idol, and you empower me to stay fabulous even during the toughest times..........even if it involves adding some cheetah print!

  • Courtney

    I like how no matter what Nicole can make your day better! She is very very funny, and always is herself. I also really love her hair and her style :)

  • InhaleLove ExhaleHate
    InhaleLove ExhaleHate


  • Stephanie Long
    Stephanie Long

    I love Miranda Kerr for rocking the Angel Wings in her sweet but sexy way.. and for snagging Orlando Bloom! Go Girl!

  • senobia

    Miranda Kerr is gorgeous and about every girl dreams of being her. And is an amazing person! I absolutely love Snooki! She is unbelievably Strong! She is gorgeous and absolutely the strongest person ever:) She is never afraid to be herself and if she is she definitely doesn't show it. She has her own sense of style and isn't afraid to do whatever she wants. I think she's absolutely amazing! I love you Snooki!:)

  • Amber Montantes
    Amber Montantes

    I love that Snooki has beauty and confidence and along with the fact that she calls it as she sees it. She is not afraid to be herself around complete strangers and is completely honest about ehr feelings to everyone. If I could be like her in anyway, it would be those traits. She is a strong woman and she owns it.

  • Corrine Ashley
    Corrine Ashley

    I believe snooks is my spirit animal. anytime ive changed my hair, she's ended up getting the exact same color a few weeks after. so already, its clear we both have the same style and taste. also, many people have said snooki is a horrible role model for girls young and old and i think thats so far from the truth. from day one on the jersey shore, it was clear that she was just your average jersey girl with a great tan and a bit of a wild side. but thats nothing to look down upon. she is not afraid of who she is and i think that is something to be admired. shes loud, shes funny, and she knows how to have a good time. and when she was at a point where she needed to leave the party life behind her to raise her baby boy, thats exactly what she did; she grew up and took responsibility all while still taking time for herself and her fans. snooki is one of the most amazing celebrities out there because she is real and shes shows that its okay to be who you are. and because of that, i will forever be team snooki! [[attatched is a picture of me and my friends on halloween from a few years ago dressed up as part of the jersey shore crew. i am fully decked in snooki gear-slippers, leopard dress, poof, and a jar of pickles. PARTYS HERE!]] [img][/img]

  • Karrie.N

    I think snooks is r.e.a.l down to the bone!Everything about her screams FUN!!!She is a very good role model for not only women but younger girls as wtell! I think miranda kerr is so classy and pretty!She is also another good role model for women and young females! -Snooks...i think your doing a amazing job with your life and even if i dont win anything i can still have you to look up to!

  • Evelyn Hernandez
    Evelyn Hernandez

    Snooki has one of the greatest personalities I know. She has proved those people that said she would be a bad parent wrong. She is an AMAZING mother to Lorenzo. She is dedicated to her fans.

  • Shannon Cebula
    Shannon Cebula

    Hi my name is Shannon, i am 17 years old & i look up to Nicole because she is a role model, yes she has had her party days but she isn't just a mother she is a business women & she had bullies in high school & i am having trouble in that department but i learned to stand up for myself, i want to be just like her when i grow up, she has come so far & i hope she has such a beautiful wonderful life to continue, love you XOXO

  • Diana Gonzalez Gonzalez
    Diana Gonzalez Gonzalez

    Snooki is the best of the best your family and son is beautiful <3

  • Frankie

    These two women are beautiful from the inside and out. They make wonderful mothers. I wish I was lucky enough to meet them in person.

  • Analee Perez
    Analee Perez

    i love them both because they're out spoken and both very beautiful. i love miranda's dimples and snooki and miranda are like top model's every body wants to be like and they have pride in their bodies and are not insecure as far as i know. i have been watching snooki since jersey shore first premiered and i'am now watching her on snooki and Jwow with baby lorenzo :) and the one thing i will always remember's here!!!

  • Alicia

    I love Snooki because she is real. She is not afraid of being herself. Snooki has a wonderful sense of style too. I love her for being such a wonderful role model to girls out there and for being the best mom out there to her handsome son! The love and care she shows for her friends, family, and fans is just absolutely beautiful! She's blossomed into such a wonderful, mature, pretty young lady. I love you Snooki. Always be the best YOU can be no matter what anyone says. XOXO

  • nini

    I like Snooki And MIranda Kerr because they have style and fashion and they are stunning and i would love to win this giveway

  • Brandon Schutz
    Brandon Schutz

    Snooki is such inspirational and kind person. She always knows how to make you smile. She went from drinking all day everyday, bringing home boys from the Jersey Shore, to getting engaged and having a beautiful son, and she proved to everyone that she can take care of her baby boy. Its so amazing. Miranda Kerr is also a inspirational person. Shes every girls dream model. She is so beautiful inside and out. I really hope i can win these products because i am Snooki's BIGGEST fan i love her SO MUCH and i own nothing of hers which really upsets me :(

  • Bobbie

    I LOVE Snooki. she is a unique individual. she doesnt care what anyone thinks. shes the shiit. Us short people rule. I love her unique fashoin choices. and she is just one of the bestest:)

  • Raeleen Colt
    Raeleen Colt

    I like Snooki cause she is very unique in her own way and she is feisty and makes me laugh when she acts silly on Jersey Sore

  • Dena Santoriello-Ferentini
    Dena Santoriello-Ferentini

    Snooki reminds me so much of me when I was her age. I love her style. Which this 45 year old Mother takes a couple of fashion tips from her. If you have it Show it off. Which Snooki does in a tasteful manner. I love to hear about her family and all she is doing. I would love know where she gets her shoes. I love them, and want some just like them. Go Snooki, Live your life full and have a good time doing it. dena from Douglasville, Ga

  • Zoila

    Something i love about Snooki is she fights for whats she wants she's gone through so many stuff it has inspired me & something i love about Miranda she had a baby and look at how wonderful she looks now <3

  • Laketa


  • Jessie Gutierrez
    Jessie Gutierrez

    I love that Snooki doesn't let the haters get her down! She doesn't seem to let anything they say affect her in a negative way. In fact she even seems to use their comments to push herself harder. It's really an admirable trait to me! Definitely something I wish to be able to embody in my own life.

  • Vicki Jean-Lee Washington
    Vicki Jean-Lee Washington

    i love snooki becuse she so funny in she is rale ni faek

  • Ashley Jenkins
    Ashley Jenkins

    I love Nicole because I have watched every episode of Jersey shore, multiple times, and I am just getting into Snooki & Jwoww. But over the years I have seen her grow up. I love watching her because she is REAL! She makes mistakes just like anyone but when she does she gets up and just keeps going. She is strong spoken and an awesome mom!

  • Iva

    I like Snooki because she is a small cute fun-sized chick. She has a crazy unique style but it makes her Snooki! Style is about expressing yourself. I also love how she likes to party :D

  • Giovana

    I love snooki <3 reminds me alot of myself and am able to relate to her. I love to party and go out but that doesnt mean that you aren't a great person. Snooki is a great mother and has a big heart. Also love her style its so cute. Love all the leopard and bows all that. I met snooki in Italy I actually was on the last episode. I was the WHITE GIRL WASTED! who was fucking deenas clutch whoops #drunkgirlproblems. Anyway snooki is pretty & hott and is a good fashion icon for alot of girls out there :D

  • Kathleen Jacob Angelone
    Kathleen Jacob Angelone

    My daughters and I love Snooki,because we are all from Marlboro NY. She is a hometown girl with a big heart!!

  • melzz

    i love victoria secret because i love her perfumes and clothings but i love snooki because of her personality , she funni, adorable,she reminds me of me wen i first started meeting new friends being the life of the party at times and i totally love her entire line that she has out and i love how she kept on maturing from a shore cast member all the way to the mom that she is to lorenzo <3 <3 <3 i gots to give it up to her <3<3<3

  • Alex

    Snooki is too cute and always has me laughing. I love her and have been with her since the beginning. I love you Snooki c:

  • Emily

    snooki of course i watched her always on jersey shore she is so cool and a great mom and a pretty woman she knows what she wants goes for it

  • Shelby Palmer
    Shelby Palmer

    I love snooki i watched jersey shore and snooki knows how to have fun and now i watch snooki and jwows show and snooki is a great mommy!!! Miranda is pretty i love her dimples

  • Sarah Rymer
    Sarah Rymer

    Miranda Kerr is my favorite Victoria Secret Angle by far, she is so gorgeous it makes me so sad because i wish i could look like her! she is a walking Barbie! incredibly perfect in size and flawless! She seems like a really sweet person and i would give anything to look just like her! she is really inspiring!

  • Eddy

    Well first of all I love Miranda because she's an Angel. Literally and Angel from the Victorias Secret .. She has beauty of one of a kind. Her smile is flawles not to mention her body is BANGIN' . Snooki. Is something else I mostly love her because she was a cheerleader as am I, and that's just something me and her have in common. As well as being party animals, not giving a damn of what people say. We are unique people and I can't wait for the day to meet these beautiful inspiring ladies. -Xoxo Bubbl3s

  • CoLe

    I love Snooki because she is simply amazing. The thing I love most about her is her bold fashion and the animal prints. Her house is designed so amazingly that I hope one day I can make my own house inspired by her's. Also I love her hair and especially The Poof. In all of the pictures I've seen of her she always looks stunning from what she is wearing to her hair. Jersey Shore wouldn't have been the same without her either because some of the things she did and said made my days.

  • Nikole

    I love them both because they are smart, intelligent, and gorgeous. They are my biggest role models

  • Bobbie Goodrich
    Bobbie Goodrich

    Both ladies r awesome! I just feel like I know Snooki more cuz of the tv shows of course. I'm just proud of what a wonderful Mother she has become. Keep it up girl, your awesome!

  • Katie Benander
    Katie Benander

    I love Snooki and I love Victoria Secret!I wish I would win,I would be super duper happy!Snooki you're baby Lorenzo is the most adorable thing I have ever seen and I love your attitude!You are so unique!Now for Victoria Secret I LOVE YOUR SCENTS AND I AM OBSESSED WITH PINK!!!!!!!!!! <3 ANYWAY THANKS YOU! xoxo MUAH :*

  • Jessie

    Miranda has natural beauty and Snooki has just a fun, fabulous personality! :-)

  • Natalia Romero
    Natalia Romero

    i absolutely love Snooki because like me she is a young mother, i feel so connected to her, she has overcome so much, she went from being a party girl to being this smart business woman, i am so proud of her and all her accomplishments, i wish i could have more money to spend so i could definitely spend it on her items because i am definitely her supporter, i love the fact that she replies to her fans on twitter, when they are trash talking her she sets them straight with humor, and she is an animal print lover just like me. Miranda Kerr is absolutely stunning, Althought i barely know her i know she is gorgeous, and i have seen her on Victoria's commercial, i'm definitely going to google her right now haha

  • julie hurst
    julie hurst

    i lovsooi baue he does what she wants tells it how and she looks gret in everything she puttson.shes the hottest moommy and se is a great best friend.. Mirana kerr i dont n ayhin abought sorry

  • Jenna

    I love snooki because she a fun sized bit of inspiration :) x0x0x

  • suleika

    snooki the best.. she was the one that actually motivated me to keep seing jersey shore. love her line even though not all of it comes to puerto rico.. i am a loyal fan. you out of all the members of jersey shore proved that their is more to you as a person than what we see in tv. i really hope to get the prize i follow you everywere. you are awsome :'(. if i dont get the prize try to do a tour in puerto rico. you wont belive how many fan's you have here.

  • Herandy Rodriguez
    Herandy Rodriguez

    Snooki of course (y) I LOVE U SNOOKI :D

  • Carissa

    I love snooki because she isn't fake! She is real, she is her own person and does not care what people think about her. She is dope as hell and i love her! I also think she has the best taste in fashion!! She is an awesome mother and made the cutest baby everr #snooksforlife

  • Barbara A. Wild
    Barbara A. Wild

    i love snooki because she is staceys cousin and i love stacey!

  • Tania Cervantes
    Tania Cervantes

    I love Snooki because she's always herself and won't let anyone tell her what to do and how to act. I love her personality in general. Miranda is very beautiful and seems like a super nice girl. I wouldn't know but she seem like a really nice person.

  • Catie

    I love snooks because she is amazing!!! Duhhhhh ! First of all she is BEAUTIFUL! Second of all she is halarious!!! I mean come on who is funnier then her!! 3rd of all she had the cutest baby I've ever seen! I hope that the baby is very healthy and I know that you will be a great parent! Love ya snooki!

  • Sarah Rymer
    Sarah Rymer

    I love Snookie because she has an amazing personality and is flat out GORGEOUS! I love the way she dresses and can make anyone laugh over the smallest things. She may be tiny in size but she can woop! haha! I hope i can meet her one day! She seem's like a blast to be around!

  • Trisha Renee
    Trisha Renee

    I absolutely adore Snooki! From the very beginning of Jersey Shore to the adventures of Snooki & Jwoww to all of the updates and pics of her and her boys (Lorenzo and Jionni)! She has this thing about her; she doesn't care what anyone thinks or says, she lives her life just the way she wants to. And I respect that. And I must say, she's matured a lot since getting pregnant, giving birth, and being engaged. She seems very committed and dedicated to her family, and yet she's still the same fun-loving, carefree, unique Nicole Polizzi. And Miranda Kerr is stunning. Posting a picture of HER on your wall will definitely make you want to stay committed to getting (or staying) in shape. She's got a killer smile.

  • danielle dale
    danielle dale

    i love Snooki because she's so pretty awesome hilarious and my role model plus the most amazing fashion sense <3 miranda is a awesome model

  • Vernisha Nimmo
    Vernisha Nimmo

    I love me some Snooki. I look at all her show. The first time I saw Snooki I feel in love with her cuz she at like me sometime. :-) <3<3

  • Samantha Collins
    Samantha Collins

    Love Miranda because she's beautiful and got her head in the game. She don't let anyone stop her!

  • Tsering

    i love snooki's fashion. Snooki's my favorite. I love her attitude & her weirdness. Miranda Kerr is beautiful. She's just PERFECT.

  • kaitlyn ware
    kaitlyn ware

    I love them both because they are so beautiful!!!!!!

  • Angel Goff
    Angel Goff

    I love Snooki because she is an awesome person and an awesome mom i dont care what anyone says i love everything she comes out with she is such an amazing person!!!

  • Samantha Collins
    Samantha Collins

    I love Snooki because she's real! She doesn't let anyone bring her down. She's amazing! Nothing's gonna stop her or get in her way from her goal and dreams! Love her love her love her!

  • Anna

    I love Snooki because she is so beautiful , I like snooki for who is she, She a great mom & her baby is the cutest thing in the world, Snooki don't change & Stay Fab (:

  • Leticia N Flako
    Leticia N Flako


  • Allison Weber
    Allison Weber

    Snooki is an original and she doesn't have to be someone else to be amazing(:

  • Melissa Alexander
    Melissa Alexander


  • Sam

    Because they are both absolutely gorgeous. That's why.

  • Casey Herren
    Casey Herren

    I adore/LOVE Snooki because she is different. I love cheetah print and she rocks it everyday! She is the funniest little meatball out there and her baby is drop dead gorgeous. I loved her on JS and I love her on Snooki & JWoww. She's awesome <3

  • Leticia N Flako
    Leticia N Flako

    I Love snooki because she loves animal print just like me and she is also a good mother . ! Wowhoo meatball day !!!

  • Rebecca Kristine Russell
    Rebecca Kristine Russell

    I have loved Snooki every since season one of Jersey shore. She proved to her shore cast mates that she wasn't just a party girl, she really cared about everyone. She makes people love her for herself, she doesn't care what people say about her. And then now after 6 season, she is a proud mama to a beautful baby boy!

  • April Arnott
    April Arnott

    I love Snooki, she seems like a great mom!

  • Crystelle Marie Dalla Betta
    Crystelle Marie Dalla Betta

    i love both of them because they are strong, beautiful accomplished women. I especially love Snooki because she grew up fast when needed and showed the world what a responsible and strong woman does to succeed and doesn't back down in the face of criticism. This is something a lot of people could benefit from learning.

  • Kylee Sue Northern
    Kylee Sue Northern

    They are both gorgeous, funny, talented, and care about people. Love them both..Especially Snooki!! Love em

  • crystal

    I love snookie and all that she is she is beautiful and an amazing mother she has alot going for her

  • gaddie

    I think that Snooki is so great because she is so confident in herself! I think she teaches girls around the world to be themselves! Her fun loving personliaty and style is contagious :)!! Love you Snookie! Keep being you! :)

  • Zac

    i adore snooki because she always remains herself and never let's the negative comments affect her and she has grown to be such a beautiful mature mother and never ever once lost sight of who she is and she just is just so gorgeous and funny! also her son is the most adorable baby!

  • heathamariee

    Snooki is truly an inspirational young woman. I have watched her grow and develop, not only into a beautiful young individual but also into a wonderful and nurturing mother. She has overcome negativity and shown that she is a real genuine person. I love how she embraces her "haters" (especially on twitter) with positive remarks which shows how she is confident with who she is and that other peoples thoughts about her do not affect her life. I guess you can consider me a true advocate for Snooki because I always find myself talking about her to others and really praising her as a person. I truly believe that she is one the realist most genuine person that is in the public eye and she always stays true to herself! I am proud to say that I look up to her and will continue to support her and her career! -Heather

  • Nicole

    I like Snooki because she's intelligent, caring, and carefree. She's smart enough to realize when something is bothering her friends, and when to get involved. We have all seen the carefree side of Snooki; from her partying at seaside to ignoring what people say about her. It's not that she doesn't care what mean things are said about her, she just realizes that their opinion is irrelevant because some people just are not happy and will not let others be happy. She's also extremely caring and went the distance to rent her own beach house for the summer so she would not be tempted to drink while pregnant. I can only imagine the strength it took to watch her friends go out and party every night without her. She's an inspiration and a role model; and a damn good one.

  • jenelle702

    I freaking LOVE Snooki because she is the epitome of a BADASS. She's an inspiration to us all that it doesn't matter what people say, just follow your dreams and aspire to be the greatest you can. I hope to someday meet her to thank her for setting an example. (Yes, she's an example! Meaning you gotta play hard when you work hard!!)

  • Maria

    i love Snooki because she can totally party it up which is awesome but at the same time she has everything i want in life, a baby and a fiance. She's an amazing mom and i respect that a lot. I also love her i don't give a shit attitude towards her haters because it gives me something to look up to. All my life I cared about what people thought of me until I saw snooki tweet back her haters and I realized screw what people think of me, it only matters what I think of me, my family thinks of me, and my boyfriend thinks of me!!!

  • Stefanie Gladden
    Stefanie Gladden

    I love Snooki & Miranda Kerr because they are absolutely gorgeous and always themselves!! they seem to be great people!

  • Laura Drummond
    Laura Drummond

    I LOVE snooki because she is my queen, rolemodel, idol and inspiration! she's not afraid to be herself and stick up for herself! she's completely turned her life around and has lived the best of both worlds, the party life and the family life. She doesn't deserve the hate she gets but she deserves endless love which is what I will continue to give her and the rest of her fans will too! snooki has also taught me to be myself and not care what anyone thinks and has made me feel comfortable in my body and height, cause I'm the same height as her! I'm such a huge fan from Scotland in the UK so I don't get to buy her products cause the shipping is so expensive and I just can't afford it, it's devastating, she's such an amazing businesswoman and she's made so much of her life and I'm so proud of her and I just love her so much!! xoxox

  • Allie

    Snookie is a great mom, regardless of what others think and Miranda is such a beautiful person inside and out. Both are positive role models for women everywhere, in their own unique way.

  • stacey piggot
    stacey piggot

    i love snooki and miranda they are down to earth genuine women. snooki is doing a great job at motherhood as i know it can be the hardest job in world sometimes lol there taste in fashion is amazing love them

  • Brittney Piper
    Brittney Piper

    I LOVE snooki and VS!! Snooki has her own sense of style, she is unque and wears what she wants and doesn't care what anyone thinks! She is abolutely funny and an amzing MOMMY! Leopard OBSESSION, yes we both have one #AnimalPrintPower! I watch Snooki & Jwoww every Tuesday, never miss a show!!! I don't really know alot about Miranda Kerr except that she is a Victorias Secret Model. She is GORGEOUS and has a pretty smile. I absolutely love Victorias Secret!!!!! I go there ALL the time! You both have very cute babys!!!! And you both look amazing since having one!! Stay Fabulous P.S. : My sweet 16 is this February 14 on Valentines Day and it wold be sooo AMAZING if i won! I have never won a contest before so it would make my Sweet 16 the best!! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity CELEBUZZ!! XOXO

  • carly26

    Im from the uk and i absolutely love snooki. Ive never missed a jersey shore even got the box set recorded! I think she is doing so well for herself and her family she is an inspiration to all other women out there. Snooki keeps it really and doesnt lie about who she is, keeping true to who you are is important. She has a beautiful family. She is definitely a yummy mummy :) Keep up the good work snooki. xx

  • Jennifer Coyt
    Jennifer Coyt

    What I like about Snooki is that she can be herself and not care what people say. She was bullied and she sood up for her self. she can say and do what ever she wants and not give about what anybody said.She's also an adorable fun loving meatball. God bless her and her family. BTW i love lorenzo he's my lil crush lol :). She's my IDOL! Know what I like about the Victoria's secret model is that her eyes look deep down into youand tells you "Buy victoria's secrets products,you know you want it". Her skin is glowing and beautiful. Her hair is just how I wish mine was. She's as beautiful as a Victoria's Secret can be. I love both of you Snooki and Miranda. Snooki i wish you the best with your fiance and Miranda Stay Beautiful and Glowing. God bless you and your family ladies! <3

  • Cheyenne Musumeci
    Cheyenne Musumeci

    i ADORE both snooki and miranda kerr because i look up to the both of them for fashion and they teach other girls to be confident, snooki's the inspiration behind my crazy cheetah print obsession and i walk with my head held high and feel confident from watching miranda. i'm a huge fan of both! they're such powerful women.

  • Jennifer Coyt
    Jennifer Coyt

    What I like about Snooki is that she can be herself and not care what people say. She was bullied and she sood up for her self. she can say and do what ever she wants and not give about what anybody said.She's also an adorable fun loving meatball. God bless her and her family. BTW i love lorenzo he's my lil crush lol :). She's my IDOL! Know what I like about the Victoria's secret model is that her eyes look deep down into you and tells you "Buy victoria's secrets products,you know you want it". Her skin is glowing and beautiful. Her hair is just how I wish mine was. She's as beautiful as a Victoria's Secret can be. I love both of you Snooki and Miranda. Snooki i wish you the best with your fiance and Miranda Stay Beautiful and Glowing. God bless you and your family ladies! <3

  • carly26

    Im from the uk and i absolutely love snooki. Ive never missed a jersey shore even got the box set recorded! I think she is doing so well for herself and her family she is an inspiration to all other women out there. Snooki keeps it really and doesnt lie about who she is. She has a beautiful family. She is definitely a yummy mummy :) Keep up the good work snooki. xx

  • TaVonya Chanteau
    TaVonya Chanteau

    I loveeeeee Snooki so much! She's so gorgeous and now an amzing mother! She seems to have such a great, fun personality and she's always herself at all times! She knows how to have a good time, she's a trendsetter and she lives her life the way she wants. She has an amazing story to tell and I'm glad that she was a part of the Jersey Shore or we would've never known such an amazing person!

  • Cheyenne Musumeci
    Cheyenne Musumeci

    i ADORE both snooki and miranda kerr because i look up to the both of them for fashion and they teach other girls to be confident, snooki's the inspiration behind my crazy cheetah print obsession and i walk with my head held high and feel confident from watching miranda. i'm a huge fan of both! they're such powerful women.

  • phallin

    I <3 Snooki! I got into the Jersey Shore show while on bedrest--pregnant with twins--and lived vicariously through Snooki's party daysI It was something that I could fondly relate to, from the party animal to the up and down scale. Reminded me of myself before I got preggers. Snooki has now transformed into an amazing mother and successful career woman and I couldn't be more proud! She looks fabulous and she give people hope--you can be a mom and get back in shape and be beautiful and do it all!! Nobody is as CANDID as Nicole--don't ever stop!! ANDDD I cant get enough of the Snooki Sunless Tanning Spray--OMG--the freakin BEST!!! As for Miranda--beautiful woman--mother--spiritualist--and an avid coconut oil buff, ME TOO!!

  • Miss Krystal
    Miss Krystal

    I love Snooki because she's her. Her fashion sense is different she loves animal print like I do! and most of all, she loves her fans even her haters. I remember watching a Jerzathon one day from the beginning to end and I'm like yeah, Snooki is my favorite! She's absolutely stunning and a great role model whether people disagree or not. She's still doing what she wants and that's making her fans happy. I can't wait to see what she'll come up with next. Miranda Kerr is beautiful. Although I may not know much about her other than being in Victoria Secret's catalogs she is what every girl dream of being a model for VS! lol she has this sort of spice that other models have but hers just shine out and I think anyone finds that fascinating. Note: I've already own a pair of Snooki's slippers and a great pair of VS yoga pants so it would be great to win these items! Thank you for the opportunity Celebuzz!

  • elisiag

    okay well Victoria secret is amazing and beautiful but Nicole polizzi a.k.a snooki is my fav! Nicole is beautiful and proud to be who she is. She is always fabulous no matter what. And her son Lorenzo is the cutest baby ever! Nicole is the ultimate Boss Lady :) love you Nicole! Stay Fabulous.


    I Love Snooki Because She Loves To Have Fun She's A Little Ball Of Excitement..Although She Is a Party Animal She Is A Great Mother.. I Love Miranda Kerr Because She's Jus a Beautiful Model Nd After She Had Her Baby it Seems To Me She Got Prettier Lol...Their Both Jus To Beautiful Excellent Mothers :)

  • dolores7

    I like snooki simply because it is unique. his personality, his style and his follies make it a girl admired by many young girls. when I see Jersey Shore or Snooki and Jwoww, I go crazy and I always say that when I grow up I want to be like her. The pity is that now that he had the baby can not do many of the crazy things he used in Jersey, but it's still my idol. I love Nicole!

  • Katie

    I love snooki so much. I have been struggling with weight issues all of my life and I have been bullyed all of my life because of it. My mother passed away in october and its been very hard on me. But I kept seeing snookis pictures of her and how much weight she lost and how beautiful she looked. So for about a month noe I have been on a diet and going go the gym. I've lost 5 pounds so far. :) still have a long way to go but im so happy I have snooki as my insperation.thank you so much for being that person that made me wanna change my life. I hope you and my mom are proud of me

  • Keshia

    I like Snooki because she is a beautiful, awesome woman, mum and fiancé. She is a really nice person, you can see that she really cares about her friends and family. Her tv-appearences show that she is still down-to-earth even though she's worldfamous. I'm also crazypants about her style since she's become a mum. She really knows how to rock outfits. I would looove to buy all her product but sadly enough not everything is available in my country. I wish her all my love and hope that we have not seen the end of my favourite reality-star!

  • Ashley

    I love Snooki because even though she loved partying on the Jersey Shore, she has really stepped up to be a great mom! I'm also obsessed with cheetah print like she is! :) I like Miranda Kerr because she is so pretty & confident!

  • Barbie (Danny Mujica)
    Barbie (Danny Mujica)

    I Love Snooki <3 <3 <3 <3 ! Not only is she a Fierce Diva but she is an Amazing person and probably the most Awesome mother Ever. Snooki is a great role model to women and gay men of all ages. Her outgoing personality and fearless wardrobe is what makes her unique. She does not care what people think of her and that is one of her characteristics that I love about her. She always encourage people to be who they are and do what makes them happy. Her confidence is another great quality that i admire from Snooki. Another thing that a love about Snooki is that she is very supportive with the LGBT community. I would Love to meet Snooki some day. Keep Being Extremely Amazing. Much Love Barbie xoxo! Miranda Kerr: Wow she is Beyond Amazing not only is she an Extremely Gorgeous model but she is an Awesome human being!Miranda Kerr is a role model to all women of all ages because she inspires young women to follow their dreams because nothing is impossible. She encouraged me to feel beautiful in my own skin and she says that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Miranda has worked extremely hard to get were she is now because of her dedication and talent. She was the first Australian super model and she is a Victoria Secret Angel. This woman is one of my biggest role models because of her confidence, intelligence, and Beauty she has helped me shape the person that i am today. I Love you Miranda Kerr <3!

  • Madeline

    I love Miranda's passion for what she does. Her dedication to her job and yet at the same time her family is amazing. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. You think of most models as women that starve themselves and treat their body's horribly in order to be in the shape they are, but Miranda really works for her body. She eats healthily and knows to have what she wants, just not too much of it. She's a great role model especially for teenage girls with bad self confidence.

  • Jessica ❤
    Jessica ❤

    I <3 SNOOKI! She is a beautiful role model and her and Jionni are great parents and baby Lorenzo is such as cutie. I've watched all Jersey shore episodes and agreed with every thing she did as she spoke her mind and had fun always! BRING THE SHORE BACK :D .... She had fun and was honest and went on to meet her baby daddy and her fiance. She's an inspirations to me as a 14 year old girl from the UK. To win snooki's signed products would be amazing as i can't always afford to get the here in the UK. Snooki is an amazing person inside and out, who has a great sense of style which is funky and cool. To win her stuff would be an amazing achievement for me and would make me so proud! I Love Snooki!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ xoxoxoxoxox

  • HK

    They both are true to themselves which makes them not only gorgeous on the outside but on the inside as well. True genuine celebrities.

  • Audra May
    Audra May

    I love Snooki because she's such a sweet and caring person. A lot of people just go with what everyone else says about her and she takes a lot of crap from people but she still holds her head high. She lives her life how she wants it to be and doesn't worry about how everyone else wants her to be. She's one of the most real people in Hollywood. She is such an amazing role model to look up and a marvelous mother! I love how much she loves Lorenzo! A lot of girls should look up to how confident and real she is. Snooki is what she is and she never tries to change. She's funny and tiny, and cute and I just love her so much. I love her so much I even got my gamer nerd boyfriend to start watching Jersey Shore and Snooki & Jwoww with me just to watch her! she's such a respectable person :)

  • Jo

    I like Snooki because she wasn't afraid to be herself on Jersey Shore and is hilarious.

  • Fania Mozo
    Fania Mozo

    HI, I like Snooki, becasue we have been able to seen her grow with the past of time, she started in Jersey Shore saying "party is here" and in the last season she actually said "pregnant bitch is here", she is a mother a-almost-wife, a family woman, a business woman, a party girl and a person who is so confident she does not care about what people might hhave to say about her, she is pretty awesome if you ask me, and she knows who she is and is not gonna act like anybody but herself. I am Fania Mozo, from Barranquilla-Colombia (south america) and I am a huge fan! hope I win :D so that I can have my products when i travel to NY to see my long distance fiance in march ... I would love to meet snooki then but dont think it would be possible :( anywho, God bless you Nicole and your family :D

  • Kenzie Khaos
    Kenzie Khaos

    Both are so amazing. Miranda has classic beauty. She's my favorite model. Snooki has more modern beauty. Both can light up a room with their personalities. Miranda seems so sweet and funny and Snooki is an all around good time. Both are practically my role models <3 ~~Good Luck Everyone <3

  • tombie

    Snooki is so much fun but she is also super smart and innovative! It goes to show that you can be silly, serious and balanced! I love it!

  • Madeline

    I love that Snooki isn't afraid to be herself. She gets so much crap from people around the world but she doesn't let it get to her, she just keeps going and will always be unique. Not to mention I'm jealous of Lorenzo, cause I think she'd be a pretty awesome mom! She lives life how I would want to, in a positive way and not wasting any time being boring. She's always out there and having fun and making each day last(:

  • Jen-from-France

    I absolutely Love Snooki!!! All about her! Her life, her style, the way she speaks her mind, her pseronnality !! She's quite an inspiration! So many ideas, I try to match my style to hers!!! Great idea also!!!!! XOXO

  • Kenzie

    I love Miranda because she has classic beauty, and snooki because she's modern beautiful. Both light up rooms with their personalities and stunning looks <3 Miranda is graceful and snooki is hilarious. They're my role models. Good luck everyone <3

  • Osama

    I love Snooks because she is the best guidette in the world and is most tanned than Pauly!

  • Naomi Horton
    Naomi Horton

    Snookie is such a down to earth person, i admire her so much! winning this would be amazing! I cant put into words how much i love nicole! She puts everyone before herself and shes absolutely beautiful! I probably wont win, but i just want people to see how much i lover her and how much of a genuine gorgeous lovely perosn she is! Love you Snooks!!xxxx

  • Madeline


  • Nicole

    their both gorgeous normal women who show us that you can be a mom and be successful at the same time. plus Snooki is hilarious!!! and we share the same name :)

  • ilovekardashians44

    I love this giveaway!! I am such a big fan of Miranda's! Obviously, she's an amazing model and I'm just obsessed with her style! She seems like such a sweet person and I really admire her. As for Snooki, I love how hilarious she is. I also love how she's always so happy and positive about everything. - Thank you! Good luck everyone!

  • Miah

    I love Miranda's constant bubbly mood and cheerfulness

  • Ann

    Love that Snooki's not afraid to be different

  • Linda

    I love Snooki's funny personality

  • Lala Aprilla
    Lala Aprilla

    I Love Miranda Kerr because she is always positive and i love her dimples. i also love snooki bcuz she is always energetic and happy.

  • Donna

    I love Miranda's positive outlook on life and Snooki's energetic personality.

  • Julie

    I love that Miranda always has great things to say in her interviews. She's fun and has a great personality

  • Sue Barney
    Sue Barney

    I Like Miranda because she is beautiful and confident and Snooki because she does things her way :)

  • Kristen Mcclary
    Kristen Mcclary

    I love Miranda because she is confident and snooki because she is who she is she don't care about what others think of her she does what she wants

  • annieeliuu

    Miranda Kerr, i have so many things to say about her, she's intelligent and has natural beauty with amazing dimples. She has a great body even after having a wonderful baby boy. She has this great vibe and that if you see her walking down the street your eyes would pop. Great fashion sense and i love how she loves fresh flowers. Seems like she has a great sense of humour and is from Australia and thats where i am at the moment, would love to meet her though! :) <3

  • clairebear1986

    I'm such a huge fan of Snooki because she's a great role model to women of all ages, in that she shows you can really have it all, without compromising who you are. She partied when she was younger and had the time of her life, but now she's being an amazing mother to her son but she never lost her sense of self and spirit. Plus, she has an amazing sense of style, that's affordable too! She truly is the kind of girl I think a lot of people would want to be best friends with. I know I do! Such a beautiful and honest person, inside and out.

  • Erica Ghiotti
    Erica Ghiotti

    Snooki: What I love most about her is her laid back and positive attitude about life. Through out all of jersey shore and after she has always looked at life in a very happy positive way,despite the negative feedback from media, and personal experiences. Miranda Kerr: I love her because her modeling is amazing and she has the softest but prettiest features. She is such a natural beauty and knows how to to dress appropriate to her features. xoxo -Erica

  • gpadav

    fun loving women

  • Theresa Janke
    Theresa Janke

    I love Miranda's eyes and I think Orlando and her make a fine couple

  • Theresa Janke
    Theresa Janke

    I love Snooki because she is always shocking. I am always interested in the things she says

  • Michelle

    They both seem like lots of fun.

  • Marie Muckey
    Marie Muckey

    Love Miranda she seems very down to earth and friendly. Snooki on the other hand seems like a complete idiot to me, never impressed with anything that she does or says

  • hpaulina

    I love Miranda! she's so pretty and have a gorgeous body and I really love her style! from the runway to her casual looks everything looks great on her! I never miss a VS runway show, I love them! And I'm so jealous of her beautiful family.

  • donna107

    I love Snooki because shes the type of girl that speaks her mind, she does care about what other people saying about her. i like her because she honest and shed the type of person you want to hang out with. she also has changed since she had lorenzo, she caring more about him and she stop her party habbit in order to become a good mother. I love Miranda kerrs dipples, husband and her body. i dont know much about her but i think that shes a caring, lovable person. <3

  • amendez

    I am the biggest Snooki fan EVER. I've been her fan since day one when we all met her for the first time. Parties here. lol. I have seen her go from the party girl to, in my book, a great mom. I have two little girls and their my life and you can see that Nicole feels the same about little Lorenzo. Her style in clothing and jewlery is FABU. I cannot wait until her clothing line is up and ready for retail.

  • ambermiller86

    Miranda is really pretty, and she seems really down to earth as well. I'm not a huge fan of Snooki though.. she just seems a little odd to me lol

  • Amy

    Love Mirandas classic beauty...and Snooki just cracks me up :)

  • georiaellis

    I love Snooki so much. I am from the UK and have never missed a Jersey Shore episode or a Snooki & Jwoww episode. She has matured so much since she has had her baby Lorenzo and he is cutest baby everrr, but i am going to miss the way she used to party. She is so pretty, has lovely hair, very lively, has amazing dress sense and i love all of her clothes and shoes. I would love to win, as most of her stuff is not in the UK and i pay alot of money to get it shipped here. I always send her fanmail. I could literally write a book on this girl. She is also an amazing mum and her and Jionni are so cute together. Please choose me. I would literally start crying. She is my idol. She has achieved so much and has an amazing fan base, who are always going to be there for her, no matter what happens. All of her products are so nice. She is also always nice to her fans and shows us that she appreciates our support. I love you so much Nicole and never let your haters bring you down! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ xo *Also, she i such an inspiring, role model and inspires a lot of people, including me. ❤

  • georiaellis

    I love Snooki so much. I am from the UK and have never missed a Jersey Shore episode or a Snooki & Jwoww episode. She has matured so much since she has had her baby Lorenzo and he is cutest baby everrr, but i am going to miss the way she used to party. She is so pretty, has lovely hair, very lively, has amazing dress sense and i love all of her clothes and shoes. I would love to win, as most of her stuff is not in the UK and i pay alot of money to get it shipped here. I always send her fanmail. I could literally write a book on this girl. She is also an amazing mum and her and Jionni are so cute together. Please choose me. I would literally start crying. She is my idol. She has achieved so much and has an amazing fan base, who are always going to be there for her, no matter what happens. All of her products are so nice. She is also always nice to her fans an shows us that she appreciates our support. I love you so much Nicole and never let your haters bring you down! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ xo

  • blondek18

    I like that Miranda is not only gorgeous, but she's intelligent too. And that she always posts insightful quotes and life lessons on her instagram!

  • beeya8

    I love miranda's big dimples and beautiful skin.

  • LALA

    I like Snooki because shes such a voluptuous petite woman but very athletic and flexible. Her sense of style is original and one of a kind and I can respect that.