How Far Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Take Seattle Grace’s Downfall?

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'Grey's Anatomy' Recap
Happiness for Meredith, Trouble for Seattle Grace
On this season of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, the doctors have had to deal with the aftermath of last year’s devastating plane crash. But, it’s doubtful that any of them were expecting the most recent development from that crash. The hospital being held liable and having to pay millions to survivors, causing it to bring a special consultant to help them get over their monetary woes.

Enter one Dr. Alana Cahill, played by Constance Zimmer. Cahill is there to do whatever she can to keep Seattle Grace afloat, even if that means doing things that the doctors don’t like, such as shutting down their ER and installing cameras to watch their work and look for ways to cut costs.

On Thursday’s new episode, “The Face of Change,” Zimmer says that Cahill has got more plans up her sleeve. “Now that we’ve learned that Cahill is prepping the hospital to sell it, this episode is going to bring in potential buyers that are going to be looking at every nook and cranny to see if the hospital is worth taking over and saving.”

But that’s not all the docs will have to worry about. “In the meantime there are some competitions going on because we’re also trying to find the face of the new hospital. So you have doctors competing to see who can represent who the hospital,” Zimmer told Celebuzz.

Who could the new buyer be? Zimmer says there is one contender that viewers will find out about on the episode: a potential buyer called Pegasus.

“They are one of the possible, potential buyers. Everybody is trying to make the hospital seem more appealing,” Zimmer said, adding that two docs in particular are going to be up their own little scheme.

“Callie and Richard try and do their own investigative reporting by going to other hospitals that Pegasus has under their wing and seeing if it works.” Zimmer added.

There will also be some excitement when other doctors try to re-open Seattle Grace’s currently closed trauma unit. “The doors are closed, there is no equipment, everything is scattered,” Zimmer said.

“What’s nice about what you’re going to see [on this episode] is that you’re going to see people who have maybe not been working so well together over everything that has been happening at the hospital, maybe coming together over a common cause. How they go about it is fascinating and it makes you wonder if they are going to get away with it or not.”

Owen and Cahill had some bonding moments on the episode “Bad Blood,” and it looks like that friendship is going to continue to grow.

Zimmer said, “Right now Owen is pretty much [Cahill’s] right-hand man and the only one that will allow her to do her job. If she’s going to open up to anyone, it’s Owen because I think he’s seen the sides of her that nobody else gets to see and also that she doesn’t reveal to anyone else. Because if she did, then she’d have a soft spot that everybody could poke at.”

Cahill has brought a lot of not-so-fun surprises, making some wonder if she’s done. “She’s never done,” the 42-year-old revealed. “If you’re going to write good television, bad circumstances definitely bring up good solutions. She’s gonna keep bringing the bad until she walks out the door. She’s there to do something and obviously in everybody’s eyes it seems bad but ultimately she’s just trying to make everybody happy which is a difficult thing to do as we all know.” Zimmer said.

Zimmer says it’s fun being the troublemaker sometimes. “I like that I just come in and stir up the pot and then you kind of see who floats and who sinks. It’s kind of fun to watch.” Zimmer said. But being the bad guy has its challenges as well. “I was very nervous that all of the amazing fans of Grey’s were going to start sending me hate mail and cursing my name.”

But there is an upside to playing Cahill as well. “But what was the most fun and the most rewarding was how much people have actually embraced her because she is making the doctors and Seattle Grace actually come together. She’s made them a united force so it’s been fun to bring a character in that starts out as one thing, but when she leaves it becomes so much bigger. I’ve really enjoyed that I’ve had a complete arc. To have a beginning, middle and an end within five episodes is kind of amazing, you don’t get that very often on television.” Zimmer said.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday nights at 9pm on ABC. For more on the show, visit its website.

What have you thought of Cahill’s presence at Seattle Grace? Do you think that she’s been a positive influence on the doctors? Got any theories on what will happen if the potential buyer Pegasus takes over?

— Michelle Carlbert

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