‘Nashville’ Recap: Deacon Joins the Rodeo

Nashville: Avery Vs. Gunnar
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The ladies of ABC’s Nashville have officially evolved to the next step! Rayna (Connie Britton), Juliette (Hayden Panettiere), and Scarlett (Clare Bowen)all went through significant revelations on the latest episode of the smash hit.

We knew drama was just around the corner when we saw Deacon (Charles Esten) board the plane and join Juliette and Rayna’s tour at the end of the last episode, “You Win Again” — especially when Rayna was blindsided and Deacon announced himself as Juliette’s new guitarist.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Wednesday’s episode, “I’ve Been Down That Road Before.”

While Deacon spent the majority of the episode treating Rayna with the iciest demeanor possible, he flipped the switch real fast and steamed up that final elevator ride! What is it with sexually charged elevator rides on TV shows? That is just not real life. But hey, I sure did enjoy that kiss! Watch it again above.

When Rayna finally texted Deacon to come up to her Penthouse, I had butterflies like a schoolgirl. Teddy (Eric Close) be damned, I’ve been waiting for something to happen between Rayna and Deacon since Day 1. I absolutely did not expect Teddy to be the one knocking on her door. I’m heartbroken that Deacon saw that moment, because he resisted giving in to Rayna for a really long time and making his move. And then the cliffhanger!

Let’s face it, Teddy is a cheater, Rayna is a cheater and they have no chemistry anymore. I understand they don’t want to put their girls through a divorce, but should they put them through an unhappy sham of a marriage? I will give Teddy props that he flew right to Chicago after what happened with Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley). Sure, he probably should’ve talked about breaking up with Rayna BEFORE hopping in the sack with Peggy, but at least he took action quickly.

That Peggy sure is a piece of work. “You shouldn’t have to work so hard to make someone love you.” Hunnie, keep your nose out of other people’s marriages, all right? You don’t know how it is from the inside.

Moving on to our other female leads, Juliette got sick of her bubblegum pop princess image and did a stripped down acoustic song with Deacon before her usual set. While some blogger posted some nasty tweets, the YouTube response was overwhelmingly good. I have to say, I was pretty impressed. Overall, I think that Connie and Hayden’s voices have both improved since the show started.

With Rayna and Juliette both taking their fat into their own hands, it’s time to focus on Scarlett. Faced with the idea of eviction, she invited Gunnar (Sam Palladio) to live with her after hearing his complaints about his roommates. Obviously, this was the exact moment that Avery (Jonathan Jackson) chose to grow a conscience and stop by to make peace with her. Avery jumped to conclusions and Gunnar jumped Avery. That fist fight was a long time coming.

It’s also been a long time coming for Scarlett to tell Avery to hit the road. She was still putting up with his bull and cutting him slack when he cheated on her and owed her money. I’m glad she finally wised up and stood up for herself.

I kind of think Scarlett and Gunnar are kidding themselves to think they can be roommates and still bring home other romantic interests. They totally have feelings for each other! In what world would it not be completely awkward if one of them brought someone home?

Despite my general disdain for Avery, I finally realized that he played the pivotal part of “Mud” in Camp Nowhere and now I have a soft spot for him. What can I say? If you were in one of my favorite random 90s movies, I will automatically like your character a little bit more!

Buzz Moments:

OMG: Gunnar and Avery finally duke it out before Scarlett told Avery to hit the road. It’s about damn time.

Thank you, TV Gods: Teddy and Rayna might get a divorce. Finally, let’s deal with this elephant in the room.

Awk-ward: Deacon watching Teddy surprise Rayna in Chicago.

Hotness: That kiss! Deacon and Rayna in the elevator had me fanning myself.

Fabu-lous: Juliette’s impromptu ballad. The girl has more skill than lets on.

Can.Not.Wait: I am really hoping that Rayna ends up signing Gunnar and Scarlett to her label. It would be perfect!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9. So much we’ve been waiting for has finally come to a head!! That was a nearly perfect episode.

Will Rayna and Teddy sign the divorce papers? Will Juliette reshape her image? Will Gunnar and Scarlett work well as roommates? Hit the comments!

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