Palace Security Boosted For Kate and Wills After Harry's 'I Have Killed' Interview

Prince William fears Taliban sympathizers will target his family and pregnant wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.

$5M spent to build "ring of steel" -- including a panic room
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Concerned Prince William has thrown a "ring of steel" around his wife Kate Middleton amid fears Taliban militants could target them and their unborn baby as revenge for comments that his brother Prince Harry made about his tour of duty in Afghanistan, royal sources have revealed to Celebuzz.

Extra security measures are now being put in place at Wills and Kate's Kensington Palace apartment -- close to Buckingham Palace -- before they move in later this year.

Plans for the lavish central London home include a $5 million bill for a bomb-proof double door to prevent intruders, rising bollards and CCTV. All windows are to have bullet-proof glass, there will be a “panic” room and escape tunnel and a communications network will be protected by an elite SAS unit, palace sources confirmed.

An undisclosed sum, thought to run into several millions, is being spent on the Queen's late sister Princess Margaret’s former apartment. All contractors are understood to have been sworn to silence under the Official Secrets Act in Britain, prohibiting the disclosure of confidential material from government sources by employees.

Wills and Kate -- who confirmed their pregnancy last December, after Middleton, 31, was hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum, a rare form of morning sickness -- are likely to move to Kensington Palace a couple of months after the baby is born.

And on-edge Wills has begged his brother Prince Harry to watch his words in the wake of the gaffe.

Harry recently made a series of comments about Afghanistan and the Taliban during a television interview on the front line, during which he loosely compared the act of war to playing a video game, among other things.

Now, brother Wills -- the future King -- has asked him to "think about the implications of his words" and is urging him not to even give more interviews, one source said.

The royal insider revealed: "Harry's comments caused a fair bit of tension between him and Wills. He feels that talking is such a strong way about the Taliban has really made them prime targets.

"England boasts some of the most worrying terror cells in the world and so this is a real threat."

The source added, "Wills has asked his brother to not give anymore interviews on the subject and to keep a low profile in the next few weeks. He is praying that Harry's outburst will not prompt an attack on his family.

"While Wills stands behind Harry a hundred percent, but he also now considers his commitment to his wife and new child just as important."

The source continued:
He understands Harry's comments, but feels it is time to bolt down the hatches at the palace. He is pulling out all the stops to keep his wife and child secure. There are many measures like the panic room and escape tunnel, which are not included in public records. Wills is using England's Official Secrets Act and Royal power to make sure his home really is his castle.
Outspoken action man Harry was accused of handing a propaganda coup to the Afghan insurgents while filming scenes for a TV documentary.

During an interview, the grinning third in line to the throne referred candidly to killing Taliban and “taking them out of the game."

In an interview to mark the end of his four-month tour of duty in Afghanistan, the third in line to the throne confirmed he had been directly responsible for the deaths of one or more insurgents as a co-pilot gunner.

The prince said: "Yeah, so lots of people have. The squadron’s been out here. Everyone’s fired a certain amount."

In another interview on the BBC, he risked fresh criticism after talking about “the taste of blood in your mouth” as he scrambled to his helicopter before a mission.

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    Past King's have lead there troops into battle. So William should have served in a combat situation to prove he is worthly of being King. War gives you a different persective on govering. After all his grandmother was tested under fire of WWII and made a better Queen as a result. That would give a understanding of the common people.