Watch: ‘Revenge’ Plans an Explosive Honeymoon for Jack

'Revenge' Goes West
It isn't fun in the sun that takes the series to Cali.
If there’s one thing ABC’s Revenge is known for, it’s throwing lavish, drama-filled parties. It’s not enough for the Hamptons’ finest to get decked out in their finest, the showstoppers are the gunshots or police interference, not the gowns. But maybe that’s just when the Graysons are involved. When it’s an “average person’s” special day, things are apt to go a lot more traditionally, right…

Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda (Margarita Levieva) baptised their son without a major incident, though Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) ego was bruised a bit along the way, and now they are embarking on their beach-front wedding (with Gabriel Mann’s Nolan officiating!). Again, Emily is out to realize just how much she’s sacrificing, but things won’t start to go wrong for the happy couple until the honeymoon. That’s progress, right?

“Looking back now, I never realized what I was going to lose,” Emily says in a special trailer for the next new episodes of Revenge.

Is she talking simply about losing Jack to Amanda in marriage? After all, the nuptials bring Emily back to her childhood, when she and Jack played pretend and got married in nearly the exact same spot on the beach when they were just kids. Emily can’t help but be reminded of it when she stands up for her good friends, but whether or not Jack does, too, doesn’t seem to be an issue. He still thinks he is marrying his childhood friend, after all. Though, we have to point out that marrying someone who is signing someone else’s name to all of the paperwork makes their “union” about as legal as Jack and Emily’s back in the day!

Though the wedding goes off without a hitch, Jack and Amanda embark on their honeymoon, taking the boat out for some peace, quiet, and relaxation on the sea and under the stars. What they end up with is anything but something so serene and romantic, though, as surprise after surprise unfolds. They never check into their destination; they find something unexpected under the deck; Emily shows up to ensure they’re okay; and the boat explodes, leaving at least one casualty in its wake.

It seems Emily is losing a lot more than just the hope of marrying her childhood sweetheart. She may be losing a friend more permanently. We’re willing to take your bets on who doesn’t survive!

Watch the special sneak peek above.

Revenge airs Sundays at 9PM on ABC.

Are you looking forward to yet another big party event on Revenge, or do you just want the show to hurry up and reveal the casualty from the aftermath of The Amanda’s explosion? Let us know your thoughts on the show, in the comments below.

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