Which Hunk Should Play Young Harrison Ford?

Abrams Goes To 'Wars'
Director may include hallmarks of his early work.
Before J.J. Abrams landed the gig, directing Star Wars: Episode VII was Hollywood’s most coveted job.

Now, on the heels of recent news that Disney and Lucasfilm are developing a standalone Star Wars movie centered on Han Solo’s origins, the role of everyone’s favorite intergalactic scoundrel is quickly becoming the job every young actor wants.

So who should play the scruffy-looking nerf herder? From Chris Evans to Hunger Games’ Liam HemsworthCelebuzz takes a look at which young stars are most likely — or at least we think are best-suited — to be up for the part.

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Han Solo gave Harrison Ford his big break, with 1977’s A New Hope. To call the role an iconic one would be an understatement; every kid then (and now) wanted to be him. Sure, Luke has his lightsaber. But Solo has the Millennium Falcon. And that vest!

Those are obviously some very big space boots to fill. Since the character will be getting the “Batman Begins” treatment, with audiences seeing a young Solo in action in the years between Episodes III and IV, we limited our casting picks to those rising stars no older than 30.

Check out Celebuzz’ roster of potential Solos in the gallery above, then rattle off a few of your own casting choices in the comment below. Who would be the best young actor to play the iconic anti-hero?