7 Scariest Made-Up Movie Drugs

Did 'Side' Affect Critics?
Take a look at reviews and reactions for the thriller.
Steven Soderbergh reteamed with his Contagion crew for the thriller Side Effects, which follows a doctor whose prescription of anti-anxiety medication proves to have tragic consequences.

A serious dramatic thriller that launches a debate about the ubiquitousness and so-called normalcy of incorporating prescription drugs into our everyday lives, Side Effects is the latest, but certainly not the only film featuring a drug that has some, well, alarming side effects.

Consequently, Celebuzz assembled a list of our favorite movie medications — or at the very least, the ones that left a serious impressionlong after the film was finished.

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Admittedly, a handful of these serve as plot devices, while others offered filmmakers an opportunity to fill their projects with cool visual flourishes or even approximate a trip-out on the silver screen.

But regardless of their cinematic purpose, these are smart, pseudo-insane psychogenics — intriguing enough, in fact, that we wouldn’t mind sampling one or two were it not for all those potentially fatal side effects.

Which movie drug is the one you want to try the most? Or conversely, which is the one you definitely don’t want to dabble in? Let us know in the comments section below.

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