Courtney Stodden Goes Shopping With Her Father In Skimpy, Skin-Tight Dress (PHOTOS)

Her dad is three years younger than her husband. Yep.

No, that's not her husband.

Courtney Stodden was accompanied by her father on a shopping spree on Hollywood Blvd. Wednesday night, where the infamous teen bride was looking as infamous as ever.

You'd have no idea it was February based on what the blonde bombshell was wearing -- a low-cut, skin-tight red minidress which she matched with a white shawl and her signature platform heels.

Meanwhile, her dad, Alex -- who is three years younger than Stodden's husband, Doug Hutchison, by the way -- kept it casual in a blazer and jeans.

Stodden shot to fame when she married Hutchison, then 51, at the age of 16. She has since become quite the fixture on Celebuzz, thanks to her many photo shoots and, lately, music videos.

And speaking of, Stodden just filmed the final scene for "Reality," which had her being carried out like Cleopatra herself -- albeit, in a gold bra and hot pants.

Well, whatever works.

What do you think of Stodden's latest ensemble? Check it out in the gallery, above.

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  • cooknmom

    Glorified walking VD

  • cooknmom

    2 goofballs who deserve each other..


    This behavior is NOT normal. Starving for attention. No class whatsoever!

  • teddy

    She has mental problems. Major mental problems!

  • clk

    her makeup makes her look matronly

  • Selma

    Out shopping stripper shoes with her father, totally normal..

  • kris

    sad sad story she just wants her 15 min of fame and and old some old fart who wants his jollies with some young thing

  • Erin

    Yet more evidence of the kind of "parenting" Courtney grew up with. What kind of father wouldn't insist that his daughter dress decently when out in public with him? She looks like a two-dollar hooker and he looks like a john instead of her father. She obviously has no respect for him and he clearly has never told her "no".

  • Joel David
    Joel David

    Why does Courtney Stodden exist? She's a complete tool.

  • Amanda Hittinger
    Amanda Hittinger

    My jaw just dropped. And not in the good way. Woah.