Kate Upton Goes To Antarctica...But Forgets Her Bikini Top

The model lands her second Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover.

kate's latest cover leaked!

Kate Upton is a Sports Illustrated cover girl again -- but this time, she's ditching her bikini top.

The 20-year-old, who shot to superstardom after gracing the cover of 2012's much-coveted Swimsuit Issue, will yet again appear on the front of the glossy mag.

Upton's latest cover was leaked online Friday, in which the buxom beauty is seen baring her signature cleavage in the sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica with nothing but a parka and white-hot bikini bottoms.

This is quite the departure from the Florida-native's last cover with the publication (seen below), which was shot in on the sunny shores of Australia.

What do you think of Upton's shoot? Is it better than the 2012 Swimsuit Issues's cover? Let us know in the comments.

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  • KM

    I agree she looks a little overweight. I'd prescribe a water and soda cracker diet. A few weeks on that and she'd be sure to have that gaunt, concentration camp survivor-look that some people seem to admire.

  • brad

    are you people fucking kidding me if shes fat im goin to die any second now of fat related problems because i am way to fat

  • CJ

    She's gained weight since her last SI cover. I guess America is an overweight country, they have to represent.

  • Ron

    The Antartica photo looks like her head is photo shopped onto another thicker,heavier body. It just doesn't look real. Her bikini picture on the other hand is ooooo lala.

  • Amanda Hittinger
    Amanda Hittinger


  • Ramona

    This chick likes her boobs as much as Courtney Stodden likes hers. Women just don't raise classy daughters anymore. What a shame.