Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Drama Is ‘Not Cool,’ Says Kendall

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As an expectant Kim Kardashian pushes to expedite her divorce from estranged husband Kris Humphries, her young sisters are crossing their fingers for the court battle to come to a close.

“I think she’s handling it really well, but I mean, it’s just not cool,” Kendall Jenner told HLN on Thursday, after Kardashian filed for an immediate trial date or for a legal dissolution as they continued to litigate other issues.

“She’s our sister and I just want her to be happy,” Kylie Jenner added. “She obviously wants to be divorce, so I just want it to all work out as soon as possible. Especially because she’s pregnant and I don’t want the stress or anything [to affect her].”

But the Jenner girls — whose new PacSun collection hits stores nationwide Friday — said Kardashian isn’t letting the divorce drama put on a damper on her pregnancy.

“She’s doing great,” Kylie gushed. “She’s not too big yet, so it hasn’t really hit me, but she’s doing good.”

Though Kendall said she “had no idea for a while” that Kardashian was expecting with beau Kanye West, the whole clan is simply over-the-moon about the new addition.

“I think Kylie was one of the first ones to know out of everybody. I found out Christmas Eve,” Kendall recalled. “We’re really excited. It’s really good for her.”

As for West, the Jenner sisters said the father-to-be gels well with the family. “I like him a lot,” said Kylie, with Kendall adding that Yeezy is “very caring” and “a sweetheart” behind closed doors.

“I think he is definitely very family-oriented,” Kylie continued. “He fits in great with the family. We like him a lot. He’s very cool.”

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