Kim K. Explains Why She's Choosing Kanye Over Her Family

On Sunday's episode of her E! reality show, Kim Kardashian’s prioritizing love over family makes Bruce mad.

‘Kourtney and Kim Take Miami' Preview
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'KKTM' Preview
Scott and Bruce clash at Dragon Boat practice. Read More »

Never choose your boyfriend over your family.

That’s the lesson Kim Kardashian gets on the next episode of E!’s Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, airing Sunday.

During breakfast, Kim announces that she can compete in the Dragon Boat Festival with her family after finding out that boyfriend Kanye West has to take off early for work.

“So we’re your backup choice . . . we’re your second priority,” notes Kourtney Kardashian.

“Yeah, you are, right now in my life you are,” Kim says.

The announcement angers Bruce Jenner, who is also the captain of Kim’s team.

“We like commitment, there’s no more room, sorry,” he says in the clip.

Find out if Kim makes the cut in the next episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, airing Sunday at 9PM.

Have you ever had to choose a significant other over your family? Check out the preview clip above, and weigh in below.

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  • Bunny Celia Boo
    Bunny Celia Boo

    ya know what, good for her. Khloe puts lamar and her marriage before her family and they are happy. Her family needs to understand that they need to back off and let Kim finally have a good relationship, with out her family meddling in her business. Her mother is to meddling and up their asses and Bruce just seems to be bitchy lately, he obviously isnt happy. Let Kim and Kanye have the happiness they deserve. I support kim on what she said. Its about time.

  • kris

    can stand this family lies and more lies constantly kim and kanye deserve each other both jerks and that mother of hers is a real piece of work i don't blame kris for holding things up after what she did to him. just for ratings this family couldn't tell the truth if their life depended on itnot one of them dose anything to contibute to make the world a better place. only care about themselves

  • Mellie Chavez
    Mellie Chavez

    Seems to me, she was always backing up Kris too. Especially, if anyone said anything about him, she would let the family know ASAP! Who was there for Kim, when they broke up? She will need her family, because, when she doesn't have Kanya around anymore, she will need her family, and they will be right there for her, no matter what she said!

  • hotwasabi21

    Why does her family want to hang with her so much anyway? I don't watch their shows because there is far more entertaining things to watch on tv; but from what I've seen, she is always rude to her family. She's a smug lil princess who thinks everything revolves around her and she's always quick to point out her sisters' faults; so I'd think they'd be happy she isn't around them all the time!

  • Ellie Roberts
    Ellie Roberts

    Wow, taken in the wrong way much?! Kim's 32 now, wanting to settle down and also branch out, we can say what we like but she's hard working and doesn't want to be a reality star all her career. Why do you think we see her everywhere if she doesn't work hard?! Its obviously a demanding 'celebrity life'. she's got so many places she visits so many meetings involving everything she has her name on, 99.9% of us couldn't stick it out as hard or as long as she has... Give her some credit... And the fact is, it's sad she's always said family is very important, just a shame to let it all go faster than how much she's built it up.. But she's in control of her own life, and no matter what we say good or bad doesn't determine her actions whatsoever. Love her or hate her, she's gonna be here for a long time. :)