Look: These Getups Won’t Fly Anymore at the Grammy Awards

Look back at past Grammy gowns that would violate CBS' new dress code.

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Cover up those bellies, boobs and butts — this year, the Grammy Awards are going classy.

The 55th annual awards ceremony has allegedly issued a wardrobe advisory to all attendees an effort to avoid any too-revealing fashions from appearing on the Feb. 10 CBS telecast.

The policy calls for all talent set to appear on camera to ensure that "buttocks and female breasts," as well as the "bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack," are kept under wraps at the 2013 Grammy Award ceremony, according to a CBS-sent email circulated by multiple media reports.

Not only should "thong type costumes" — sorry, Toni Braxton — and "sheer see-through clothing" — cover up, Rihanna — be avoided, but "bare sides or under curvature of the breasts" — i.e. side-boob a la Miley Cyrus— are also off limits.

It's not just too much bare skin that is banned. The dress code compels Grammy goers to avoid any commercial brand names, foreign language or obscenities on their garb. But oddly of all, talent are advised not to wear "lapel pins or any other form of accessory" that spells out any one organized cause.

So American flags or breast cancer awareness broaches are a no-go?

Perhaps CBS, which shelled out for steep FCC fines over Janet Jackson's nipple at the 2004 Super Bowl, is simply hoping to avoid any broadcasting hiccups. But for an award show beloved for its out-there outfits -- be it good, bad, or please-God-never-again -- such wide-ranging wardrobe restrictions could curb the publicity-pumping hoopla surrounding the ceremony.

What tongues weren't wagging when Braxton wore that loincloth-like white dress back in 2001? And, of course, all viewers were just waiting with baited breath to see if Christina Aguilera's ta-tas would plummet out of her low-cut frock in 2004. But above of all, who can remember anything about the 2000 Grammy Awards except for Jennifer Lopez's down-to-there green Versace gown?

Without such risqué style moments this year, what will keep all eyes glued to the television for the Grammy red carpet? We'll leave it to the music industry insiders to decide that. But before tuning in to the 55th annual Grammy Awards ceremony on Sun., Feb 10., take a look back at some skin-baring fashions that just won't fly at this year's show.

Take a gander at the gallery and tell us: Which Grammy getup is most memorable? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Abbey

    This isn't a middle school dance it's the adult celebration of creativity and music! Bring on the outrageous, barely-there clothes! Fashion is a huge part of music. So Beyonce' can perform in front of 108 million homes, without one complaint, at the Superbowl. But they wouldn't let her appear at the Grammy's in the same outfit. That sucks! No fashion police at the Grammy's please. They should change networks or better yet take it cable where people can be free to dress as they like!

  • frankietee

    This just isn't right! Grammys should critique music NOT fashion! The rock star over-the-top fashions are half the reason we watch and talk about the show! They should worry about getting the sound right on the performances not being fashion Nazis. You expect the Grammy fashions to be outrageous. Now it will be just another boring lame network waste of time.

  • kris

    just saw dress's that are no longer accepted on the red carpet and remembering what i thought at the time of seeing. jo lo's too much. rhianna 's didn't like it was ugly but she now dress's Like gutter trash. you can still dress to be attactive without looking looking like a hooker

  • kris

    i agree with this new rule can be still sexy without all these boob slips than have being happening all the time lately