Whitney Port’s Fashion Week Survival Guide

Whitney Port Jewelry
Whitney Port releases original jewelry line
Reality star-turned-fashion designer, Whitney Port is no stranger to New York Fashion Week. Not only has she had a front-row seat at the most-coveted shows, but she’s also been on the other end of the runway, designing and showing her own collection for her self-titled Whitney Eve line.

Needless to say, there’s no one better-equipped to offer advice for getting through the whirlwind schedule of shows, parties, fashion and fun. Here, she shares her secrets to surviving New York Fashion Week in style.

Upkeep is Key. I try to always have a manicure and upkeep my hair color and cut, so when I’m showing my own collection, prepping for the show is priority.

Sleep — and Eat! Get as much sleep as you can — and fuel up on healthy snacks throughout the day. You’re going to feel so much better if you do.  Staying hydrated is key too. I’m not biggest fan of water, but I I try to drink juices and sparkling water throughout the day.

Something Has to Give — and That’s Okay. In the past, I haven’t worked out during Fashion Week. The amount you’re on your feet and running around is too much to balance with working out. I’m not a crazy gym rat normally though, so I don’t feel guilty if I’m not going all the time.

Pack Your Purse. I always have snacks like little bars and packs of nuts in my purse to get me through the day.  I always have a little makeup bag with a portable perfume so I smell fine, a powder blush, and probably a lip gloss because that’s an easy fix, and maybe a hair tie if I need to throw my hair up in bun. When it’s cold, I’ll bring a scarf with me too — and always a phone charger.

Carry Flats. If I’m working, I’m always in flats, but even if you’re running around to the shows, you should pack a pair of flats or comfy shoes.

Map Out Your Outfits in Advance.  I try to think about what I want to wear, and I lay it out the day before to make the whole getting-ready process easier. But, you know, sometimes in the heat of the moment, you’re not happy with what you had planned and you change. If  you’re lucky, they’ll send you stuff from the collection to wear to the show, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Stick to a Fail-Proof Uniform. It depends on which time of year it is, but a dress, blazer and heels is a good go-to outfit.

Be Strategic with Your Schedule. I think the hardest part is managing your schedule. I always have my organizer with me. I still have old-school calendar — I need to write everything down in order for it to register. If you’re planning to change between shows (which many people like to do), book a room by Lincoln Center, so you can pop back to the hotel and change — or pack a big bag.

Invest in Chic Outerwear. I think the key [to looking good when it’s cold and snowy] is a really great coat and scarf. Bundling up is never super fashionable, but your outer layer is the most important. My winter coats are usually casual puffy jackets, so I end up wearing a cool blazer that doesn’t keep me warm during the February shows — but sometimes you have to suffer to look good.

Switch Up Your Accessories. I like to change up my bag depending on where I’m going and my outfit: If I’m working, it might be a big bucket bag, a crossbody for running from show to show, and a clutch for a night out.

Not Going to Fashion Week? Follow Your Favorite Designers From Home. Even though I’m staying in L.A. to work on my own collection this season, I’ll still follow the shows. I always love to see what Philip Lim and Alexander Wang do, and obviously Marc Jacobs — those are always some fun ones to watch.

Check out Port’s new spring collection for Whitney Eve.

Shop the collection and see Whitney Eve’s newly-redesigned website when it launches on February 15.

What are your tricks for looking great during crazy busy times? And which shows are you most excited to follow during NYFW?

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