Here’s Your Chance to Go Beyond the Velvet Rope

Nick Cannon at Halo Awards
The actor/host gushes about his kids at the TeenNick event.
Paps Mob Katie & Suri
The mother-daughter duo hide from cameras.
Been wondering how Katie Holmes will celebrate Valentine’s Day now that she gnawed through the chains known as Tom Cruise? Celebuzz spotted her in NYC this week and got the answer.

We also found out how Nick Cannon keeps Mariah Carey happy – and it isn’t by giving her a new Hello Kitty purse every morning as she awakens in her humidifier room that’s undoubtedly covered in rainbow posters and glow-in-the-dark unicorn stickers. And little Swarovski butterflies that hang from the ceiling.

Want more details on these celebrity sightings and more? Join us as we go beyond the velvet rope – and see all the action in our photo gallery!


THE WHO: Katie Holmes

THE WHAT: Talking about her favorite Valentine’s Day tradition – red pancakes!

THE WHERE: The Godiva Rockefeller Center boutique in NYC

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: Frankly, we’d take a red pancake over Tom any day.


THE WHO: Giuliana Rancic

THE WHAT: Checking out the $15,000-a-night Love Blossoms Valentine’s Day suite

THE WHERE: Renaissance Hotels in NYC

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: It’d be nice to see how the other half lives – cause $15,000 just isn’t gonna happen.

THE WHO: Food Network star Gina Neely

THE WHAT: Showing off her newly svelte figure – thanks to the George Foreman Grills Weight Loss Challenge

THE WHERE: A special event in NYC

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: We put on a few pounds over the holidays, and a Foreman grill is sounding pretty good right about now.


THE WHO: Nick Cannon

THE WHAT: Revealing how he keeps his little Mrs. happy

THE WHERE: Godiva’s Rockefeller Center boutique

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: Forget love talk – we’d ask if the Mariah/Nicki feud is real.


THE WHO: R&B crooner Brian McKnight

THE WHAT: Downing Grey Goose with pals after a show

THE WHERE: Shrine nightclub at MGM Grand at Foxwoods

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: Come on — you love that “Back at One”, too.


THE WHO: Dallas hottie Josh Henderson

THE WHAT: Grooving at a Busta Rhymes show

THE WHERE: The Greenhouse/Talent Resources Sports  Super Bowl party in New Orleans, sponsored by Corzo

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: We’ve got moves to rival Josh. BUSTA BUST!


THE WHO: Olivia Munn

THE WHAT: Getting behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler

THE WHERE: The launch event for Jeep Operation Safe Return at the USO Warrior & Family Center in Virginia

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: Girls in jeeps are hot.


THE WHO: Super Bowl champ Ray Rice

THE WHAT: Excelling at a different kind of sport: foosball

THE WHERE: The Jeep Operation Safe Return event

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: We’re Ravens fans. Go, team!


THE WHO: Mario Lopez

THE WHAT: Receiving a gift basket of, umm, intimacy products from Wet founder and CEO Michael Trigg

THE WHERE: The Grove in L.A.

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: We crush on Mario. Plus, mentioning him gives us a reason to show you this.


THE WHO: Joey Lawrence and Mayim Bialik

THE WHAT: Enjoying live performances by All-4-One and – be still our hearts – Debbie Gibson

THE WHERE:  Svedka’s Throwback Valentine’s Day bash at Pink Taco Sunset Strip in LA

WHY WE WISH WE WERE THERE: This may be the closest thing we ever get to a Blossom reunion. Plus, it gives us an excuse to play “Electric Youth.” Hit it, Debbie: