Kimye Takes Baby Bump To Brazil (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West collect more frequent flyer miles.

"good morning brazil!"
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Tour Brazil
Kimye's Jet-Setting Utero
Kim Kardashian's traveling baby bump. Read More »

And they’re off again!

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and her growing baby bump took off for Brazil earlier this week, adding more miles to their frequent flyer plans.

On Saturday, the expectant couple played tourists and paid a visit to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Kardashian, 32, dressed up her baby bump in a cute pink dress while her beau stayed comfy in dark jeans and a chambray shirt.

“Good morning Brazil!!!!” Kardashian wrote on Twitter.

The reality TV star later shared a personal snapshot of her outfit, courtesy of Juan Carlos Obando. She finished off her look with a pair of neon yellow shoes from Christian Loutboutin.

In other Kardashian news, the next episode of E!’s Kourtney and Kim Take Miami looks to be a heated one, according to a preview released on Thursday.

When Kim admits she’s chosen her boyfriend over her family, Bruce Jenner gives her the cold shoulder in an effort to teach her a life lesson.

The new episode airs on E! on Sunday at 9PM.

Check out the gallery, above, for photos of Kimye in Brazil. 

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  • lollopop

    The boy crying in the back.. Hella funny.

  • Ashley Nicole Rodriguez
    Ashley Nicole Rodriguez


  • Sparker

    photo bombed by the crying kid in the green shirt...lmao

  • irinairina

    she is FAT!!

  • nazilene

    Kim seja bem vinda ao país da maravilhas,o Brasil está de braços abertos pra você!

  • mslats

    If she really wanted to be rid of Kris Humphries she should just give him the annullment he wants. Every aspect of their relationship just happens to take place in front of the cameras. People magazine even had photos from the proposal, from rose petals spelling out " Will You Marry Me" to Miniature Horses dyed to pastel colors. To tell the truth he was just too stupid to realize that he was being manipulated by Kim and her mother. That over the top wedding also filmed for reality television and 72 days??!! Yeah, she really put a lot of effort into that marriage. She got exactly what she wanted - More and More air-time, exposure, tabloid covers and MONEY !! Now that she is pregnant and Kanye is not easily manipulated - NOW she wants Privacy!!!WHAT A JOKE!!! She should just admit that her entire courtship was a Fraud, and give Kris the Annulment that he asked for.

  • Renee

    Are you an idiot? every tourist that visits the statue takes a pic in this pose, it hasbeethis way for years and years and I am sure they are all sinners. Please have a seat.

  • Niki

    get over it the ONLY reason shes still married is cause her ass of an ex wont let up and agree with the divorce so that has nothing to do with her and is in no way her fault dont understand why people dont get that seriously

  • Mariana Cristina Gurdián
    Mariana Cristina Gurdián

    why the fuck is his shirt ripped? really he cant afford a legit unripped shirt even though hes got a bajillion dollars. WOW

  • jaya

    It's not that I'm being and acting hypocritical everyone of us sinned in our lives. But Kim and Kanye doing that is like rubbing their sins in the face of God. THIS IS NOT COOL EVEN FOR SOMEBODY WHO IS NOT A PRACTICING CHRISTIAN SUCH AS MYSELF.

  • jaya

    Considering the fact that she's pregnant with another man and still married with her husband What a way to insult the image of the sun of god by posing in that picture that way. Jesus must be saying somewhere that his life has been sacrifice for nothing because of this two trullop.

  • gina

    They are the cutest!