Biebs Attempts To Steal Some Of The Grammy Awards' Limelight

Justin Bieber's original plan of broadcasting a live stream and releasing a new single didn't go as planned, so he posted a shirtless photo.

Justin Bieber's Shirtless Moments

Justin Bieber attempted to upstage the Grammys, but failed miserably.

Slighted and snubbed with no nominations for his latest album, Believe, the prince of pop decided he wanted to take a little sheen off of music's night of nights with the release of a new music video to his legion of diehard fans.

But the 18-year-old -- who performed Saturday on Saturday Night Live -- ran into technical difficulties and was forced to spike his hour-long live stream. Not to be deterred, he then promised fans that he would post the video on Twitter instead. Then, he couldn't manage to upload a video.

Oh what a night!

Bieber went from being "stoked" about his plan to "extremely frustrated" in a matter of minutes. He couldn't resist taking to social media to vent his feelings, as the main gig in town went down.

    Should Bieber have been nominated for a Grammy? Sound off in the comments below.
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  • yanelis Jimenez
    yanelis Jimenez

    Grants are earn not stolen. Justin thinks he better than MJ... Well he is no where near as good as mj. Grow up.

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    silly little girl. needs to grow up and quit posting flesh pics.

  • Elke Hassell
    Elke Hassell

    I thank God that Grammy used their Brains this time and did not give this mediocre Little Boy a Grammy. Who the hell he really thinks he is, what did he even do to deserve a Grammy, behave like a angry troll, grow up lil Biebs and stay out of trouble. Props have to be earned not given. No matter how much you like to copy MJ you can't reach him.

  • Debbie Schier Catanzaro
    Debbie Schier Catanzaro

    SERIOUSLY! Bieber is NOTHING compared to te GRAMMYS! He needs to understand and so does his MOM that the WORLD DOESNT REVOLVE AROUND HIM. Talk about thinkinking you're all that, and you want to be a grown up then ACT LIKE ONE!