Watch: MTV’s Nikki Glaser Weighs In On ‘Vicious’ Melissa McCarthy Review

'Identity Thief' Box Office
The comedy grosses $11.2 million on its opening day.
Fans went nuts earlier this week when New York Observer film critic Rex Reed published a review of Identity Thief, which referred to the movie’s star, Melissa McCarthy, as “tractor-sized” and a “female hippo.”

Co-Host of MTV’s Nikki & Sara Live, Nikki Glaser, stopped by Celebuzz’s The Daily Buzz and we took the opportunity to ask the comedienne what she though of a fellow funny girl being torn apart for her weight in the review. And Glaser came to McCarthy’s defense.

“This is vicious,” says Glaser. “He’s a movie reviewer, this has nothing to do with the movie.”

Disgusted, Glaser believes there might be an ulterior motive for Reed slamming McCarthy, “I think this guy is trying to get attention.”

Glaser pokes fun at celebrities on her show but she says there’s a distinct difference with her brand of comedy.

“I would never make a fat joke on my show, it’s way over the line,” saying fat jokes are easy to make and lack creativity.

Nikki and Sara Live airs Tuesdays at 11PM on MTV.

Watch the interview above.

As a celebrity should McCarthy expect this kind of criticism? Or is it just cruel?

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