You'll Never Guess What Johnny Depp Was Doing in Las Vegas

The superstar was spotted in Sin City -- and he wasn't exactly hitting the casinos.

Johnny Depp at Project Las Vegas
Who would have thought Johnny Depp was such a slave to fashion?

The eccentric actor was spotted browsing the newest wares at renowned tradeshow PROJECT Las Vegas on Wednesday, catching fellow fashion fans by surprise.


“I thought it was odd he was there,” eyewitness Michele Bedrick with Silver Jeans Co. told Celebuzz exclusively. “He definitely seemed out of place. I wasn’t sure quite why he was there or if he had a connection to PROJECT, but I’m sure he could be making personal orders.”

As fans certainly know, Depp has a personal style all his own. In fact, the always off-beat dresser was snapped in Vegas wearing brown high-top sneakers, tucked-in baggy jeans and, of course, his signature rocker rings, beaded bracelets and necklaces. Also on display: a floppy hat and blue-tinted sunglasses.

So how did The Lone Ranger star spend his time at the event?

“He was just wandering and cruising up and down the aisles, popping in and out of the tradeshow booths," Bedrick said. "He was looking at all the products and asking questions.”


But in true Depp fashion, the shy superstar wasn’t looking to attract any attention.

“He seemed like he was trying to keep himself low-key," Bedrick said. "There were no crowds around him. He was totally under the radar.”

What do you love most about Depp's signature style? Leave us your comment below.

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  • Scaramanga

    There wasn't a crowd around him because it's not Johnny. Geez, people do your homework.

  • Doreen Gadbois
    Doreen Gadbois

    Sure doesn't look like him, plus it is missing the bird tattoo on his right hand. Looks kinda of like that so-called look-a-like Danny Lopez who doesn't even resemble him. Danny tries to get attention this way. Really sickening in a way.

  • Meh

    Johnny has been NYC for several days. He was on Letterman on thursday and. In youtube there is a clip with him signing autographs coming out of his hotel along with his good friend, Patti Smith just yesterday. So Las Vegas? the guy don't even look like him

  • Catmeow

    Not Johnny Depp in the picture. So I am guessing he wasn't doing anything in Las Vegas. If those at celebuzz are so gullible then I have bridge to sell you.....

  • Aboveall

    That's not Johnny Depp. c'mon it's so obvious. On the other hand, Johnny Depp is never alone without his bodyguard!

  • Maria

    Honestly, the picture doesn't even look like him O__O