What Are The Pros And Cons Of Playing A Zombie Killer?

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Season 3 returns and we have a few shots from the show.
Lauren Cohan will never be able to eat Greek yogurt ever again. Not since Maggie Greene, her character on AMC’s The Walking Dead, had to cut a baby out of Lori’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) stomach. It turns out that Greek yogurt is an excellent stand in for the gelatinous quality of afterbirth.

“We used two-week-old babies and in between takes they covered the babies with yogurt and strawberry jam for blood,” she explained to Celebuzz. “Now, I can’t eat yogurt anymore and I used to love it!”

The 30-year-old actress says playing a zombie killer is “pretty good, it definitely beats playing a zombie.”

She says the success of the show isn’t surprising because, “it’s such an amazing show,” but she is astounded by the intense devotion it engenders from fans.

“I’m definitely overwhelmed and excited by how universally well received it is. It doesn’t seem to matter what country it is, people seem to relate to the story. The Philippines, Brazil, Australia, Japan, everybody seems to be touched in similar ways, which tells us we know we’re doing something right.”

Even though Cohan was born in New Jersey, she speaks with a posh British accent — the result of moving to England at age 13.

“It was a huge culture shock,” she recalls. “Just wearing school uniforms! But, we moved into a big old house that had been divided and we shared a garden and a pet cemetery. Can you think of anything cooler as a child than moving into an old manor that has a pet cemetery? You’re living in the fantasy world of the books that you read as a kid. It definitely made up for any awkward teenage changes.”

And as for what’s in store for Maggie the zombie slayer? “We definitely see a collision between the government people and us at the prison and that’s going to be really scary for Maggie and Glen,” she previewed.

“I mean I had to cut a baby out of Lori’s stomach and then she died!”

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