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Walt gets a fright in the city.
The CW’s The Carrie Diaries thrust its main character (AnnaSophia Robb) into a relationship with Sebastian (Austin Butler) on only the second episode. But things cooled off before they even really got started, especially for a show set in high school, the time in every young girl’s life that serious questions and concerns start to arise about sex, love, and relationships. Naturally, The Carrie Diaries is not shying away from these things — for any of the characters — and things are about to be propelled forward now that there’s a new guy on Carrie’s horizon.

You may have thought learning Sebastian hooked up with an old teacher was enough to have Carrie stressing about losing her own virginity, but when an old childhood friend, George (Richard Kohnke), resurfaces on Monday’s episode, “Dangerous Territory,” the discussion may just have to be raised sooner, rather than later.

“He’s definitely someone new in Carrie’s life who will be around for a nice little arc. I like triangles, and this time there’s a quadrangle coming with Donna and Sebastian and Carrie having the possibility of George,” The Carrie Diaries creator Amy B. Harris said at a screening in Los Angeles, Calif.

“He’s definitely a more relaxed energy than Sebastian, and I kind of like that about him. To me it was sort of fun to bring him in in a part of Manhattan we hadn’t seen… This was a way of bringing in this sort of Upper East Side socialite world, which was so big in Manhattan in the 80s.”

Though initially when Carrie and George reconnect, it’s done in a very sweet, innocent way (he invites her to one of his mother’s lavish dinner parties), Harris admitted that things move along quickly for George’s arc on the season and not all that differently from Mouse’s (Ellen Wong) own mini-arc of worrying over whether or not she’s any good at sex with her college-aged boyfriend.

“There’s an innocence to this show that I am not seeing on TV on a lot of other shows, but a realism, as well, which is 17- year-olds having sex,” Harris said. “I think that’s the reality of your experiences in high school. You’re still innocent and hoping for the best, and yet you’re also experiencing all of these milestones, and they’re happening in such juxtaposition to your life in your parents’ home.”

“I think with our characters, everyone’s sort of losing it in their own way, and sometimes it can shape who you are. I think Maggie having lost it to [Simon] and not to Walt says a lot about who she is and what she’s chasing. To me, she’s the opposite side of the Samantha coin; if Samantha uses sex as a power point, Maggie is using sex to find love and intimacy in a place where it’s not always [there].”

Harris considered Carrie to be much more of a romantic, though, pointing out that she wants “something special” out of such a serious step in her life and therefore is “struggling with what it means for her.”

“What I love about Carrie is she actually values her virginity and thinks about what that will be and who she wants to give it to. I think George being older and from a more sophisticated world has a different attitude about it. Some people think virginity is something to get out of the way, and some people think it’s a treasured milestone, and I like putting Carrie up against both,” Harris said.

Carrie certainly will not be taking the how and when of the decision to lose her virginity lightly, but getting to explore such stories is part of what Harris hopes makes the show relatable to the young audience today — and audience she believed is “secretly thinking these things or whispering them at tables with my girlfriends about what I hope for or dream for, or how I lost my virginity, or am I doing a good job because I really don’t know anything about the penis yet” — just as Sex and the City spoke to, and up for, a generation of women before it.

The Carrie Diaries airs Mondays at 8PM on The CW.

Are you excited to meet a new romantic prospect for Carrie or do you just want her to get back together with Sebastian already? Sound off in the comments below.

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