Courtney Stodden’s Most Outrageous Moments: Relive The Teen Bride’s Wildest Times (PHOTOS)

Courtney Goes for Gold
Infamous teen bride dons gold bra for music video shoot.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned here at Celebuzz, it’s that Courtney Stodden is pretty outrageous.

Since marrying actor Doug Hutchison at the age of 16, the infamous bride has shocked as much as she has awed, oftentimes posing for photo shoots in platform heels — and not much else.

Most recently, Stodden, now 18, shook the music world to its core when she debuted the music video for her much-anticipated single, “Reality.”

The video had her seducing nerds, dancing around in a gold bra and being carried around like Cleopatra herself. It was enough to keep us scratching our heads while questioning the actual meaning of life.

It also had her celebrating, too.

Over the weekend, Stodden got in touch with her inner-stripper by pole dancing in little more than red lingerie at a video release party in West Hollywood. (And we wonder how cliches get perpetuated in our culture.)

So, in honor if this latest jaw-dropper, Celebuzz has compiled Stodden’s most outrageous moments to date.

Have a look at them now in the gallery, above, then tell us what you think her next outrageous moment will be. (It’s bound to happen sooner rather than later.)

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