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Welcome Back
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Did everyone else miss No Doubt as much as Celebuzz did? Well, the good news is that they're back. The even better news is that we're giving away a signed copy of their new album, Push and Shove, and T-shirt from their collaboration with Fred Perry.

To enter, simply leave a comment telling us what your favorite No Doubt song is.

The winner will receive:

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So what's your favorite No Doubt song? A classic like "Don't Speak" or "Spiderwebs"? Maybe you're more of an "It's My Life" fan? It doesn't matter, just let us know in the comments below. If your comment is selected, you will win a signed copy of the band's latest album, Push and Shove, and this shirt from their collaboration with Fred Perry:

Please read the complete contest rules here.

We will randomly select a winning comment. So "What You Waiting For?"  Let us know your favorite No Doubt song below!

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  • amanda

    my fav no doubt song (besides pretty much ALL OF THEM) is JUST A GIRL it just says it ALL

  • Livia Bowman
    Livia Bowman

    Hella Good!

  • Jordan

    Just a Girl. Amazing!

  • ~Lisa~

    I don't even know how someone could even ask for ONE, just ONE favourite song from NO DOUBT!!! This is VERY VERY hard!! I think that every day may be a favourite different song depending on a person's mood. Don't Speak has always been a song that has been close to my heart. I have and always will cherish this song. Sunday Morning is a close one too. Simple kind of life is a touching song as well. And Ex-Girlfriend, well I'm sure we have all been there before. Looking hot is a great song for when you feel good about yourself and your feeling HOT!! Sparkle is a song people can connect with because people do change and some things will never be the way they once were but you may always remember how people made you feel and memories can always come back to you. I love being able to connect to a lot of her songs. Just because they are an amazing band doesn't mean that they don't feel the way that the general public feels. Everyone feels the same feelings and emotions and sometimes just listening to the words and feeling what the music gives us is enough to make you feel better and that you aren't so alone and helps you realize that other people do go through difficulties and happiness and just so many different emotions. I will just stick to my number one original favourite song... DON"T SPEAK!

  • linds82

    My favorite No Doubt song is 'New'. That is the one that stands out the most and has always resonated with me.

  • Carissa Morrow
    Carissa Morrow

    I've been a No Doubt and Gwen fan since the very beginning.. I've collected everything from dolls, shoes, posters, cds, watches, bracelets, necklaces... anything I see, gotta have it. It's almost impossible to pick just one song! If I absolutely had to, I'd choose "Dreaming the Same Dream". My girlfriend and I were 2,000 miles apart for a long time and that song spoke to both of us.. we're living together now<3 Gwen Stefani is my inspiration. She's beautiful, she's a great lyricist and singer.. Not to mention, the rest of the band is AMAZING! I'm planning my first tattoo soon and it will be No Doubt :)

  • lakergirl1969

    It really depends on my mood as Gwen has a song for them all...My all time fave has to be "I'm just a Girl" but am really stuck on "Looking Hot" right now:) Really a hard questions since I love them all!

  • Haley C.
    Haley C.

    Rock Steady. such a great song

  • Jonathan R.
    Jonathan R.

    "Sometimes" off of their forgotten-by-the-masses self-titled album, definitely my favorite No Doubt song. That song taught me how to emote at a young, vulnerable, teenage time in life. Loves.

  • hell2149


  • hell2149

    One More Summer

  • Erika

    Don't Speak!

  • Vanessa

    Trapped in a Box!! I love the video, too.

  • Jim C
    Jim C

    I really enjoy every No Doubt song ever publish, but if I have to pick one, I LOVE "Sinking" :)

  • Jennifer Angus Phillips
    Jennifer Angus Phillips

    My favorite is Sunday Morning.

  • Kenda

    I have a favorite No Doubt song depending on my mood....I can give you a top 5. Platinum Blonde Life, Running, Artificial Sweetener, Under Construction, Magic's in the Makeup. Push and Shove and Settle Down.

  • Max Light-Pacheco
    Max Light-Pacheco

    One Last Summer and Hey Baby. Gwen Stefani is just awesome!!!

  • Lance

    Spiderwebs has always been one of my favorites.

  • Joel McVeagh
    Joel McVeagh

    Spiderwebs! I could listen to that non stop.

  • rhea

    Undone. Sad, emotional, simply beautiful.

  • pamelastacy

    Honestly, it was hard to choose because I have so many favorites by No Doubt but my all time fav is "Total Hate" I love this song because the collaboration with No Doubt and Bradley was amazing. I have loved this song for years.

  • Pamela Barahona
    Pamela Barahona

    Honestly, I have many favorites by No Doubt but my all time fav is "Total Hate" because I love the collaboration with No Doubt and Bradley. I love how they meshed with each other. It's a song that I have loved for years.

  • Deanna

    No Doubt is the best band in the world! And you want me to pick just one song?? Spiderwebs popped into my head, so there. =P

  • jessy mason
    jessy mason

    Sunday morning :D

  • jayveend

    Hard to pick one, but if I have to I say 'New" its one of my favorite videos too!

  • jackmc

    Start The Fire!!!! I love Rock Steady!

  • Richard Moya
    Richard Moya

    No Doubt in my opinion is America's BEST bad ever. My favorite song would have to be 'Simple Kind of Life'

  • nd1889

    My favorite is Marry Me, I love how haunting Gwen's voice is!

  • ccon1776

    I really like Dreaming The Same Dream!

  • dconnick

    Well, its almost impossible to chose only one song, but I'm going to go with Running because its one of my favorites off Rock Steady and it was used in the series finale of Sabrina, hahaha.

  • Perla Leon
    Perla Leon

    Geez its hard to choose just one favorite, its like choosing your favorite child haha but Leftovers is one of my many favorites

  • Kayla Coleman
    Kayla Coleman


  • Trever Kruger
    Trever Kruger

    Sparkle is most likely my favorite, for some reason, it always gets stuck in my head!

  • Deanna

    There are WAY too many No Doubt songs to choose from! But I'll have to go with SPIDERWEBS! Such a classic<3 xo

  • Kelsey

    Simple Kind of Life!

  • Candyce Bailey
    Candyce Bailey

    This is a bit hard... 'Spiderwebs' is my ultimate favourite, but 'I'm just a girl' help made my skin a bit thicker when I was in high school :)

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams

    Ex Girlfriend

  • nitacitapita

    Ex-Girlfriend! Just one of a bunch that I love

  • Alicia M
    Alicia M

    Sunday Morning. It's not only played on a Sunday morning, but a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning, too!

  • Chelsea McWilliams
    Chelsea McWilliams

    Sunday Morning, without a doubt! No Doubt is always played best loud, but Sunday Morning goes even louder!

  • Xavier Ferreira
    Xavier Ferreira

    My favorite song is Don't Speak. It's just so breathtaking and timeless.

  • Katherine Coldicott
    Katherine Coldicott

    Don't Speak

  • Renee

    Sunday Morning.

  • Rachel DeRagon
    Rachel DeRagon

    Different People is my absolute favorite. The melody, the words, all of it.

  • shykaliguy

    I love the Song Settle Down. It really shows how the band has grown yet still has the classic No Doubt sound & feel =)

  • Ana Hernández Serrano
    Ana Hernández Serrano

    "Squeal" !! :)

  • Toni

    "just a girl" is my favorite. I'm all about female empowerment and I think its a great song to sing to be sarcastic. The best was when my 6 yr old daughter sings it outloud and announces that she wants to sing it at her talent show. Yes, new generation gives No Doubt the love!

  • 謝佾

    Hella Good !!! i want the shirt !!!

  • Allyson Kuvach
    Allyson Kuvach

    right this minute? "by the way"....i also have a soft spot for "a little something refreshing"

  • Clare Jennifer Hannon
    Clare Jennifer Hannon

    Magic's in the Makeup is my song :)

  • Sam

    Get in line and Settle Down.

  • Latasha Robinson
    Latasha Robinson

    Great classic.

  • Latasha Robinson
    Latasha Robinson

    I agree with the difficulty in choosing a single song overall. I have favorites for different occasions depending on my mood! This is not going to be easy for me to respond to.

  • Miriam


  • Richard McCool
    Richard McCool

    Been a fan for over half my life!!!! So many favorite songs but if I had to pick one it would be... Simple Kind of Life

  • Rosa Angelica Lopez
    Rosa Angelica Lopez

    definitely spiderwebs. gotta love the classics.

  • Chrys

    "Just a girl" because I fell in love with ND watching this video 18 years ago :-)

  • Angelica Ortega
    Angelica Ortega

    Platinum Blonde Life! LOVE IT LOVE IT <3

  • April Hill
    April Hill

    My song is Hey You even though Bathwater is a close runner up. I relate to Hey You. It makes me feel better when I am doubting myself,and when things are bad. I am such a dreamer. Bathwater embodies the essence of true love. The kind that hurts,but you just can't help yourself so you keep hurting yourself for love.

  • Amanda Mackley
    Amanda Mackley

    Rock steady.. is my all time favorite but on the new album it would have to be, and its hard to pick because the hole album is awesome but Easy done in both styles is good..

  • Norb Peti
    Norb Peti

    PUSH AND SHOVE! ~ Because it says EVERYTHING what a successful band is ;)))

  • Shane


  • David

    HELLA GOOD! That song is so original and fun, I always have to dance!

  • Lupe Mejia
    Lupe Mejia

    My Favorite No Doubt Song is "The Climb" :)

  • Mauro

    This is really hard, actually. I don't think I could pick just one all time favourite ND song. But if I *have* to, then... Too Late (from Return Of Saturn) is my favourite No Doubt song.

  • Kevin Shine
    Kevin Shine

    Hella Good

  • Malaya Hoffmann
    Malaya Hoffmann

    This is tough! Love all their songs but my current fav is: Easy from Push and Shove

  • Tania

    Old school...... Bathwater!

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    Brand New Day (some of Tony's finest work!)

  • Juleigh C.
    Juleigh C.

    My favorite song is "Platinum Blonde Life", it has always made me happy. Their re-do of "Oi to the World" is a close second.

  • Kyle Cheuvront
    Kyle Cheuvront

    There are so many options it's insane. But if someone held a gun to my head and asked me to name them my absolute favorite No Doubt song or they will shoot, I would surely blurt out "Sunday Morning!" ....and then I'd piss my pants

  • John Burton
    John Burton

    My favorite song is "Rock Steady". It is one of the best and most under appreciated love songs ever written. Gwen's vocals are almost painful they are so beautiful.

  • Alex

    My Favorite song is Running because,this song represents my life. I run from all of the things that frighten me. I run from my past and future. My uncle died,without him saying good bye to me or anyone. there he lied in the hospital bed in a long dream( coma) two days before thanksgiving. why? i asked myself this question. My family spent thanksgiving last year for the last time with him. we all knew the day would come sooner or later. dear uncle of mine rest gods hands for eternity.

  • Kiera Lanni
    Kiera Lanni

    My favorite No Doubt song is Don't Speak because it is beautifully written, and is a masterpiece. Gwen's performance of the song on Live from the Tragic Kingdom was so emotional and beautiful, and the song is especially meaningful to me.

  • John

    My Favorite song is Dont Speak because.... it reminds me of good we don't even speak!!!we were friends,then couple for 3 years and now we can't go even for a coffee together :( it's sad cause i miss her,she is the best friend of my brother.........

  • Jana Dobrotkova
    Jana Dobrotkova

    Hey Baby

  • Sandy Garner
    Sandy Garner

    Trapped in a Box

  • Elena Valigurská
    Elena Valigurská

    Different people

  • Richard Moya
    Richard Moya

    [video-embed url="https%3A//"] And all I wanted was the simple things, A Simple Kind of Life

  • danielle murphy
    danielle murphy

    The Magic's In The Makeup, it,s such a beautiful song!

  • Richard Moya
    Richard Moya

    Simple Kind of Life It has so much meaning.

  • Richard Moya
    Richard Moya

    Simple Kind of Life It has so much meaning.

  • danielle murphy
    danielle murphy

    I would say Magic's In The Makeup, it's a really beautiful son!

  • Kristy

    "You're So Foxy!" Only the most loyal and devoted No Doubt fans would share my sentiment since this song is a b-side!

  • Raevin Long
    Raevin Long

    HOME NOW!!!

  • Raevin Long
    Raevin Long

    HOME NOW!!! Definitely one of their often overlooked songs that's incredibly intricate and oh-so rock-out-worthy.

  • islandgal

    How can I possible choose one favorite? On the strength of hearing 'New' on the Go soundtrack, I ran out and bought every ND album to date, and they've been my fave band ever since! I love the old stuff, the new stuff...I love it all. Some favorites are Trapped in a Box, Sunday Morning, Bathwater, Spiderwebs, Underneath it All. When they performed Stand & Deliver in concert, I went crazy for it. Oi to the World gets me jumping around more than any other song. Every song on the new album is great! To choose one for this contest I will say Settle Down! Thanks for the music!

  • Justine Telles
    Justine Telles

    Just a Girl!

  • Cheryl Ann Rattigan-Pettijohn
    Cheryl Ann Rattigan-Pettijohn

    Don't Speak is my favorite song, it is close to my heart.

  • Dan Olmstead
    Dan Olmstead

    Wow. Really hard to just pick one. But, I think it's gotta be "Staring Problem". The catchy lyrics and beat of that song gets me pumped up everytime I hear it. Not enough Return of Saturn love. Such a great album.

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez

    Push and Shove is my new favorite but I've always loved Sunday Morning

  • Nicole de Waal
    Nicole de Waal

    EXCUSE ME!!!

  • Gerard Vera
    Gerard Vera

    Simple Kind Of Life of course!

  • Nicole de Waal
    Nicole de Waal

    EXCUSE ME MR. and that's why I named our No Doubt Tribute Band "EXCUSE ME" (January 2004 - March 2012). It has been a true honor to Celebrate the Music and Spirit of NO DOUBT! We've played so many fun live shows and we'll always cherish the amazing memories together as a band.. we've all grown a lot from the journey. We are thankful and we'll ALWAYS love and support NO DOUBT!!! [video-embed url="http%3A//"]

  • Jonnathan

    my favorite song is "NEW" the most exciting, original, fresh, energyzing song ever. Is not only my no doubt's favorite. Is my all time favorite song !!!!

  • andy

    just a girl

  • LaToya

    Magic's in the Makeup!

  • Ashlee Neuhausel
    Ashlee Neuhausel

    So hard to pick just one cause I love everything No Doubt does!! If I had to pick one it would be "Sunday Morning". ND fan for 17 years!!

  • Alice Marie
    Alice Marie

    Its really hard to say which one is my favorite, but if i HAD to choose I would probably pick ex-girlfriend just because i can listen to it all day everyday and never get sick of it :)

  • Ashley Sequeira
    Ashley Sequeira

    Magic's In The Makeup

  • Lori Brown
    Lori Brown

    My all time favorite is definitely I'm Just A Girl!

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie

    "Dont Speak" one of my favorites songs.. and "Sunday Morning" that song is the shit!

  • Samantha Genske-Condon
    Samantha Genske-Condon

    My fave No Doubt song is RUNNING :) !

  • Friskyy Kaunang
    Friskyy Kaunang

    Toughest question ever. Bathwater, By the Way, Home Now, Spiderwebs, Rock Steady, The Climb, Sad For Me, One More Summer, Push and Shove, etc. u know its impossible to choose only 1 song right?

  • Sylvia Cavazos
    Sylvia Cavazos

    Simple kind of life always will be my favorite song. but I love every no doubt's song.

  • Daphne M
    Daphne M

    Total Hate

  • Sandra AkaSandie
    Sandra AkaSandie

    Push & Shove!!!

  • Krzysztof Świstak
    Krzysztof Świstak


  • richard gonzales
    richard gonzales

    dont speak

  • Caro Shanks
    Caro Shanks

    Total Hate 95 gets my head, feet and everything into the beat at the very first note it's such an infectious song.

  • Michelle Loeb
    Michelle Loeb

    Tragic Kingdom is still one of my favorite albums and the best song on there is Sunday Morning

  • Heidy

    Hey You! Definitely has to be my favorite. It was very hard to chose considering love them all but at this point in my life it is Hey You. :)

  • Alicia Wright
    Alicia Wright

    Bathwater! so sickk! :)

  • Petra

    Don't Speak

  • dallas holmes
    dallas holmes

    id say 'total hate'....followed CLOSELY by 'staring problem' and 'new'.....

  • Mariela

    My favorite is Total Hate 95' :)

  • Petra Bla Bla
    Petra Bla Bla

    Don't Speak

  • Ruth Lopez
    Ruth Lopez

    youu came in with the breeeezeee on SUNDAY MORNIIIIIING!

  • Mike Cress
    Mike Cress

    I've been a fan since I was 7 years old and I have every single album and all the weird international promo discs, bsides, etc... but I really must say I've been genuinely digging the new album and my current fav No Doubt song is "EASY"

  • stephgirl09

    my all time ND fav song is Panic

  • Fatima MJ
    Fatima MJ

    Push And Shove

  • nodoubt32

    I love bathwater that is a great song and I love all of the songs and love No Doubt

  • Fatima MJ
    Fatima MJ

    "Push And Shove"

  • gomarilu

    My favorite song is "Simple kind of life" in a period of my life I felt everythig that the song describe. Now I have a simple kind of life and I love my life.

  • Melissa Martinez
    Melissa Martinez

    Its hard to choose when she has a lot of good songs and albums but my all time favorite is " Excuse me Mr. " She looked so adorable in that video and not to mention I love the lyrics.

  • Jillian

    Magics in the Makeup!

  • deedeemunster

    It took me a while to decide what song to actually choose. I found myself staring at this comment box for a long time....but since I must choose just 1 it will have to be COMFORTING LIE....that song is perfection.

  • bethyboo

    Making Out from Rock Steady - loved it since I first heard it years and years ago! So many gems on that album...

  • Guilherme Matias
    Guilherme Matias

    Simple Kind of Life.

  • cassie reed
    cassie reed

    Sunday Morning

  • Shylah

    Hella Good!

  • Diane Dobrzynski
    Diane Dobrzynski

    So hard to choose.... Love them all....Looking hot is an amazing one!!! <3 <3 No Doubt!! Can't wait to see No Doubt play live... hope they are in Jersey soon!!

  • rsmithlovr1

    It is like picking a favorite child, but my two favorites are "New" and "Happy Now"

  • David Pettijohn
    David Pettijohn

    My favorite No Doubt song is Don't Speak. It's also my favorite No Doubt video.

  • Daniara

    So hard to choose just one, but Sunday Morning has been a standout favorite from the moment I heard it! It's an empowering anthem and, after all these years, still gets me pumped up each time I hear it! <3

  • DeAnna Medina
    DeAnna Medina

    Move On i just can't get enough of this song

  • Nicole from Excuse Me: No Doubt Tribute Band
    Nicole from Excuse Me: No Doubt Tribute Band

    EXCUSE ME MR. and that's why I named our No Doubt Tribute Band "EXCUSE ME" (January 2004 - March 2012). It has been a true honor to Celebrate the Music and Spirit of NO DOUBT! We've played so many fun live shows and we'll always cherish the amazing memories together as a band.. we've all grown a lot from the journey. We are thankful and we'll ALWAYS love and support NO DOUBT!!!

  • Zoe Alisa May Mills
    Zoe Alisa May Mills


  • Ross Marvin
    Ross Marvin

    new, Dont speak, Ex-girlfriend. From Psuh and shove Looking Hot. It is really hard to decide when u like them all.

  • Queen P qP
    Queen P qP

    Im just a girl. It represents the band and the fans and gwen perfectly. it was the beginning for a lot of young girls and ladies and we loved it. Still do today! Thank you No Doubt!

  • Sametcan Kanal
    Sametcan Kanal

    Ex Girlfriend

  • Kristen Chalmers
    Kristen Chalmers

    Although I have been a fan for many many years, my all time favorite song is on the new album - 'undone'

  • Paula Anguiano
    Paula Anguiano

    It's so hard to pick just one, but all time favorite song has to be Rock Steady. I just love this song! But off of P&S I love Undone

  • hicallmepepper

    Set the fire. if you look for the rare video of No Doubt's appearance concert on Dawson's Creek in 2002, the band performed Set the Fire, Sublime's DJ, and the Specials "Message to you Rudy". Love No Doubt/Sublime collabs like Saw Red and Total Hate.

  • javier

    My favorite is "New", from "Return of Saturn"

  • Ms. Laura
    Ms. Laura

    I have a thing for the B-sides, so "New Friend" on Everything in Time (B-sides, rarities, and remixes) is my favorite No Doubt song.

  • Katy Nicole Richhart
    Katy Nicole Richhart

    Simple Kind of Life <3

  • Stephanie Lushman
    Stephanie Lushman

    Always a tough question! My favourite ND song is usually "Sunday Morning" but it is always followed by "New," "Under Construction" and "Rock Steady. <3

  • Thaís Fernanda Raposo
    Thaís Fernanda Raposo

    You're So Foxy!

  • Jay Alexander Taylor
    Jay Alexander Taylor

    Don't Speak! (drops mic)

  • Brittany Andrews
    Brittany Andrews

    simple kind of life and Undone

  • Holly


  • Wendy

    It is a toss up between "By The Way" and "Total Hate 95"....either way, Beacon Street Collection rocked!

  • Rocio Mendez
    Rocio Mendez


  • Turhan Gross III
    Turhan Gross III

    "Hey You!"

  • Ruby Soho
    Ruby Soho

    Greener Pastures <3<3<3

  • Stephanie M.
    Stephanie M.

    "Sometimes" is my favorite No Doubt song!

  • Vincenzo Lorusso
    Vincenzo Lorusso

    Tragic Kingdom!!!

  • Angie Flores
    Angie Flores

    I've always loved Spiderwebs! It was amazing hearing it live!

  • Ceeann

    Hey You has always been my favorite.

  • Mallory Curtis
    Mallory Curtis

    I'm going to go with a deep cut - Bathwater from Return of Saturn. Perfectly expresses the uncertainty of love.

  • Leetah C. Weatherfield
    Leetah C. Weatherfield

    My all time favorite is New. There's just something about it. I do have a soft spot for Push and Shove though too.

  • Megan Michelle Biere
    Megan Michelle Biere

    I always go back to "Magic's in the Make up" from ROS. I love her honesty in that song. I think a lot of women can relate to the lyrics.

  • kaefi

    don't speak

  • Adrienne Bohn
    Adrienne Bohn

    Everything In Time. :)

  • Lisa W.
    Lisa W.

    Magic's in the Makeup...such wonderfully powerful lyrics!

  • Deanna Wahl
    Deanna Wahl

    Well my long time favorite No Doubt song has always been 'Bathwater'... Its so unique, it speaks to woman who are in love so strongly, and the horns on it are awesome...... BUT, now that my young daughter Gwen (Yep, named after Ms. Stefani...and her older brother is!!), has turned into such a fan herself, and walks around the house constantly singing 'Settle Down' I will have to say that that song is my new favorite ;) I have created a new generation of fandom with her... Yaya!!

  • Meagan

    I'm going to have to go with End It On This off of Tragic Kingdom. Although Home Now, Total Hate, Big Distraction, Sunday Morning, Excuse Me Mr., Happy Now? and Artificial Sweetener all come close.

  • Cindy Zuniga
    Cindy Zuniga

    Home Now

  • Lauren

    Marry Me

  • Lesley

    too many good songs to just choose one, but i'll go with "don't speak."

  • doloreste

    sunday morning ALWAYS!

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee

    Underneath it all....Wicked!!!

  • Marco Antonio Contreras
    Marco Antonio Contreras

    Wow just one song! Its hard with such classics. I really love the new album. I grew up with Nodoubt. If i could just jam out and dance to one song over and over it would have to be Sunday Morning. Always brings amazing memories!!! From the new cd i really love settle down!!!

  • Angelica

    My favorite No Doubt song is "Don't Speak." Every time I hear it, It never fails to transport me to that moment in time when I first fell in love with No Doubt. It was Christmas Eve 1996 and I got "Tragic Kingdom" as a Christmas gift from my older sister. I remember I opened the CD booklet and immediately skipped my Sony Walkman to Track 10 to listen to "Don't Speak" on repeat. As I read along with the lyrics, I was in utter wonder and awe; I finally felt like someone understood how I felt, and for the first time, was able to put it into words. Thank you, No Doubt for that connection and the experiences you've shared with me over the past 17 years. I love you, Gwen, Tony, Tom & Adrian!

  • Jesse Martinez
    Jesse Martinez

    Sunday Morning, It's My Life, One more summer... I can't just have ONE favorite!

  • glimmerst0n3

    Detective has been my favorite since I was a little girl. I used to sing it in the back of the car while my mom was driving. [: Fun times!

  • tara

    Hella Good!

  • Jano

    Simple kind of life

  • The Littlest Winslow
    The Littlest Winslow

    Squeal, fo sho!

  • Glenda Nelms
    Glenda Nelms

    My favorite No Doubt song is Just a girl.

  • Tiffany

    Maaaan. So many to choose from. But I'm gonna have to go with Stricken. Love that old school vibe and the amazing things Gwen does with her voice. <3

  • Ceri

    My fave No Doubt song is 'Underneath it All.' Of course I love them all, but Underneath it all is my #1 favorite.

  • freddrick64

    Running is the best song ever...the video is cool too, showing Gwen and the band in their early years!

  • Vicki Carter
    Vicki Carter

    Sunday Morning! Stefani at her best.

  • John


  • Marjory Pimentel
    Marjory Pimentel

    This is so hard! But I think my fav in this moment is Ex-Girlfriend! I love Return of Saturn, all the songs and all the videos, such a lovely era... and Ex-Girlfriend is so rad, so cool and amazing \m/

  • Joe Ce
    Joe Ce

    My favorite song is Sunday Morning, it is full of energy and I love the Spaguetti mess in the Video!

  • Sadie


  • Kory Cudmore
    Kory Cudmore


  • freddrick64

    Running is the best song ever...the video is cool too, showing old photos of Gwen and the band!

  • Rosie B
    Rosie B

    Stricken! Its exactly what I feel for the band. I love you completely! thanks for the contest celebuzz!

  • Anna Miller Ramsey
    Anna Miller Ramsey

    Just A Girl. Amazing song...amazing video :)

  • Carina Sosa
    Carina Sosa

    simple kind of life

  • Derwin

    Too many to choose from. I imagine it would be like asking a mom to choose her favorite child but in this case I have to choose "By the Way". Even though its only one of many favorites I have. Love No Doubt!

  • Monica Decker
    Monica Decker

    Simple Kind of Life -

  • Vivi Najera Preciado
    Vivi Najera Preciado

    My favorite no doubt song would have to be "Running" because while I was going through a hard time letting go and realizing some relationships no matter how beautiful they were... cannot always last.. this song help me go through some rough moments.

  • Merce

    I love the old school No Doubt, when they were bada** ska. My favorite song is "Move On".

  • Yinette Sanchez
    Yinette Sanchez

    Sunday Morning!! <3

  • Carl Charest
    Carl Charest

    Even if it's a remake, Stand and Deliver

  • Jenni Forss
    Jenni Forss

    I love no doubt soo much and all of there songs <3 but the one i really love is underneath it all and just a girl. I love acting like gwen stafani and having my hair blonde all the time. <3 i love you gwen stafani <3

  • Candace L.
    Candace L.

    New is my all-time favorite!

  • Brittany

    Move On!!

  • Julio Juarez
    Julio Juarez


  • petarkesov

    My favorite song of "No Doubt" is "Home Now" from "Return Of Saturn" album!

  • nnub

    My favorite song is Don't Let Me Down from Rock Steady! Ever since I got that album its the one song I can never over play!

  • Luiz Brito
    Luiz Brito

    my favorite no doubt's song is simple kind of life and don't speak

  • Shana K
    Shana K

    Gravity! I've been a fan for 13 years and this song really means a lot to me:)

  • Lanell Rumion
    Lanell Rumion

    Stricken... it makes me smile over and over... My world is stricken by love <3 <3 <3

  • kodakkk

    "Magic's in the Makeup"

  • Andy T.
    Andy T.

    "Looking Hot" is definitely my favorite song. :)

  • Isabella Ferocia
    Isabella Ferocia

    My all time favourite no doubt song has to be Sunday Morning! Yay!

  • Leonardo Corradini
    Leonardo Corradini

    Hella Good tutta la vita :)

  • hanastephenson

    Hard to choose but 'Trapped in a Box' is one of my favourite songs!

  • Annie

    Sunday Morning is my all time favorite!!! My husbands fav too! :)

  • Julio Juarez
    Julio Juarez

    Sunday Morning will always be my favorite!

  • Brittani Thesman
    Brittani Thesman

    Magic's in the Makeup!

  • Marcella Bezembinder
    Marcella Bezembinder

    Don't Speak... =)

  • Oscar Cedillo
    Oscar Cedillo

    My favorite song of No Doubt is Greener Pastures, this song makes me feel a lot of feelings.. i love The Beacon street Collection disc.

  • Pop Crash
    Pop Crash

    Mine would be 'Home Now' from my favorite album 'Return of Saturn' ...the song/album had such a big impact on me while I was growing up, that I decided to get a lyric line forever stamped on my skin with a beautiful tattoo =

  • Kristen


  • Ruth McGarry
    Ruth McGarry

    İt's my life ....

  • mapaulaf

    I love every song of No Doubt but the song that really makes me the happiest girl in this world is don't speak I can't stop listening to it is the best !!! (: <3

  • Ashley Bevilacqua Lampton
    Ashley Bevilacqua Lampton

    My favorite is "End It On This"! ♥

  • tony

    I think my favorite is Bathwater.

  • Amanda Whisman
    Amanda Whisman

    I love all no doubts songs but one of my favorites are different people

  • Luiza Cravo
    Luiza Cravo

    oh, this is a difficult one... but i'd say "sunday morning" from the tragic kingdom album

  • Thiago Moraes
    Thiago Moraes

    Platinum Blonde Life :)

  • Laura Machado Pinheiro
    Laura Machado Pinheiro

    Hella Good !!

  • christopher

    different people is my fav song :) or looking hot!

  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez

    Favorite song is Sunday Morning! :)

  • Antonio Carlos
    Antonio Carlos

    My favorite song is "NEW". Never gets old!

  • Xalli Hdz
    Xalli Hdz

    really loves "simple kind of life" !!!

  • Wendy Nielsen
    Wendy Nielsen

    Total Hate '95.

  • Adriana

    Sunday Morning!

  • Lauren Hammaker
    Lauren Hammaker

    My fav ND song ever would be Sunday Morning.

  • Olivia

    Simple kind of life =)

  • Emmanuel Heerval
    Emmanuel Heerval

    Don’t Speak is my favorite song EVER, and one more summer mi fav from P&S!

  • rafael froner
    rafael froner


  • Emmanuel Heerval
    Emmanuel Heerval

    Don't Speak is my favorite song EVER, and one more summer mi fav from P&S!

  • Ivy Guiler
    Ivy Guiler

    It's hard to pick just one. My all time favorite would have to be Hellagood. But Settle Down (especially the acoustic version) is quickly taking the top spot!

  • Jorge Moreno
    Jorge Moreno

    "Simple Kind of Life" one of their best songs of so many more

  • Alice

    Nothing beats "Sunday Morning"!

  • Ying Li Wong
    Ying Li Wong

    Just a Girl, even I'm a Boy

  • Amanda McCullough
    Amanda McCullough

    Don't speak. :)

  • Jason D Nickolay
    Jason D Nickolay

    Don't Speak is My Favorite

  • Chente D. Ramirez
    Chente D. Ramirez

    “One More Summer” is my FAVORITE song off of No Doubt's new Push And Shove album!!!! Just the way Gwen sings those deep lyrics and how the guys play the music to that song is incredible. It’s a deep, soothing, slow 80′s vibe to the song, which the band was aiming towards when creating this album, and they mastered that!!! I seen them perform the song live in L.A. a few months ago and had feel in even more LOVE with it. I loved it the 1st time I listened to it when the album was released and after hearing them perform it live, it was pure heaven. “One More Summer” all the way!!!! AMAZING… [video-embed url="http%3A//"]

  • George Viana
    George Viana

    my favorite song is GREENER PASTURES because it's like topless angels are playing guitar in heart it's amazing

  • Matt Grimes
    Matt Grimes

    Sunday Morning! It always has been and always will be my all time favorite.

  • Daniel Joseph Dyer
    Daniel Joseph Dyer

    My favorite song off the new album is Settle Down because of its chill groove and the fact that it just makes me wanna kickback below a palm tree. However, Looking Hot (Jonas Quant Remix) comes to a clooooose second because it’s just a great remix of an already hot song too!

  • dyylannn

    This is nearly an impossible choice... but if I really have to pick just one, I'd probably say Sunday Morning.

  • hpaulina

    Sunday Morning!

  • Wendy

    Don't Speak

  • Taylor

    my favorite No Doubt song is You're So Foxy!

  • Morgana Summers
    Morgana Summers

    I'm lucky I never purchased "Tragic Kingdom" on vinyl. I'd have easily burned out all the rings bearing the track: "Excuse Me, Mr." It's my life's tireless anthem, & it's gorgeous.

  • Kevin

    My fav song is Push And Shove... It is so energic, so strong... I totally love it!!!!

  • grrlygrrl

    I love almost every No Doubt song in existence, even unreleased. My top two are Saw Red and Magic's in the Makeup. I can't choose between them.

  • Reneé Lee Greco
    Reneé Lee Greco

    You and me We used to be together Everyday together always I really feel That I'm losing my best friend - "Don't Speak" which was written about the break up between Tony Kanal and Gwen Stefani

  • katnipp

    I love them all, seriously. But the one that keeps calling me back time after time, is Don't Let Me Down.

  • Rosemarie Meneo
    Rosemarie Meneo

    It's almost impossible to choose just one favorite No Doubt song,but one of my favorites is ''End It On This'' from their classic Tragic Kingdom album. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Christina Herrera
    Christina Herrera

    Stricken! Favorite song of all time, I even walked down the aisle to it :) <3

  • Becca Lauren Riley
    Becca Lauren Riley

    even though i LOVE the up-beat songs, my heart is in 'Artificial Sweetener' i just feel a connection and relation to the song. <3 their music really is the soundtrack to my life.

  • pushandshove

    Sunday Morning! Such a classic anthem

  • Kyra Loch
    Kyra Loch

    Favorite songs are Spiderwebs, Bathwater, and Undercover!

  • Alex Knight
    Alex Knight

    Home Now... I've really been able to relate to the lyrics a lot over the last few months, plus the guitars, bass and drums all fit together perfectly.

  • Karis

    My fav song is obviously SETTLE DOWN!! It was a beautiful return of my favorite group ever

  • Tawna

    Sunday Morning, forever the greatest. <3

  • B. Hernandez
    B. Hernandez

    Don't Speak

  • Matthew Cooper
    Matthew Cooper

    All time favorite No Doubt song is Greener Pastures, but in honor of the new album my current favorite jam is Push and Shove. Now give me my t-shirt, thx.

  • Rebecca

    I would have to pick "Underneath It All." I love this song because even though it is one of their very few slow songs, they kept the original ND sound.

  • Theresa

    Hella Good

  • anissa g
    anissa g

    Marry Me

  • gregory

    "A Little Something Refreshing." Gx <3

  • Kurt

    I loved 'Don't Speak'. Great song.

  • Marcin Wołk
    Marcin Wołk

    hard choice! Love all of their songs. ‘End It On This’ is my favourite lately.

  • Lena

    Push and Shove

  • dazdaq

    Spiderwebs and Settle Down! So fun and energectic! I have been a fan since the beginning of Tragic Kingdom and saw them in concert for the 1st time in November 2012 in LA. No Doubt definitely did not disappoint! :-)

  • Richard Caudillo
    Richard Caudillo

    Magic's in the Makeup has to be their best song.

  • biamattos

    I love Just a Girl, it really tells how I feel everyday!

  • Zara Noble
    Zara Noble

    Total Hate is one of my favorite ND songs, it truly captures the old-school ska style with amazing horns and a huge amount of raw energy. It's exciting and energetic when played live and the fans love it as we can go crazy. An under-estimated classic, the fans love it as they recently voted for it to be added to the live sets of 2013!

  • Cyndi Theuer Holt
    Cyndi Theuer Holt

    Sunday Morning is still the song I seem to have the most emotional reaction to when hearing LIVE in concert. Have loved ND, since their inception. They have made it through so much & still rock!

  • Mel Nana Med
    Mel Nana Med

    Rock Steady- Always and forever.

  • Monica C Garrison
    Monica C Garrison

    "Marry Me" - my ALL TIME FAVORITE! This song takes me back to living in Long Beach & always dreaming of the day my husband would ask me to marry him.

  • Paula

    No Doubt is my Favorite Band EVER!!!! Favorite song Just A Girl

  • Carlos P.
    Carlos P.

    I love Spiderwebs! Its a classic song that never gets old.

  • Nathan Cabral
    Nathan Cabral


  • Andrea Darst
    Andrea Darst

    I really love "Don't Speak" - it took me through a really rough break up years ago!

  • UwaisP

    I love Settle Down - No doubt. omg its one amazing song!