Grammy Awards Fashion: The Weird, Wacky and The Just Plain Wrong

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New Grammys Dress Code
These getups won't fly anymore at the Grammy Awards.
Despite the new dress code, there were still plenty of wacky, weird and just wrong look at the this year’s Grammy Awards.

Music’s top stars are known to push the boundaries with more than just their performances. The one-of-a-kind and even outrageous red carpet fashion devised by music’s top talent (Lady Gaga’s meat costume and Nicki Minaj’scrazy costumes come to mind), has always been a highlight of the Grammy’s.

Though the fashion was far less over-the-top and revealing than we’ve seen in years past, even CBS’ new red carpet regulations couldn’t completely squelch their sartorial creative juices of music’s most inventive fashionistas.

Which stars still managed to shock and surprise us with their Grammy’s get-ups?

Check out our picks for the 2013 Grammy Award’s wildest, wackiest and just wrong looks.

Who wins your vote for the wackiest look of the night? Share your picks below.

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