Kim Kardashian: See My Incredible Style For Elle Magazine

Kim Kardashian is showing her seductive side for a new photo shoot styled by Nicole Formichetti.

The Kourtney and Kim Take Miami star revealed on her blog:

I was styled by Nicola Formichetti for this photo shoot for Elle Magazine and I love the way the pics turned out!!! Miguel Reverigeo was the photographer. Such an honor to work with such incredible and talented stylists and photographers. What do you think of the pics?

Launch the gallery above to see Kim's stylish Elle snaps.


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  • Rafael Centenera
    Rafael Centenera

    \\(^_^) //

  • Renee

    OMG I just realized you are a stalker. Clicked on your name and you have responded to every Kim K post with vitriol and nastiness, such a sad troll, LOL!!!!!! awwwww poor troll.

  • Renee

    Your ignorance and self loathing is evident, you took the time to click on the article. If you dislike her so much why would you do that? that says so much more about you than anything else, just because you are miserable don't take it out on others who are happy and successful and with that attitude you wills stay miserable. Take a good look at Kim, she is a beautiful woman, living her life to the fullest and taking advantage of all of her opportunities. Haters like you are not the ones that affect her bottom line because you do not support her anyway, so your opinion really does not count. Oh and your ugliness is very evident in what you have written. SAD SOUL

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    ick magazines should stop feeding this tricks ego. she's one of the ugliest women in the world Claire Newman is a million times better looking than Kim will ever be granted she has genetics on her side her mum will be 83 this month and looks 55. take a gander at this photo of them with president Obama & flm producer Harvey Winestein last August [IMG][/IMG]

  • Virgimar López
    Virgimar López


  • Oney La Bella Syers
    Oney La Bella Syers

    I'm feeling Amy Winehouse in this photo!


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