‘Revenge’ Recap: It’s Not A Hamptons Wedding Without A Murder, Too

'Revenge' Wedding Peek
The ABC drama plans an explosive honeymoon.
You know, for an episode entitled “Union,” ABC’s Revenge sure took its sweet time actually getting to Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda’s (Margarita Levieva) wedding.

And even when it finally showed the beachfront ceremony, officiated by none other than Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), the sweet and sentimental moments were cut short — probably to keep the audience from welling up too much. After all, this is still supposed to be Jack and Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) love story, so the show doesn’t want you to get too emotionally attached to Jack and Amanda.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you have yet to see Sunday’s episode, “Union.”

What was interesting about “Union,” though was that Emily seemed to resign herself to “losing” one childhood friend to another. Maybe, it was because she saw just how dangerous things were getting for the loved ones in the lives of people like Nolan and Aiden (Barry Sloane) that she wanted to keep him at a safe distance, but it made her a stronger person than I.

After reminiscing over her pretend wedding to Jack as a kid and fighting accusations she just didn’t “feel” enough, she handed over her pipe-cleaner ring to Amanda to give to Jack during the ceremony, recalling that memorable play date and filling Jack’s heart with love. Watching Wechsler’s face during the wedding was everything you’d want from a guy in love, committing to one woman for the rest of his life. It was a shame it couldn’t be celebrated more. So, I wanted to highlight it here in the clip above.

Instead, “Union” jumped all over the place. It should have been enough to have Nolan decrypt the video file of Aiden’s sister’s death to learn it actually took place six years ago, but it just made Aiden want to chase down the truth in person. He and Emily wasted valuable story space visiting the place she died and looking at the coroner’s report. Meanwhile, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) attempted to reason with Daniel (Josh Bowman) about the kinds of people he was getting in bed with, so to speak, with the Initiative, while her husband Conrad (Henry Czerny) got deeper under the covers with someone equally bad (especially from a story POV), Nate Ryan (Michael Trucco), who wanted to turn Montauk into Atlantic City.

While Daniel sweated it out about the Initiative, Helen (Wendy Crewson) turned up at Grayson Manor, and Victoria seized that opportunity for what it was: a chance to take down the enemy — literally — before any more harm could come to her family. We’ve already seen the incredible lengths to which Victoria will go for her family, so this one certainly came as no surprise, but unfortunately it wasn’t all that satisfying, either. In fact, it actually became quite the sitcom moment when the whole family was home, standing over the body, at least one of them with an “Aw, shucks, now what do we do?” fear of guilt and the unknown.

When Emily heard of the debt Jack and Amanda were in to the Graysons, she cut them a check to repay Conrad immediately, but he wasn’t having it. Jack’s empty threats made him sound like a kid throwing a tantrum on the playground, and it was Amanda who attempted to come to the rescue by breaking into Emily’s evidence laptop and blackmailing Conrad with the old David Clarke tapes. He was smart enough to realize that if she had access to this information, she has been the one causing trouble all along, and he gave into her immediately.

Nolan’s feelings for Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) made him wonder if she could be manipulated by the Initiative the same way Aiden was, so he read through her emails and came to the conclusion her father had been kidnapped, and she was only doing what she was doing out of fear for his safety. Yawn. It was the show’s attempt to make her more sympathetic, but she would have been so much more interesting if she was just infiltrating his company for sport. Nobody cares about Padma, right? Or is that just me?

Jack and Amanda sailed off on their honeymoon, leaving Declan (Connor Paolo) and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) to play house with Baby Carl, only to reveal that Nate had stowed away on The Amanda and was out for some revenge of his own now that his casino deal had been halted. It made for a strong cliffhanger, but just made the whole episode that preceded it feel like one big preamble to this moment.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Amanda certainly proved how she ended up in juvie tonight. It’s one thing to blackmail Conrad Grayson, but it’s another to do so in such a sloppy way to not even consider the plans in motion around you that you’ve just upset by revealing something that wasn’t yours to begin with!

Thank you, TV gods.: Helen was ridiculous and completely uninteresting for someone who was supposed to be so menacing. Good on you, Victoria Grayson — especially for not just shooting her in the back like a coward.

Awk-ward: Uh, Jack did you forget you have a kid? Because a wedding ring won’t make Amanda stay in your life forever, but that kid sure will.

Hotness: Nothing says a beach wedding like a man in an open-collar shirt and a white suit.

Fab-u-lous: Whoever decked The Amanda out in a Just Married sign and twinkling lights had the right idea — even if those lights instilled the feeling of Christmas more than a wedding. It was festive and romantic, but jolly, too.

Can. Not. Wait.: So, there’s no way this Ryan brother hiding out on the boat isn’t the one who doesn’t make it out alive, right?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7 — This episode certainly set a lot of great things in motion for conflict to come, but it devoted far too much time to simply setting things up, rather than actually having those things happen now.

What did you think of Jack and Amanda’s wedding and all of the filler stuff surrounding it? Let us know your review in the comments below.

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