Watch: Snooki Plays The #HashtagGame With Celebuzz

The MTV reality star shares what she would post alongside Twitter's most popular tags.

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New mom's the word!

When Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi stopped by Celebuzz's Hollywood studios, she had no idea she was in for a treat – her turn at the hashtag game.

The new mother to son Lorenzo gave Daily Buzz host Hyla her best answers when prompted with some of today's most popular hashtags.

When asked what image she would put next to the ever-popular hashtag #yolo on her Twitter, Snooki quickly knew exactly what she'd post.

"I'd put a picture of me drinking with the Pope," she remarked.

The 25-year old star also revealed that she and her fiancé Jionni are "embarrassing parents" because of her partying ways on the hit MTV series.

"Did you see Jersey Shore? My child has to see that one day!"

Snooki's newfound motherhood hasn't seemed to slow her down one bit. On this season's Snooki & JWOWW, the two ladies balance partying with serious relationships and Polizzi's baby son.

Do you think Snooki was embarrassing on the Jersey Shore? Weigh in below.

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  • Autumn Stormm
    Autumn Stormm

    Totally agree on the last one babes :)

  • Sami Mae Love
    Sami Mae Love

    Well for one, Who can't love a short lady? Lol I love snooki for one because she has a unique sense of style that she proudly wears and pulls together everything very well. Two she loves animals and so do I ! Three, I see how harsh people are to her over the internet and on her twitter and how cruel people are even to her child who is completely innocent and she shows how strong of a person she really is because she brushes it all off of her shoulders like she should because none of them people really know her so their oppinion doesn't matter. I am a fan because of these reasons. She's a great person and she turned her whole life around once she became a mother and she is a celebrity so she is always on the spotlight and being put down because she makes mistakes like every human being and it takes A LOT for someone to not let it get to them. <3