The 11 Most Memorable GIFs From Last Night's Grammy Awards

Taylor, Beyonce and Katy Perry stole the show.

The Grammys had its fair share of memorable moments on Sunday. (Read our own favorites here.)

But, as any trusted reader of the Internet knows, it's never truly a moment until it's captured in GIF form.

Which is why Celebuzz went ahead and rounded up our favorite GIFs from the 2013 Grammys and compiled them into one handy, dandy list.

Not every moment made it. unfortunately. (How long until someone makes a GIF of Melissa Etheridge aggressively sing along to The Lumineers?) But we did get enough of Taylor Swift dancing and Beyonce repping Houston for this to be a worthwhile recap.

Check it out, below.

1.) Chris Brown snubs Frank Ocean. Sad ...

2.) But, awww ...

3.) Taylor Swift turned the whole show into a fan girl concert.

4.) Beyonce represented Houston.

5.) And got all cute on stage with Ellen DeGeneres.

6.) While her husband enjoyed his drink with Jessica Biel and Solange.

7.) And got all cute on stage with Justin Timberlake.

8.) And then Prince showed up! With a cane.

9.) Also, this happened.

10.) Yep.

11.) Also, this happened, too, for whatever reason.

Yay, Grammys!

What was your favorite moment from the Grammy Awards? Sound off, below.

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  • donna

    I changed the channel about 10 minutes in. didn't realize it was the Emmy's. Thought I was watching The Taylor Swift Show.

  • Matt Russoniello
    Matt Russoniello

    It was a night to remember, and yet I've already forgotten everything that happened!