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Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, the plastic surgery-praising, Botox-loving breakout star of the hit VH1 series, is taking her talent to the Great White Way come March. She is set to star for one night only on March 9 in Anthony J. Wilkinson’s My Big Gay Italian Wedding, a comedy about a same-sexy marriage that is returning to Off-Broadway.

“Well, I know Anthony from the play, so he asked me,” she told Celebuzz. “So I’m doing this favor for my friend.”

This is not Big Ang’s first appearance in the play, which premiered back in 2003 at the Actor’s Playhouse.

“I was already on it once, three years ago,” she said. “I just did a little thing with my girlfriend Angelina ’cause she’s like a very dear friend of his. So me and her did it.

But this time around — during the show’s recently-extended run at St. Luke’s Theatre — Ang is ramping up her role.

“I’m gonna really do a bigger part this year,” she gushed. “I think I’m gonna be catering the party [or] the wedding.”

Not only does she adore the show for it’s side-splitting humor, but Big Ang feels a special bond to Brooklyn neighborhood it’s based on.

“They’re so funny. And I know about all the places,” she explained, noting her children were baptized at The Basilica Of Regina Pacis church, where the play’s wedding is said to take place. “So I know the neighborhood they’re talking about. It’s hysterical.”

Big Ang joins a ever-expanding list of celebrities who have popped into the play for special appearances, from Bravo’s Tabatha Coffey, to former N’Sync member Lance Bass, to stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And Ang wouldn’t turn her back on other on-stage opportunities, telling us, “Whatever comes my way!”

Though she relishes her bit roles on stage, Big Ang doesn’t frequent the theater.

“I don’t go to many plays because I have to smoke and I have to drink,” she said with a chuckle. “It makes me nervous. I’m uncomfortable, my legs are uncomfortable. I just get very fidgety when I have to sit for two hours. [And] you can’t even have the drink at your seat anymore!”

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