Who Is Next On Our Hollywood Power List?

Celebuzz's Hollywood Power Index continues today with no. 20-11.

Countdown: Nos. 20 - 11
Hollywood Power Index #20 – Anne Hathaway
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These days, it takes way more than talent and good looks to become an entertainment superstar.

To be considered a power player in Hollywood, a celebrity has to have millions of Twitter followers, paparazzi appeal, a best-selling fragrance or fashion line or major accolades from their respected peers; and if a star is smart, they already have established a combination of all of the above.

Certainly, the next 10 stars on Celebuzz's Hollywood Power Index are well on their way to achieving all of this -- and more. Just look at No. 20 on our list, Anne Hathaway, who is less than two weeks away from winning an Oscar for Les Misearbles.

Who else made this week's countdown?


Have a look now in the gallery, above, as Celebuzz gets closer to naming the most-powerful celebrity in Hollywood under the age of 30.

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  • Helen

    Dude, she should be number one. I mean, 2 Oscar nominations...A Golden Globe...and she is just 22. In which parallel universe MIley Cyrus is better than J-Law?

  • Helen

    Well...Anne Hathaway is 30 and this year she will be 31.

  • Al Grip
    Al Grip

    Looking at Anne Hathaway's arms and leg she should cover up as much as possible! She definitely has lost weight from too much love or other drug!!!!