Cue The Tears: 20 Movie Moments That Will Pull At Heartstrings This Valentine’s Day

That’s right, it’s that time of year again — Valentine’s Day.

Sure, while some embrace the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, fluffy teddy bears and sappy Hallmark cards, others swear off the holiday of love.

But whether you believe in St. Valentine or are a cynic, no one can deny that nothing packs a more romantic punch than silver-screen love stories. Whether it’s a rom-com, a pull-at-the-heartstrings drama, or star-crossed-lovers storyline, Hollywood knows how to bottle up some big screen love.

And those oh-so-quotable romantic movie lines, however mushy they may be, seem to have a way of leaving their memorable mark.

After all, who can forget Noah pleading for his one-true-love Allie to take that leap in The Notebook? Who didn’t crack a smile at Maggie Carpenter’s saccharine-sweet proposal to Ike Graham in Runaway Bride? And who doesn’t shed a tear as Jack begs Rose to “never let go” as he takes his final breaths in Titanic?

Whether you cringe at the cheesiness or reach for that box of tissues to wipe your tears, let’s relive these romantic movie quotes in honor of Valentine’s Day. And, who knows, perhaps these heartfelt lines can give you a hint of what to write your special Valentine this Feb. 14.

What is your favorite romantic movie quote? Share it with us in the comments, below.

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