Grammys 2013: Celeb and Press Reaction To The Winners

Hot looks that made it work on the red carpet
The smoke has cleared on the 2013 Grammy Awards, so it’s time to look at how the world reacted to music’s biggest night.

From opinions on Beyonce’s pantsuit, to whether or not Frank Ocean should have brought home more gold, this was one Grammys telecast that spurred plenty of debate.

The Los Angeles Times observed the difference in the crowd reactions for Chris Brown and his recent sparring partner Frank Ocean, noting, “When Brown’s name was announced as a nominee at Staples Center, a tomb-like silence enveloped the auditorium” but when Ocean was announced as the winner in the category “rapturous applause exploded” across the crowd.  (Los Angeles Times)

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon was amazed at his own Grammy success, tweeting:

In a smart discussion about why we always argue about who won a Grammy — and should have won — the New York Times points out that older, more established industry people will inevitably be the ones who select younger winners. “Complaining about the Grammys is perennial and inevitable, because the structure of the award giving, which is flawed, is also etched in stone: the representatives of yesteryear weighing in on the acts of today.”  Everyone gets old eventually — even in the music industry.  (New York Times)

Ellen DeGeneres offered her own opinion about the success of The Black Keys:


Over at the Huffington Post, we were reminded of the evening’s funniest lines – with Jay-Z zinging Terius “The-Dream” Nash as he accepted an award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “No Church in the Wild,” chiming in “I want to thank the swap meet for his hat.” (Huffington Post)

Neil Patrick Harris shared his thoughts on a rare appearance from Prince:

And of course, there’s Justin Bieber’s reaction to Grammy night.   Shut out from any nominations, Biebs decided to make his own party for the evening — attempting to steal the show’s thunder by live-streaming his new single.  Things didn’t quite go as planned however, and the young star was forced to tweet “im super upset” when technical difficult caused him to change plans. (Celebuzz)

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