Watch: Real Life Friend Versus Reality TV Friend? Alex McCord Explains

The former NYC housewife weighs in on Monday’s episode of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

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Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have become a very splintered group.

On Monday’s episode, Lisa Vanderpump tried to bring the girls together and fomer NYC castmember Alex McCord is back to give Celebuzz her take on the episode.

Before Vanderpump brought all the gals together for tea, she and former bestie Kyle Richards had a heart-to-heart. They haven’t been on the same page for quite a while and Lisa is quite sure why. She wants Kyle to back her up more and Alex explains why that’s so important.

There’s a difference between real life friends and reality TV friends. And when it comes to TV, friends expect friends to not only back them in spirit but in action – even if they could stand up for themselves.

Alex says the situation with Lisa reminds her of NYC housewife Ramona Singer. “Some of them seem so tough and so smooth, but guess what? If you cut them, they bleed,” she says.

The Brooklyn maven also lays in to Brandi Glanville for her troublemaking ways, but doesn’t let Adrienne Maloof off the hook either and gives us an inside look at

Watch Alex’s take on Monday’s episode above.

Brandi versus Adrienne? Lisa versus Kyle? Which woman are you backing?

Watch Alex’s last episode blog below.

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  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    I know -- it's arguing 101. If you don't answer a question directly, people are going to assume that either a) you have something to hide, or b) you're really dense....

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Good question -- we'll have to see what happens next season...maybe Kim took a back seat to protect her sobriety?

  • Nancy

    Your last line was hilarious ("blood on white"). Your assessment of Adrienne's reply to Brandi was well put. That woman can't even argue effectively. What she said made no sense, rambling on about her chef Bernie and some stupid tweet, rather than addressing the issue - her lawyer sending a letter to Brandi. Seemed like a yes or no question - did he or didn't he? Or, "I really don't know everything my lawyers do, I'll have to check." She just kept repeating, "No!" which made her look even more guilty. She is repulsive and I hope to god she exits the show this year. (Does she need the money?)

  • heartthehousewives

    alex, I wish you would do these recaps for every rhony episode you were in! im sure this would give us such a different perspective of all the ladies and situations!

  • Guest

    Thanks Alex! Great recap. Wondering what you think about Kim and her role this season? Why do they keep her as a main HW and not just classify her as a "friend" like Camille.

  • Susan

    Great job ! :-)

  • Jan

    Enjoy Fashion Week!