7 Fashion Designers You Should Know

NYFW Front-Row Guide
The 12 fashion-week fixtures you should know.
New York Fashion Week is in full swing, as many of fashion’s top designers showcase their Fall 2013 collections on the runways at Lincoln Center, the hub of NYFW.

With over 90 shows scheduled this season, the week is a whirlwind of shows, presentations and parties. Joining NYFW veterans are a mix of hot young designers and some fashion week newbies, making it hard to keep track of all the latest shows and designers.

Whether or not you’ve been following all the fashion week action, our NYFW designer cheat sheet will get you up to speed with New York’s top fashion designers — both new and old — that should be on your radar.

From the fashion legends who have set the style bar high to the newcomers who are shaking the style world up, these seven tastemakers are making waves in the fashion world and changing the way we dress.

Even if you can’t remember the names (or how to pronounce the names) of the other 80-plus designers presenting this week, make sure you get the 4-1-1 on these seven NYFW designers from our NYFW Designer Dossier.


Who are your favorite fashion designers? Share your picks below.


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