‘The Face’ Stars Give 4 Reasons Why You Should Watch

'The Face' Is Tough Love
Karolina Kurkova talks about the new Oxygen show.
Celebuzz sat down with the all-star supermodel cast of Oxygen’s new show, The Face, to get the inside scoop on America’s newest modeling competition.

With legendary models Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha, and Karolina Kurkova serving as mentors and former America’s Next Top Model judge, Nigel Barker, acting as host, The Face promises a fresh take on TV modeling competitions.

To get ready for  Tuesday’s series premiere, the stars gave us six reasons why viewers should watch.

1. It gives viewers a look into the modeling world, on and off the runway.  Besides working the runway, The Face shows viewers just how much work goes into the life of a model off the runway.

“This is real business, this is the real world, this is the world that I love, and this is the world that people have never seen on television,” Barker tells us. “They think they’ve seen the fashion business, they think they know about what it’s like to be a model, but they’ve never actually seen what makes a real supermodel tick.”

2.  It’s about more than just a pretty face. Instead of just focusing on which girl has the prettiest picture, The Face looks to explore many other behind-the-scenes aspects of the fashion industry.

“Being a model is not about just being pretty, its about what we call ‘having the package,’ being able to talk, know how the lighting works, styling yourself, having a style, having an opinion, being personable and accessible to people,” Kurkova explains. “You have to be in front of a camera, you have to be able to edit pictures, come up with ideas, and be an art director. The girls of the show are taking on roles of the whole industry. They’re not just being models, they’re being photographers, art directors, stylists… everything. There will be a lot of different things they will face in the real life of the fashion world, and they should know about the craft.”

3. The competition is amongst the judges as well as the models. The competitors of The Face are divided up into three teams — each getting a supermodel-mentor. This allows viewers to watch their favorite models candidly step into the fray of the competition along with contestants.

“People hear things about Naomi Campbell, you see pictures of Coco Rocha, but you don’t know why they did it or how they did it,” Barker says. “You just get a snippet, you get to see them in longevity, you get to see all the aspects, and the answers, and the reasons why, and it all makes sense. Anyone who’s fascinated with fashion is going to be interested in the show.”

“We’re three different girls from three different generations and how do we train these girls? That’s what’s so interesting about this,” Rocha explains. “Not only about the girls, but about the mentors and what they do.”



4. Naomi Campbell means guaranteed drama. While we don’t know exactly how the show will play out, we can only hope that the supermodels’ claws will come out, if only just for a little while.

“I’m a tough love coach, which I think you can imagine,” Campbell says. “And I give encouragement and praise to my girls, but I also tell them when things are not right and they need to change them. Those are still suggestions, by the way, that they can choose to do or not. I don’t want to candy coat anything for them. They need to know the truth because we’re not going to be there, holding their hand when they go into the real world and they need to know. I’m as honest and as organic and authentic as I can be.”

The Face premieres on Tuesday at 9PM on Oxygen.

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