Watch: Gay Boyfriends And Forgotten Trysts — Long Before 'Jersey Shore'

Reality TV superstars Snooki and JWoww talk about their early love lives. Plus: Enter our Valentine's Day giveaway contest!

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Before their Jersey Shore flings or fiancés, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jenni "JWoww" Farley were just two single ladies.

Though both are now destined for a happily-ever-after with the man of their dreams, their love lives started like any other — with a first date. For Polizzi, it all went down one fateful night when she was just a pre-teen growing up in upstate New York.

“[It was] probably 8th grade, and I went for pizza and saw a movie," she told Celebuzz of her innocent evening. But her middle school suitor wouldn't last. "It turned out he was gay, and I knew he was. And I was like, 'You can tell me.' I wondered why he didn’t kiss me!”

Though that date stayed strictly platonic, Polizzi still remembers the first guy with whom she got, well, intimate. But Farley's memory doesn't serve her quite as well.

“Alright, everyone says they’re supposed to remember. Is it bad if I don’t remember?” she asked, trying to muster up the identity of her first partner.

“It’s cause you’ve slept with too many men," Polizzi teased her BFF.

While she couldn't pinpoint her first time between the sheets, Farley seemed fairly sure her first date happened when she was a youngster camping in upstate New York. "It was probably like I went to…the pool with a kid," she explained.

When it came to celebrity crushes, though, the Snooki & JWoww stars both knew their number one.

Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic," Farley gushed. "Devon Sawa from Casper," Polizzi chimed in. "I would pause it and kiss the screen. I love Devon Sawa.”

Though there's only one apple of her eye this Valentine's Day, Polizzi wasn't always just a one-man kind of woman. "I had like seven [boyfriends] in kindergarten. I started out a little whore," she joked. "I had a of Valentines. I gave my cards out to every hot boy."

Now, you can win a card from the MTV stars themselves! Polizzi and Farley signed Valentine's Day cards when they stopped by the Celebuzz offices -- and we're giving them away! Here's what you can win:

1 Valentine's Day Card signed by Snooki 1 Valentine's Day Card signed by JWOWW 1 Valentine's Day Card signed by both Snooki and JWOWW

For a chance to win one of the extra-special cards, simply leave a comment on this post explaining why you love these ladies. We'll select three commenters at random to win one of the cards. Good luck!

Read the complete contest rules here.

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  • Deb Germano
    Deb Germano

    I love these two ladies cause they can go out and have a great time together and have fun they been BFF's for a long time and treat eachother with respect and they are great to watch

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie

    i love both of them beacuse they are soo funny and entertaining to watch..

  • Jessica

    I love these ladies because they are real, they are always authentic, they are themselves!!! Having amazing senses of style and flair are bonuses!! Snooki and JWOWW are two totally fab, totally real ladies= Love them!! Kisses!!

  • dazdaq

    I love these two - simply put - they make me laugh! They are down to earth and normal just like the rest of us! We all want love and happiness and can relate to them. I love their honesty. :-)

  • Kelsey Jenkins
    Kelsey Jenkins

    I love these ladies because they know how to have a good time and do not care what people think about them! They are seriously my role models!

  • Shannon

    I love the gorgeous snooki and jwoww because they are not afraid to be themselves! They don't care what others think about them and they know how to laugh at themselves. They don't take life to seriously and they just have fun and enjoy life and honestly people could learn from them to just live you life and have fun while doing it and don't care what other think. That's why I love these girls! True role models! :) xox

  • samar shaiek
    samar shaiek

    I love these ladies because they are not afraid to be themselves <3

  • Kayla Marrero
    Kayla Marrero

    I Love these 2 amazing women because regardless of the fame and fortune they have remained the same instead of getting lost in the mist they have grown up into strong independant women there what real bestfriends should be in these day and ages good friends are hard to come by i wish i had a bestfriend like they do with each other snooki has become a great mother and jwow is showing how great of a mother she will be by how great of a god parent she is to Lorenzo Keep up the great work ladies

  • Alena Golovin
    Alena Golovin

    i love Snooki and JWOWW both because they're not afraid to show themselves and through all the crap they can still stay best friends. They have shown me that it's better to show the real you and be proud of who you are. They're super inspiring and remind me of myself and my best friend, and i've stopped being super shy. They're too great! :D

  • Courtney Jo Gerardo
    Courtney Jo Gerardo

    I love these ladies because they are not afraid to be themselves and they don't let bullies phase them. They send out a good message to be proud of who you are!!

  • noelia maldonado
    noelia maldonado

    Snookie & JWoww inspired me from the beginning of Jersey Shore till the end I learned from their mistakes and just have fun on what you do not what anybody else does just you have fun with it..!!!:)

  • Amanda Rojas
    Amanda Rojas

    I love both of these Chicas!!! They are both so down to earth and funny!!! They show me and the world what a great true friendship should be like and that's a wonderful quality!! I watch every show ima die hard fan and I support them all the way thru good and bad because they are real not fake ! They are both true WOMEN and I look up to that and I am a true WOMEN as well so um yeahh go Italiana POWER!!! =o)

  • Sienna Metoxen
    Sienna Metoxen

    These girlies are just friggen hilarious and 2 carefree ladies, and that's what i really love about them. They aint fake, they're themselves !! :)

  • Maxine

    I love these girls...they are down to earth and are just real...they never changed even when JS blew up!

  • Daniel Jeffrey Sykes
    Daniel Jeffrey Sykes

    These 2 ladies are funny, smart, sweet, kind and hilarious to watch. They bring smiles to everyones face that they meet or have the ability to watch them. Thank you both for gracing my television with your presences

  • Amy Marie
    Amy Marie

    Jenni & Nicole ♥ You both have shown me that I can do just about anything and make it fun if I have a nice outlook. you have been nuts and I love every minute of it.

  • Kathi Indermill
    Kathi Indermill

    i deserve valentine's cards from snooki and jwow because i am probably their oldest fan (old like 60something). they are the type of girls i would want to be best friends with - funny, crazy sometimes, but smart, ambitious and know what they want in life. they've both made excellent choices in men too! i've learned so much about the younger generation from them, and i know they would not judge me for my age but would accept me as just one of their biggest fans. jenni & nicole - will you be my valentines?

  • jennifer

    I love these ladys because they know how to have fun. How to be themselves. Also, there strong and independent women. I love how they do their makeup. They are amazing. Snooki I love baby lorenzo he is my little crush lol. I love how you ladies know how to stand up for their selves. I LOVE you beautiful ladies!!!!!!!! <3

  • Jennifer Coyt
    Jennifer Coyt

    First, I love snooki because she can be herself and knows how to party. She is also a great and wonderful mother and a fiance. I also love her because she was bullied and she knew how to stand up to them even though she was a meatball. Like me ! WOO HOO! By the way Lorenzo is my little crush! <3 Meatball power! Know, The reason why I love Jenni Is because she has been through so much with rodger and she is with him and has been strong through everything! I wish I could be like that. I also love Jenni because she is pretty, beautiful as well as snooki! Well thanks for reading <3 love you and god bless!

  • kvarn

    I love these ladies because they are absolutely amazing! They are still so real even after they became popular celebs. A lot of people lose themselves in fame but these ladies have been real from the start! They are such an inspiration to how true friendship really is and should be! Keep up the good work ladies! Love you both!! xoxo

  • Jess Thompson
    Jess Thompson

    I admire both of these ladies because they simply enjoy life and don't worry what everyone thinks about them!! I think that's amazing!!!

  • jewleryjunki

    i love these ladies because they are just who they appear to be,them selves.