Can You Guess Who Has a Wall Dedicated to 250 Wigs?

"The Talk" host Sheryl Underwood takes Celebuzz behind-the-scenes into her hair-raising boudoir.

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Sheryl Underwood may have it all under control on CBS' The Talk -- but backstage, she's wigging out.

The 49-year-old talk show host recently took Celebuzz into the confines of her personal dressing room where she unveiled her "wall of wigs," a floor-to-ceiling shelf that houses over 250 different hairstyles for the comedienne.

And she has fun with her custom-made creations.

"As you can tell, I have a blonde fixation," she confessed. "But sometimes I'm a redhead and sometimes I'm a brunette."

that have said, 'You know, I'm glad you've shown me that you have these wigs,' so they can change their style," she continued.

What else does Underwood have in her backstage home-away-from-home?

"My boyfriend: Leonardo DiCaprio," Underwood said as she gestured to a hanging cardboard cutout of the Django Unchained star. "[He] seems to be looking at me like, 'Hey girl, put your clothes on so we can have dinner at The Polo Lounge.'"

"That's my fantasy," she quickly quipped.

Watch our video above to see more personal possessions we uncovered in Underwood's dressing room -- including what she calls her "Michael Jackson wig!"

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