4 Things To Expect This Season On FX’s ‘The Americans’

Road to FX's 'Americans'
EP reveals how the show came to fruition.
FX’s new spy series The Americans is only two episodes in and it’s already a winner for the network in ratings.

If not for its original plot, than for the phenomenal performances from both Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys. If that doesn’t do it for you, then it may be the unexpected twists and turns set in 80s America.

At a recent screening of the new thriller, Executive Producer Graham Yostrevealed what we can expect to see from the series about a couple of KGB spies living in suburbia.

1. In a land far, far, away, and by far we mean 1980s Washington D.C.Following last week’s episode, “The Clock,” Yost says fans can expect the drama to be greatly influenced by the real life defense initiative Star Wars. “Star Wars becomes something very critical to the season,” Yost simply says.

2. Life imitates art. If you’ve wondered how much of our nation’s real life issues will tie in with the series or just how close to home things will hit, wonder no more. “In the fourth episode, President [Ronald] Reagan, who had an assassination attempt 69 days into his presidency [will be portrayed on the series],” the show boss says. “We’ll see [iconic journalist] Walter Cronkite and various things. You’ll see footage of the assignation attempt and that kind of thing, and also stock images.”

3. Something big this way comes. The assassination of a national figure is just one of the crucial things affecting the Jennings’ lives and Yost can’t wait for viewers to see it go down. “There is something that happens in the fifth episode that I remember reading in the script and going, ‘Oh my God, that’s fantastic!’ And to do that in an early episode, I think was brilliant.”

4. No one’s fate is set. Life is unpredictable, even more so when you’re under cover in a foreign country. Yost tells reporters, “We know who won the Cold War, we don’t know if Phillip and Elizabeth will survive, and that’s the story of the series. Will their marriage survive? Will their children survive? And will they actually not be killed?”

The Americans airs Wednesdays at 10PM on FX.

Watch a flashback from FX’s The Americans below.

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