#CaptionContest: What's On JLo's Leg... Er... Mind In This Photo?

Enter to win a bottle of JLo's newest fragrance, Forever Glowing, by adding a caption to this photo.

Win a Bottle of Forever Glowing by JLo!
55th Annual GRAMMY Awards
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The results of the #CaptionContest are in! Today's three winners have each won a bottle of Forever Glowing by JLo. Congrats, guys!


"This worked for Angie, right?" - Britt

"Hey Casper, You get to unwrap the rest after the awards" - Eric

"This Jolie witch ain’t got nothin on me" - kevin


We're halfway through the week and halfway through another round of the Celebuzz #CaptionContest.

But this isn't your everyday #CaptionContest. No, today's contest is special: we have prizes! We're giving away a bottle of Jennifer Lopez's newest fragrance, Forever Glowing, to the authors of the top three captions.

Forever Glowing by JLo is Lopez's newest perfume and 19th fragrance with Coty. It is available for purchase exclusively at Kohl's.

So now that the stakes have been raised, you should check out yesterday's #CaptionContest winners for inspiration. Then, come back here and play along:

1) Type your caption out in the comments. Alternatively, you can use photo-editing software to add a caption to the photo and upload your entry into the comments.

2) Have fun and be creative!

3) Check back tomorrow to see if your caption has been selected – and to get started on a new caption challenge.

4) We will select the top three captions and award their authors a bottle of Forever Glowing by JLo.

See the full-size image and read more about the prize after the jump.

Here it is, today's #CaptionContest photo:

Jennifer Lopez

The top three captions from this contest will win a bottle of Forever Glowing by JLo:

Forever Glowing by JLo

So what are you waiting for? Add your caption in the comments below. Good luck and have fun!

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  • Judy Wood Dalrymple
    Judy Wood Dalrymple

    I know - not by best look!

  • Monica Nichole Marshall
    Monica Nichole Marshall

    I'm just a cougar gone wild ;-)

  • Francisca

    Now let me bring back the leg, 2007 Grammy's - you remember it.

  • kris

    her dress is ugly, whats writh the leg she isn't angie now every star is copying her. usally jlo is a fashion setter now just copying someone else

  • Sandie Jiosi Delany
    Sandie Jiosi Delany

    Why KNOT Forever Glowing by JLo is the best selling perfume on the market today!

  • Sofía

    ''Ain't nobody messing with my leg''

  • Elizabeth Ruiz
    Elizabeth Ruiz

    yes i may have some stretch marks left, but that doesn't mean i'm not glowing, knowing the paparazzi they zoom into every detail.

  • Sabriina E Shiively
    Sabriina E Shiively

    Not thunder, there called thighs; and yes I have illuminating, glowing thighs. Just try my fragrance & you will smell the difference!

  • kevin

    " This Jolie witch ain't got nothin on me"

  • Eric

    Hey Casper, You get to unwrap the rest after the awards

  • Britt

    "This worked for Angie, right?"