Khloe Kardashian: Shop My EBay Store!

Khloe's 'X Factor' Fashion
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Love Khloe Kardashian's laidback glam style as much as we do? Well, now's your chance to scoop up a piece (or two!) of her wardrobe.The reality star is cleaning out her closet -- and auctioning off some of her gently-used goodies on her her eBay store.

Khloe even offered us a sneak peek at the merchandise on her blog. Check it out below.

Hi babies. I did a little spring cleaning and have added a ton of new items to Lamar’s and my eBay store. I’ve included some of my favorites in the gallery and listed them in the order they appear below. Check them out and then head over to my store to do some shopping! xoxoxo

-Diane Von Furstenberg Royal Blue Sarong Pants

-Alex Lane Cuffed Shorts in Plum

-Dolce & Gabbana Sheer Hot Pink Ruffle Blouse

-BSABLE Faux Fur Hooded Vest

-Alexander McQueen Butterfly Print Jacquard Dress

-Brian Lichtenberg Lime Green Open Back “Safari” Top



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  • Manish M. Shah
    Manish M. Shah

    Another seller site is Get Me The -

  • kris

    THAT DRESS IS UGLY I WOULDN'T WASTE MY MONEY ON THAT PIECE of CRAP THEY Make out that they have some class and style but they don't kim constantly wears clothings that dosen't flaters her body just make her look like she is much heaver than she is

  • kris

    not a hope in hell that would buy aNY THING FROM THAT LYING TWO FACE FAMILY