‘Suburgatory’ Makes An About-Face On Valentine’s Day

ABC’s Suburgatory has pretty much trained its fans to expect over-the-top holiday-themed episodes and Valentine’s Day lives up to the expectation. Of course, Chatswin is buzzing with romantic energy, but the characters on the show have some uneven experiences. It seems none of the dates go exactly as planned.

Celebuzz had lunch with the castmembers on-set (served by the episode’s guest star, Top Chef’s Michael Voltaggio) to chat up Wednesday’s episode.

Here’s what we learned:

Dallas is all mouth – but not in the way she usually is. For the length of the episode, Cheryl Hines wears some very elaborate special effects makeup. Apparently, she has had an adverse affect to the latest beauty trend: “blowtox.” Inspired by real-life women who have gone overboard on their faces, Hines said it took a few hours to apply the makeup and she stayed in it all day.

[Dallas and George] start out with really good intentions. It’s their first Valentine’s Day together,” Hines tells us. “So, you have George really trying and Dallas just can’t make it out of the house and then George ends up celebrating by himself. It’s just a bit of a disaster. But, it started out on the right foot and it ended up in barf.”

Ryan is more than just “The Body.” Fans will see an interesting juxtaposition occur between Ryan [Parker Young] and Tessa [Jane Levy] when he goes to an edgy, independent film and walks away much more moved by it than she was.

“While we are watching it, she’s realizing how boring and horrible this film is, she looks over feeling so bad for me, because I must be absolutely dying and I’ve got this grin on my face and it’s really because I’m so moved and I loved this film so much and it’s changed my life. And me and Tessa get in a fight over this because she hated this film,” Young explains.

This becomes a bigger deal than one would think – but, it’s actually based on a true story according to the episode’s writer who went through it with her husband when they were first dating.

“We went to see a movie and he was deeply moved by it and he was in tears and I hated it,” Annie Weissman remembers. “Afterwards, I was actually wondering if this thing was going to survive, this difference of opinion about this movie. I was genuinely thrown, but we survived.”

Sheila (Ana Gasteyer) gets out-mothered. We learn how the most clingy of moms got that way. Gam Gam [guest star Mary Kay Place] visits for V-Day and she displaces her daughter in the home. “I have some tango scenes, some tangoing with Sheila and with Sheila’s mother,” Chris Parnell, who plays Fred Shay, shares.

Malik (Maestro Harrell) steps up his wooing of Lisa (Allie Grant). “Malik and I are sort of at the crescendo of our attempts to reunite,” Grant says. “And no stone goes unturned in his attempt… to get us back together, win me over, so to speak. And I think it ends as it should.”

And finally meet a new Michael Voltaggio. Usually, we’d be totally psyched to have the Top ChefSeason 6 winner serve us an 18-course meal. But, Voltaggio doesn’t play himself on the episode nor will he stand by his character Chef Julio’s menu.

“I think the funny thing about the menu is that most of it didn’t make any sense at all,” the chef tells us. “When you hear it, it sounds like you’re at a restaurant in L.A. having dinner, because it sounds like that is how people are trying to describe the food. It was fun to make fun of the industry that I’m in being made fun of. But yeah, some of the parts in the show that I think are funniest are like the silent, we’ll just call it the bloodshed I guess.”

Suburgatory airs Fridays at 9:30PM on ABC.

Which romance is your favorite on Suburgatory?

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