It’s Not Genetics — The Secrets Behind Anne And Other Stars’ Red Carpet Transformations

Red Carpet Hair
How to style hair like Olivia Munn & other celebs
As immaculate as they look during awards season, there’s some comfort in knowing that celebs, just like us mere mortals, need some help to look that gorgeous on the red carpet.

Despite what they’d like you to believe, there’s no way Jessica Biel or Emma Stone roll out of bed looking as stunning as they do on the red carpet. Just check out all these stars without makeup if you don’t believe us. And many stars (including Gwyneth Paltrow!) have admitted to thanking their lucky stars for the existence of Spanx.

Fact is, stars have a whole team of beauty experts responsible for getting them red carpet-ready. Even the most stunning actresses rely on super-duper conditioning treatments, uber-intensive facials and even lasers as part of their pre-red carpet beauty regimen.

How do we know? We went to the source, and got Hollywood’s red carpet sidekicks (aka the beauty professionals responsible for getting celebs prepped for the red carpet) to spill the beans on what it takes to get Oscar-worthy.

Want hair like Anne Hathaway or Katie Holmes? How about a flawless complexion like Adriana Lima or Sienna Miller? Or seemingly ageless skin like Naomi Watts?

Here’s the scoop on what Hollywood’s hottest hairstylists, makeup artists, dermatologists and more do to make their famous clients look their best on the red carpet.

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