Watch: Grammys 2013 Red Carpet Trendspotting Roundtable

A group of fashion experts discuss what was hot -- and what was not! -- on music's biggest night.

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The 2013 Grammys have come and gone, but we still can't stop talking about the red carpet.

From the inspired to the outrageous, the fashion on display at Los Angeles show, held on February 10, was one of the most memorable in years.

Despite a new set of guidelines for apparel appropriateness, plenty of artists pushed the envelope. From J.Lo's leggy black dress to Katy Perry's now-infamous plunging green neckline, this was a year full of indelible images from music's hottest stars.

To keep the debate going, we put together a roundtable of some of the most stylish minds in the business, including Celebuzz senior style editor Kristin Koch, TV personality Keltie Colleen, fashion blogger Ashley Tarkington and dancer/buzzmaker Dani Vitale.

In a spirited discussion, the group dished in detail about their favorite looks -- and why they gave them such high marks.   See whose fashion risks on the Grammy red carpet really paid off -- and who might want to start looking for a new stylist.

Check out the video above to see what our fashionistas thoughts about music's biggest awards show. Then go to the comments section and tell us if you agree -- or disagree!


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  • Emma Curry
    Emma Curry

    So, I have yet to finish watching this but I do have to say this one thing. Unless the host was joking with her favorites which I don't believe she was, then she completely changed her mind when Dani, the lady in black, said she disliked JLo's dress. She ended up saying that she also didn't like it right after she had put it on her 3 favorites. It just shows me that she was either unprepared or just doesn't know very much about fashion and is just following what the others are saying. They definitely need a different host and I'm sure there are many young women out there that do know about fashion and will stick to their opinions even when 'experts' disagree. That just really bothered me.