Watch: Michael Phelps' New Girlfriend Revealed, Describes Olympic Champ As A 'Good Kisser' With A 'Great Body'

The Olympian's new flame, Sarah Herndon, gushes to Celebuzz about her new beau and reveals how their romance began.

"He’s very cuddly and kissy, which is cute."
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After retiring with 22 Olympic medals, then splitting from partner Megan Rossee, Michael Phelps is trying to find the perfect girl.

Meet Sarah Herndon.

Less than a month after his break-up, the most decorated Olympian of all time met this 22-year-old waitress just before Christmas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where Herndon was vacationing with her family.

While out dancing at a nightclub with her three sisters, she was asked to join Phelps, 27, at his table by a worker. At that time, the swimmer had just split from Rossee, a model whom he dated for less than a year.

"We danced but we were just more talking," Herndon recounted Celebuzz of their initial meeting, during a revealing and exclusive interview."There was definitely an attraction but nothing really happened that night. We both talked about how we were both recently single. He didn’t say a lot. He just said it didn’t work out [with Megan], it didn’t sound to fun, I think that’s just what happens when you break up with people."

“When we left, he asked for my number. And he ended up getting in touch with me the next day,” Sarah added, revealing that they "kissed" and "got to know each other" during their next meeting.

Since then, Phelps swept Herndon off her feet -- charming the brunette beauty with an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas complete with a lobster-fishing expedition.

"We were holding hands and he was putting his arm around me when I was cold, he’s really caring and affectionate. He would kiss me in front of his friends – you could tell he was happy to have me there," she gushed.

“He was treating me like I was his girl."

Herndon also clarified that she never divulged any information regarding their love life, contrary to what some publications had previously reported.

"What happens between me and Michael intimately is our business. And not something I care to talk about with anyone else besides us," she told Celebuzz. "I did stay in his room but I’m not going to say that he’s a good lover or anything."

"I would never talk about something like that," Herndon continued, adding that her beau is a "good kisser."

"He’s very cuddly and kissy, which is cute. He’s charming and a gentleman," she said. “He’s got like a confident side to him to that makes you want more. But he’s very sweet at the same time.”

She continued, gushing, “Michael’s body is obviously great, I mean he’s an athlete. He’s got a great sculpted body."

Aside from the opportunity to hang out with the 11-time Olympic gold medallist, Herndon was also treated to romantic weekend getaways in different cities.

Following their Bahamas vacation, during which Phelps was also filming his reality golf show The Haney Project, the nursing student said she jetted off to Baltimore for a dinner date.

The date hit close to home for Phelps -- literally -- as Baltimore lies just south of his hometown of Towson, Md.

"He invited me to go on the private jet with him to Baltimore. It was awesome," she said of the experience. "He threw me over his shoulder as we went to go on the plane."

“He showed me around a little bit and then we went for sushi and saw the movie Zero Dark Thirty.

“It was romantic, he’s a great date. He’s a gentleman, very polite. I’m sure he gets that from his mother -- they’re pretty close.”

Phelps also invited Herndon to watch his team the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl, but she declined because she had prior arrangements with friends.

Despite their closeness and constant contact, Phelps' gal said they've agreed to take things slowly.

“We’re both like newly single and we’re still getting to know each other. It’s just really casual right now," she told us. "It was like too soon to talk about being exclusive, but we talked about how we had a great time and how we would see each other soon."

"Later on, we may become a couple but we’re not going to rush into anything. He’s a great guy.”

Additional reporting by Hugo Daniel, Coleman Rayner.

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  • anna

    this girl is a complete tard

  • cat77

    "He was treating me like I was his girl" yep, you were honey...pimped out by the wait staff; bought and paid for. Come on Phelps! Find a girl who can keep her mouth shut....and also one who can keep the private life off twitter.

  • kelliemurray

    OMG her voice is completely annoying. How can he stand it?????? She sounds like she had laryngitis with a touch of what I call lazy voice. Her saying she didn't care to talk about the intimacy between them was quite telling.

  • Jared

    I totally agree about her annoying voice and I've seen better looking girls at the In and Out store down the street...LOL

  • Lee

    Lost a lot of respect for Michael Phelps. What a jerk and btw I've seen better looking girls down the street at the In and Out store or maybe thats her side job..LOL

  • fuxslutzbuttz

    She has a voice like she has cum stuck in here throat.

  • Mark

    Girl already talking to the media I bet is not cool with the Phelps clan. She's making sure she gets her 15 minuutes of fame and will grab any perts and freebies she can get! Let her take him for all $$$$$ he dishes out with Miss tell it all to the world.

  • Jared

    I know that girl and she's been a hook-up for many guys, especially if they have money. Swim FAST away Michael. Also she's a dog compared to that Megan Rossee.

  • Jennifer

    Ummm.....Big correction tabloid, as Megan AND her family spent Christmas with Michael, so if he was with her in Cabo BEFORE Christmas he's a total jerk and not loyal as Megan stated. Megan is so much prettier than this girl and this interview shows what Sarah's really after!...Like other guys she's chased the MONEY....

  • Zoka Dinic
    Zoka Dinic

    Sit down and shut up already, Sarah Herndon. Stop talking to tabloids about Phelps' private life. You're so disrespectful and pathetic.


    DESPERATE DEBBIE!!!!!! His Ex-gf is way hotter & classier. This chick is trash.