What Did You Have To Say About This Week’s Hottest TV Shows?

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What you had to say about last week's best TV.
Happy Wednesday, TV watchers. A lot happened on our TVs this week: the Grammy Awards aired, President Obama gave his State of the Union address, and… oh, hey, some of our favorite CW shows were renewed!

Celebuzz recaps many TV shows, but we also really love hearing from you. That is why we feature your comments about today’s best TV programs in a weekly feature called TV Recap: Fan Edition. If you would like to have your thoughts and opinions featured, simply leave comments on any of our TV recap posts. Then tune in next week to see if your comment has been selected. 

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“I am so happy that Kelly Clarkson won a Grammy, she has an outstanding voice. “Catch My Breath” is addictive.” – Kajsa Josephine Andersen, a Kelly Clarkson addict and fan of this year’s Grammy Awards.

“I loved it. I’m so glad the guys finally have something they can call their own. Sam enjoying the books while Dean reveled in the simple pleasure of a shower and geeking over a sword. I liked the way last weeks As Time Goes By led to this week’s Everybody Hates Hitler. Enjoyed Aaron’s reaction to the Winchester salting and burning the Nazi necromancer. We sometimes forget how odd their behavior is to the average citizen. The Thule are a great addition to the mythology. Good on Ben remembering to mention Cas and Kevin. Hope as the season progresses we get to see more of the new home” – Cindy Shufelt Givens, who loved this week’s Supernatural.

“my favorite show is #TVD , I’ve been a fan since the first episode. I can’t get enough of it , the entire cast is just amazing ! #shoutout” – Jasmin Hernandez, fan of The Vampire Diaries and of #shoutouts.

“Lazaro is so brave and inspiring! I can’t wait to watch him in the next round! Does anyone else think Steven Tyler looks more like a girl with natural dark hair instead of the wig?” – Jennah Blau, lover of American Idol and natural, dark hair.

And that’s all we have this week, folks. Remember, if you would like your thoughts featured in next week’s TV Recap: Fan Edition, simply leave comments on your favorite TV recap posts. See you next week!

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