‘Beautiful Creatures’ Vs. ‘Safe Haven’ Vs. ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ (POLL)

This Valentine’s day, the world of cinema is giving us all kinds of choices when it comes to that iconic ritual of a “Valentine movie date.”

Going head-to-head-to-head this Thursday, February 14th is the newest installment of the Bruce Willis action franchise, A Good Day To Die Hard, the movie adaptation of another supernatural love story novel, Beautiful Creatures, and the movie adaptation of a more traditional love story, albeit one laced with mystery and danger, Safe Haven.

It’s really impossible to predict which of these movies will draw in the largest crowd on this holiday, because everyone celebrates differently.

Beautiful Creatures, a romantic thriller about a teen witch and a human who fall in love against the backdrop of a sleepy Southern town, features an all-star supporting cast including Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Irons. The film will surely attract people looking to ease their Twilight withdrawals. Meanwhile, the Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven, starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel, will satisfy people who haven’t enjoyed a properly melodramatic romance since The Notebook.

But of course, there will definitely be people who want to go in the complete opposite direction and indulge in some good, old fashioned on-screen car chases and explosions. Die Hard promises to deliver just such an injection of adrenaline, as all the previous movies in the series have.

Only time will tell which movie will dominate the box office, this V-Day. Let us know your predictions in our poll!

Which movie do you want to watch on Valentines day? Sound off with your picks in the comments below!

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