Big Time Rush To One Direction: You Owe Us, Like, EVERYTHING

The boys from BTR joke -- we think -- about the band that once opened for them.

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Simon Cowell may have discovered One Direction, but a fellow boy band says they’re responsible for the English group’s massive success -- at least, in the U.S. of A.

“One thing we can say is that they never played in the U.S. until they opened for us on our winter tour,” James Maslow of Big Time Rush told Celebuzz.

Maslow, along with fellow BTR members Carlos Pena Jr. and Kendall Schmidt, were in Santa Monica, Calif. for the Hall of Game Awards hosted by the Cartoon Network on Feb. 9.

“All I gotta say is that this is America,” Schmidt added with a smirk. “This is America, and we’re American. They’re still not an American boy band. We’re representing. We’re holding our own.”

Jokes aside, it's hard to believe that exactly one year has passed since 1D opened for 10 BTR shows during the Better With U Tour. Now, Harry Styles and the boys are just days away from embarking on their 2013 World Tour.

“They did ask for us to go and open for them,” Pena Jr. said of returning the tour favor. “We really wanted to . . . our show shoots right now, and it kind of conflicted.”

“Maybe one day we can play again -- it’d be fun,” added Maslow.

The band, who was missing Logan Henderson on the red carpet, also dished on their upcoming third album.

“We wrote literally 99 percent of it, from our hands,” Schmidt revealed. “I think our fans are really going to appreciate the music they’re haring from the third album. It’s coming from us.”

For more of our exclusive chat with Big Time Rush, check out the video, above. Then tell us: Who is your favorite boy band? 

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  • hpres0

    This has GOT to be a joke. Does BTR not realize that people were LEAVING their shows after One Direction played?! If anything, one direction were helping *them.* One Direction can credit their success in America to the internet (twitter, youtube, and tumblr).... not BTR. I've been following them since the very beginning of them breaking the US and I know that's actually what happened.

  • dana611

    "Harry Styles and the boys"?!?! Oh my God somebody SHOOT me!! The band name is One Direction not Harry and the boys!! Da hell!!

  • Alyssa

    I love these boys for keeping it cool. Honestly 1D has to thank BTR but it doesn't sound like they did. They really didn't handle their fans disrepecting BTR on the Better with U tour. But yeah this is America so BTR is our boy band.