Celebrities We Want To See On Instagram (PHOTOS)

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Instagram just got a whole lot hotter.

Some of the music industry’s biggest heavyweights just joined the social media platform.

Both Justin Timberlake and Madonna hopped on board with the photo site last week, while Carrie Underwood announced she started her very own page on Wednesday. But a few of our favorite celebs are still MIA from Instagram

We’d love to see wedding preparations via photos from both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

The two actresses are planning without a doubt what will be the weddings of the year, and we would love to see each step of the process via behind-the-scenes snaps.

We’d also love to check out what Jay-Z’s life is really like. His wife Beyonce is already savvy on Tumblr and Instagram, so it would be a natural progression to get the rapper, and possibly even his best friend Kanye West, on the photo sharing website train.

Click through our gallery above to check out the other stars we want to see on Instagram. Did we leave anyone out? Leave a comment with who you’d want to see below.

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