Dear Single Women Everywhere, Snooki Has Some Advice For You This Valentine’s Day

Snooki's First Date
The 'Snooki & JWOWW' star talks about her first beau.
Dateless on Feb. 14? Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley have a word of advice: Don’t get down in the dumps.

“Don’t sweat Valentine’s Day,” Farley told Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview. “I can’t stand girls who are like crying home alone eating chocolate. Get over it and go have fun.”

“Yeah, get over it,” echoed her BFF, Polizzi. “Go out and get wasted with your girlfriends. Just have fun.”

While the former Jersey Shore stars used to let loose on the Hallmark holiday, nowadays Polizzi and Farley fête Saint Valentine with their fiancés, Jionni LaValle and Roger Matthews, respectively.

And last Valentine’s Day, LaValle gave Polizzi a gift she will forever cherish. “[My best Valentine’s] was last year because I got proposed to,” Polizzi gushed. “So this Valentine’s Day will be a year that we’ve been engaged.”

As for Farley, she credits her man’s creativity for some memorable Valentine’s Days. “Roger always creates these outrageous gifts,” she explained, with Polizzi praising him doing “cute stuff” for her best friend. “We’ll get like an oversized monkey but then get like our first date picture and print it on the monkey.”

This year, the Snooki & JWOWW stars will keep celebrations simple, planning just to go out to dinner with their beaus. But they will be skipping the Valentine’s Day dessert. “We’re dieting,” Farley said, “so chocolate is not allowed.”

While they always adore a fresh bouquet of blooms, the ladies “prefer jewelry over roses,” Farley said. “Or a card. I like a card with meaning,” Polizzi added. “Like when they write how they feel, I love that.”

But before being engaged, V-Day wasn’t always so sweet for the MTV stars. “I got dumped on Valentine’s Day about six years ago,” Farley said a past boyfriend named Steve. “He had two girlfriends, so he didn’t want to buy two gifts.”

“Because he was a juicehead,” Polizzi zinged. “I mean what do you expect from a juicehead? I bet he’s kicking himself now. Loser.”

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