Guess Which La-Lady Lance Bass Thinks Would Benefit from ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Lindsay Lohan's Troubled Life
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Sometimes a little dancing is all you need to rehabilitate your career. Or so says Lance Bass.

The former N’Syncer tells Celebuzz that he thinks Lindsay Lohan could have really benefited from a little Dancing With the Stars action. And we couldn’t agree more.

“I think Dancing With the Stars would be perfect for Lindsay. It’s the biggest show in television, it would jump start her career again in a very positive light,” said the singer.

“The people that watch DWTS are good conservative people, and those are the people you want to change your image for, and who watch your movies, TV shows, or music,” he continued.

And Bass knows what he’s talking about. The Sirius radio show host came in third in season 7 of the ABC hit reality show, and his moves definitely helped put him back on the map.

Though Lohan may have already missed her moment, as she reportedly turned down a half a million dollars to appear on the show, chances are she probably wouldn’t  have been able to commit to the intense schedule, as the troubled star couldn’t even be bothered to show up to the finale of Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators.

“It’s hard work. Everyone thinks it’s fun and easy, and it’s not, it’s such a challenging show,” said Bass.

“It changes you for life. There is not one celeb that I know who has done the show and it hasn’t changed there whole outlook on life, so it could be a real good wake up for her.”

Here, here, Lance. Lohan definitely needs to shake things up a bit. And a little twisting and turning just might have done the trick.

Bass also goes on to say that he’d love to see another celeb dance his way out of trouble — none other than the ultimate bad-boy, Charlie Sheen. Now, that would be fun!

Would you have cheered Lindsay on on DWTS? Do you think the show would have helped her career? And who would you like to dance their way onto the show most?

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