Hey Girl, Will You Be My Valentine?

RyGos Through the Years
The style evolution of Ryan Gosling!
Shakespeare Ryan Gosling would compare his love to a summer’s day. NPR Gosling would say that voting is sexy. And the original meme inspired by the Canadian actor, F**k Yeah Ryan Gosling, would whisper, “Hey Girl, no shoes, clear eyes, full heart, can’t wait to kiss you.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day Thursday, Celebuzz is rounding up the best Hey Girl memes that have dominated the Internet — and millions of beating hearts around the world.

While the real Ryan Gosling is probably spending the day of love with his girlfriend Eva Mendes, or sculpting those biceps at the gym, one thing’s for sure: Valentine’s Day is that much sweeter with these popular memes.

In other Gosling news, the 32-year-old actor’s classic tearjerker The Notebook recently got an “honest trailer” makeover from the folks at Screen Junkies.

“No matter how much you love each other, you’re both going to grow old and die,” the voiceover says in the spoof trailer.

The clip also introduces the cast as “Perfection” (Gosling), “Rachel McAdams Apple” (Rachel McAdams), “Newsies” (Kevin Connolly), “Julia Stiles” (Joan Allen) and “Fancy Cyclops” (James Marsden).

Grab your box of chocolates or heart-shaped candy and check out the gallery, above, for the best Ryan Gosling-inspired memes. Then tell us: if you had to make a new Gosling internet meme, what would you call it?

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